How Much Does Swimming With Sharks Cost?

One of the most adrenaline-rushing events to be part of is swimming with sharks. While this may not be on the bucket list of every human being on the planet.

There are peoples that loves challenges and want to see the worst of nature in front of their very own eyes.

They usually do this activity to make their life a bit more challenging and a certainly memorable event. Unfortunately, this is one of the activities only a few people in the world participate in, so getting any information on this topic is really difficult.

It is not easy as getting information about the Paramotoring Cost, Paragliding Cost or Rafting Cost.

You have to know certain people who have done this activity to know an in-depth look into the activity.

This article will give you all the itty bitty details of swimming with sharks and how much money you have to spend to participate in this activity.

How much does Swimming with sharks cost?

The open water cageless swims will cost between $100 to $3,600. The price, however will not stay consistent in all places some places will change a bit more or less. For example, off the Isla Mujeres in Mexico, swimming with sharks will come between $100 to $150. However, if you want to take the adrenaline to another level, then going to the Bahamas will be wavy for you; here you will get to swim with tighter sharks, reef sharks, and hammerheads for the price tag of $100 to $150. But they will require you to get diving certifications with basic tank skills to get started.

To a majority of people, hearing the word Shark will send a shiver down her spine.

But many people want to overcome their fear by experiencing it. Swimming with sharks is one of the activities that has been blowing up in the world.

People from all over the world participate in these activities and experience something that can hardly be described to anyone.

Many diving companies provide swimming with sharks as a service in exchange for free.

They will have the sharks and the security preparation that is needed to protect you from getting any harm underwater. Besides that, they will have proper experts and professionals with experience in this region.

Most Popular place for Swimming with sharks and the cost

The companies here will take you on a ride around the world, as they cover the coast of California, Mexico, southern Africa, and Australia.

Sharks are one of the endangered species in the world, and these companies have access to most of the endangered species, if you want to take a look at any one of them, you can with their services.

The opportunity of seeing them up close is one of the things that not many people will get to experience.

Divers with advanced water certification will charge a higher amount based on the days you plan to spend.

Here you can face $2000 for a five-day package and $3,600 for a nine-day deal. Before you get started on this activity, they will teach you all you need to know about swimming with sharks beforehand to help you prepare for what is about to come.

This adrenaline rushed activity has its own rules and procedure and amongst other things that should be given high priority before trying out.

Training sessions cost

In the course of training, they will teach you safety producers, the type of interaction that is expected, depth, and location.

Depending on the oxygen absorption levels, one to five dives are possible per day. The divers will have to stay in the water as long as there are some sharks nearby.

They must be comfortable with shallow water as some sharks prefer to be in that range.

Different types of Training Session and Their Cost

Different levels of sharks require a different approach to them. For example, a great white shark’s entire organized swimming event will have to be done inside the metal cages. The cage should provide a dedicated air system. 

Swimming with large predators requires a one-hour onboard class for non-certified divers. As the cage goes deeper down the water covering 100 feet, this is why diving certification is essential to know everything about the water and how you can stay safe under difficult situations.

If you take the deluxe package you will dives, equipment, meals, and lodging for $3000 to $3,500.

If you have multiple people in your group and you want to stay for a longer time then the cost can easily mount to $4000 or more.

So make sure to plan it out first before messing your head at the very last minute. Many companies do provide lodging, meals, and pieces of equipment for a decent amount.

It is better to go with the plan if you are lying to eat the best food of the place while everything is taken care of. In a new place, it can be very costly to find a good lodge that settles with the prince and the amenities that you are very fond of.

Price one day experience swimming with sharks

The price for a one-day experience will usually stay between $100 to $500 and the multi-day package will raise the overall price to $3,100 to $4000. So make sure to think about how many days you want to spend in these places.

As they can be very costly if you don’t plan the steps out beforehand.

Most of these Swimming with sharks companies do provide snacks, launch, beverages, breakfast, and all sorts of equipment for free with the package. So for one day you will get the ultimate deal from the activities.

Additional cost For Swimming with Sharks

cost of equipment Swimming with sharks

Swimming with sharks is not an everyday activity in the books of most people. So equipping yourself with essential accessories will be important for the safety and the pleasure of your trip.

Seeing a shark in front of your own eye is only for people to see.

So to make the trip better and memorable here are some accessories you can get make the trip better.

Registration Fee

You will need to get an open water registration fee that will cost around $120. 

This will save you from getting your head involved in plenty of trouble in the future.

Lesson Fee

To help you better prepare for what you are about to see and how you can handle yourself when sharks surround you, lessons will be important. Then comes the lesson which will be around $400 to $1000.

A dive mask

 A dive mask that will cost anywhere between $30 to $1,500. While this may seem absurd but the quality of material used from rubber to hypoallergenic silicone will matter, this is why the price point ends at the upward of $1000. More diving companies prefer the diving gear to be black or dark-colored

Observer or witness

And the entire scenario will be violent, watching a great white consume a 300-pound seal will not be a pretty sight to see. So some people bring along with a witness or a topside observer which can cost about $375 per trip.

There are some discounts available if you are active-duty military personnel. Then you may have to spend less than an average person. Other than that, getting accessories and the right equipment will be necessary for your ride underwater with sharks.

Best Locations For Swimming With Sharks

place swimming with sharks

This section will cover some of the best locations for swimming with sharks. All of them will have their own uniqueness.

If you want to see one of the worst predators of the plant eye to eye, keep the locations below in your bucket list.

It is the thrill that you are looking for, and it is the thrill that you will get here. Here are some of the best locations that will help you experience the dangerous thrill of coming face to face with sharks.

So if you are ready to witness the rawest form of wild animal in its wild form, then here is the list of places that will make the experience come to reality.

Nassau Bahamas swimming with sharks cost $100

Here you will explore the Caribbean reef sharks, they will send you close to the feeding site without any food actually being given to the sharks.

This will give you a great sight of how they act in the wild. In the second dive, you will get to feed the sharks with your own hands.

It will cost you less than $100 to experience the wild part of nature in front of your very own eyes.

Viti Levu, Fiji

Fiji is known for its clear water which makes it an excellent place for shark diving.

The shark dive is one of the best in the world by diving legend Ron Taylor. You will get to see a different variety of sharks, all of them will be on their wild behavior, and you will get to experience all that with your very own eyes.

Here it will cost you around $150 to experience the sharks from the Caribbean sea in the clean water.

New South Wales Australia swimming with sharks cost $200

Here at fish rock cave, you will see fish, turtles, moray eels, and a blue groper, and the highlight spotted wobbegong sharks. And you will get to explore a 410-foot cave to end your day with.

You can experience the sharks of Australia for just $200 per day.

Cancun Mexico

One of the largest concentrations of whale sharks lives in this region. If you are looking to see the largest fish in the ocean, then head over to Cancun to witness it in front of your very own eyes, it weighs more than 27,000 pounds and usually swims with manta rays.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to get close to them or stay in the cage for observation.

Oahu Hawaii

If you want to experience a more eco-friendly place, pick Oahu as your next trip for shark seeing. They provide one of the most wholesome shark-seeing experiences, as they first educate guests about the current problem with the ecosystem and how it affects the shark population.

This really opens up people to a whole new array of topics related to sharks and their endangerment.

These are some of the best places you can go shark-seeing but there are other places that you can also visit to see the shark in its wildest form.

Just make sure you have the proper gear and equipment before you start doing it on your own.

Lessons are important and if you are not comfortable with the idea of seeing them you can choose to be in the cage and observe them from far away.

Some people might not dig the idea of being close to the sharks for the ultimate experience.

Many shark-seeing companies do provide options to their consumers. So feel free to ask them the choice you prefer.

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Living the thrill experience in the mind of most people on the planet; only a few get to see the fear and, at the same time, excitement all in one place.

This is where Swimming with sharks comes, the idea is wild, and the people who have experienced this part of the world all have pretty brave things to say for what they saw in the water. This alone makes a lot of people wonder about this activity and how they can be part of it.

There are plenty of companies that provide you with all the things you need to make your shark-seeing activity a memorable experience in your life. For the price of just $500, you will be able to see something that only very few people have experienced in their life. Spending that money will not only get you time with sharks but also dinner, lunch, breakfast, and equipment to enjoy the scenery.