How Much Does a Flyboard Cost?

Flyboard has become the ultimate water sport for most people in the world. Everything about them screams fun.

The twin jets of water propels the rider to get the feeling of flying in the air that make it a perfect competitor against the jetpack experience.

Masting these mechanics will make the adventure something out of a movie rather than grounded in reality. There are advanced sets of moves that can help you make turns, flips, twists, and long dives in the air without breaking a sweat.

But the time investment has to belong long to pull all these off in any location.

Renting a Flyboard might seem like a good idea but if you want to get deep into the game you will have to make a proper investment in your hobby.

How Much Does a Flyboard Cost?

Flyboard won’t come cheap as it on average costs $4000 to $6000 for the complete package. Anyway you can easily find a cheaper version of a Flyboard that will come around $1000 to $3000. But the quality and the comfortability will be in question.

As there are many different brands that publish their own version of Flyboard with a necessary attachment that makes the ride better and memorable.

Getting your hands on optional jetski and life jackets will make your ride a bit more comfortable. The engineering behind the Flyboard is what makes these devices more pricey than most of the things in the market.

If you are completely new to the world of Flyboard, then you should consume all the information that you can get about these sports.

Flyboards engineering is what makes the device a marvelous piece of technology.

They have been around for 10 years, within the years they have garnered quite a lot of significant following from all over the world.

If you want the experience to be better than just average then you will have to really open your wallet and get the machine that will deliver both.

What Model Should You Get?

Model Cost
Flyboard Legend$4000
Flyboard Pro$5520
Flydrive X-board$4000

The ticket to the skies requires a perfect Flyboard that delivers the result without hindering the performance.

Picking up the right model will ensure you will get more value out of your board over time.

The quality of the material will take care of its longevity. Picking the right one for your ride is also important to make the journey into the air memorable and exciting on every turn and twist.

Here is the list of the best quality Flyboard available in the market to get you started.

Flyboard Legend

If you are banking on premium standard Flyboard, then look no further than getting the one that has its name associated with the original inventor of the Flyboard, Frank Zapata.

Flyboard legend is made by Zapata, so if you are looking for the gold standard in terms of quality, here you have it all.

When you see the rave reviews, you will know why many people pick this over other models. In terms of what makes this Flyboard great compared to others in the market? it’s ist customizability.

The customizable fittings here will give the rider the security and comfortability they need while they are in the air.

This Flyboard will cost you over $4000 but the premium quality will ensure to make your ride as comfortable as it can. This is not the high-end stuff in the market, as Flyboard legends sit at the base model offered by Zapata.

Flyboard Pro

Switch to a new gear on the Flyboard selection, you have Flyboard pro by Zapata. The system here is pretty light, powerful, and offers a smoother control type for the rider.

Compared to legend, this Flyboard is successful in every aspect. It is 35% lighter than the legend which makes the maneuvering great with this machine.

The pro version also has 32% more hydrodynamic efficiency which helps the water pumps to offer more power and lift to the rider.

If you are new to the sport or an expert in this field, you will love the way machines handle the air.

Everything in here is made from premium material and mechanics that are built to give you another new feeling when you take out the Flyboard for a spin in the air.

Other FlyBoard Model Cost

Getting a new one is always going to cost somewhere between $4000 to $5000. Anything beyond that will give you the best experience but they can be a bit too expensive.

Staying in the range between $4000 to $5000 will give you the best quality of the product that will last for a lifetime.

As in the market right now one of the most affordable Flyboard you can find is made by Flydrive called X-board.

The board is known for its easier control, and it only costs $4000. Which is a lot of money but when you see the type of product that gets released every week in this playing field $4000 is what makes the best deal in the market.

Second-Hand Flyboad Cost

There are other options that you can choose to make the deal better. Some people who don’t want to invest that much capital into their hobby, often tend to look for a second-hand product made from decent material.

This does not always turn out to be good but most of the time with a proper inspection, you will find what you’re looking for in great shape with less damage.

Finding it is rare but there is a chance that can happen.

It is better to switch to secondhand than settling with a cheaper one. But make sure you do plenty of inspection of the seller’s background so you will know the quality of the product they tend to sell it off in the market.

If the products have been bombarded with negative reviews then it is better to stay clear of that seller and find a new one.

Comfortability and security should be the main concern, if you are not feeling any sort of comfort using the new gear, then you will see it being useless forever.

Always take your time and learn about the product before making a rushed decision. Especially in the second-hand market, where scammy products are everywhere to loot people and scam them for financial gain.

Flyboard Equipment cost

equipment cost for flyboard-chart

The giant chunk of starting an adventure in Flyboard world is going to be its accessories. Not many people know about them at their first glance at the sport. Just like with every other sports people will rather stick to the thing that flies instead of seeing the entire mechanism behind it. 

If you’re planning to jump into the Flyboard lifestyle. Then you need to pay attention to the accessories and equipment you need to make the ride enjoyable.

Flying in the sky with water jets in the back is not something a lot of people do for a living. You will need all the security you can get to make your body protected from any type of incident that might happen in the air.

Here is the list of equipment that you will need to make your Flyboard experience better.

Jetski Cost

Flyboard is connected to the nozzle of a jet ski or any type of watercraft that gets used to propel the Flyboard through the air rather than sending the personal watercraft through the water.

Jet ski serves as an engine. Now you know why it plays such an important role in Flyboarding.

Normally the price of a jet ski will be around $4,000 to $15,000. There are many guides available on the internet that will help you find a better deal on jet skiing and what you should look for when you are getting on your own.

Nozzle Adapter for Flyboard Cost

Hooking the Flyboard’s hose to the nozzle of your jet ski requires an adapter since jet ski nozzles are not standardized. Getting an adapter will help you use any type of jet ski that you have to connect to the Flyboard.

The price of a nozzle adapter can range from $30 to $200.

Life Jacket

Safety should always get paid the highest amount of priority above fun or anything related to that factor.

As long as you feel safe you will have no problem taking on the bigger challenges in your life. The same rule applies here, if you want to enjoy the Flyboard well, then you must equip yourself with all the possible lifesaver equipment possible.

One of the greatest lifesavers will be life jackets.

There are many branded life jackets you will find in the market that will have their own shapes, styles, and uses.

All of them will have a purpose behind otherwise they will not be changing $60 to $200 for a single piece.

But it is rather up to the buyer to get the life jacket that carries all their requirements, if you are confused about any of this then you unread the same article relating to the cost of the life jacket and what life jacket you will need for a perfect Flyboard experience.


Another key important part of your Flyboard joruney that will help you make your ride safer. The tension in the water will make the hit hard.

If you are heading to the surface water at a faster rate then the harder the damage will be when you crash into the water.

The tension on the surface is what makes them fall more damaging. Here having a helmet on will produce your most critical organ and will cover you from losing your consciousness or a possible concussion.

The nasty tube will leave a maker if you are planning to do Flyboard without any prolactin gear to cover your head.

These are the most crucial accessories that you need for Flyboard. All of them are essential and important for your journey in the air.

When you get all of them you will be ready to use them with proper caution. Now it is time to focus on other accessories to bring the best out of the adventure.

If the basic stuff is not enough to fill your appetite, then you need to switch up by adding more accessories to the Flyboard.

Other Accessories cost

You can think about investing in additional pieces of equipment to enhance the Flyboard experience. These accessories will not be seen as necessary accessories but they will provide you all that you need to make the ride more fun.

Dual Impeller

It allows you to obtain more power with less RPM from a jet ski. You will get to a much higher position about 5 0 10 feet by installing Dual Impeller.

Steering Nozzle

A steering nozzle makes the switch between flyboarding and jet skiing easier. In an actual three minutes, you will be able to hook up your Flyboard on o the jet ski.

Wireless Throttle

A wireless thriller allows the Flyboarder to control the throttle while up in the air. There is no need to get a second person on the jet ski to do the same thing that you can do on your own.

Lessons cost for flyboard

First, you need to spend some time learning the entire sport. The lesson will give you a clear idea of how Flyboard works and how you can use it efficiently without bringing any damage to the board.

When you are out there, there are plenty of threats other than falling down. For example, not knowing what to do is the worst way to end any scenarios that demand quick action from the user.

Taking lessons will help you get a grip on the sport and what to do in difficult situations. Lessons will provide you all that and it provides a great number of details that will help the newbie or professional to learn a bit more about the sport to keep the enthusiasm going.

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Flyboard is not a cheap investment, but they’re worth it, the ride alone will take you on an adventure that you will never forget. If you are not comfortable with the idea of paying for a new one, always lookout for a used one that meets all of your requirements through a proper inspection. Then make sure you have all the accessories you need to make the trip more memorable and secure