How Much Does Paragliding Cost?

Paragliding is one of the unique hobbies as the cost of getting started will weigh a bit too heavy. Many people do want to be on the air, living life to its fullest.

But if you are worried about the cost of the paragliding, then you will need to learn some proper numbers on this subject. While it is true that it can be expensive.

Once you know the data behind paragliding and the cost of setting up powered paragliding and rigging, you will have a better idea of paragliding and how you can do it without spending much.

How Much Does Paragliding Cost?

The cost of paragliding will rely on its size, design, and brand. Quality paragliding will start from $2,800 and it can go over the range of $4000 easily. A mid-range glider will cost around $3,500.

Higher Cost$4,000
Average Cost$3,500
Lower Cost$2,800

The newcomers will have a hard time getting started with paragliding, here they will have to spend most of their money as it is difficult for anyone to give newbies an accurate picture of pricing set up for paragliding.

They have a choice between spending a lot on branded equipment or getting second-hand items for less money.

When you break it all down, there is more to paragliding than paragliding itself. Learning more would give you a more accurate picture of what paragliding is going to be on yourself, and how can you divide the cost between expensive and cost-friendly items?

There are other things that make paragliding expensive, this article will give you all the details that you need to know about paragliding, so in the end, you will have enough information to make an educated decision on this subject.

Additional Cost Of Paragliding

The additional cost of paragliding should always be incorporated with the end cost of the glider. First, you have to look at the setup. In the regular market or on the internet, you will find a variety of paragliders available for sale.

Each one of them is unique with its own size, limitation, and design. Not all paragliders are designed the same way or for the same purpose.

Some are designed for boarding on the snow whereas others are meant for air. Another factor that can determine the pricing details adhere to is classes and ranges. Many times you will see plenty of cheap listings on a website or on the local store.

They will have paragliders set up for a price tag of a few hundred dollars. Here you need to perform a deep investigation to learn more so you can prepare yourself more before buying the product.

Beginner Paragliders Cost

On average the beginner paragliders will come in between $2,500 to $4000. If you see any paragliders cheaper than the average price, then you need to be a bit skeptical about the product.

There is a line on the product, once you cross the average threshold you can look forward to paying more than the average amount, in this case, $4000 to get the premium side of paragliders.

You don’t have to resort to buying new paragliding gear every time you go up in the air, there are second-hand car markets that will easily have what you are looking for at a cheaper price tag.

Not everybody can afford a new paragliding set and the accessories that are required for it.

These things will easily break the bank. Make srue you have everything you need to make the ride comfortable and secure

Accessories and Safety Gear Cost For Paragliding

Good quality safety gear will keep you safe without taking any heavy blow to any parts of your body. Investment in safety gear and accessories may seem a bit too redundant at first but they will be very helpful in case of emergencies.

After all, you are entering the sky without any steel barrier protecting you from environmental damage. It is recommended to invest in proper safety gear and add it to the overall paraglider rig and set up.

The importance of Safety Gears : Don’t Look At The Cost

The accessories and safety gear will do a tremendous job in protecting you from any environmental harm and additional benefits that will make your journey memorable and secure.

You can either buy them from the local store at the full price. As there are factors here that will impact your price such as the brand and type of accessories you are going to get for paragliding.

If you are not planning to spend a lot of money getting all the necessary accessories at their full price tag, then you can resort to a second-hand market to give you all the accessories for half of the price.

Here is the list of accessories that you will have to buy for the best paragliding experience.

Some of them are safety gear, skipping on any one of them will put your life in jeopardy. So make sure to take a stronger look at all of them and do in-depth research on the product and how much they are going for today.

If it is too much, then resort to getting them in the second-hand market. But one thing for sure is to never skip on any of these accessories or the cost will be heavy on your life.

List Of Paragliding Equipments Cost


Paragliding harness

The design and quality will play a role in deciding the price for paragliding harnesses. In the market, you will find a variety of harnesses from stay-up harnesses to full body harnesses.

Each one will have their separate usage and cover-ups, for example, a stay-up harness will do an excellent job in covering the legs and making them secure.

On the other hand, a full-body harness will protect most of the body.

The price of a harness can range from $400 to $200 and sometimes it will go above that range.

Paragliding helmet

While you can find a school paragliding helmet for under a hundred dollars, they will not do anything extra to secure your head.

Most paragliders instead of school paragliding helmets switch to decent helmets that come in the range of $170 to $590. They will do an excellent job in protecting against different types of elements.

Flying gloves

The weather conditions will be enjoyable when you are in the air. The environmental conditions will take a toll on your hands. Protecting your hands should come first as it can lead to significant injuries in the future.

You will need to get a good pair of gloves made of decent quality material. So they will last longer without any tears. It is always better to stock up with another pair of gloves.

Getting second-hand gloves will be cheaper but a new pair will cost around $50. Make sure there is no damage to the gloves if you are choosing the second-hand route of purchase.

Reserve Parachute

This is another critical safety element to paragliding. Reserve parachutes are highly recommended. They will cost somewhere between $600 to $1,300.

If You go higher up the murderer in brand and quality, then you will need to pay more in return.

But it is very important to have them on your back. You can’t put a price on safety, if you’re thinking paying $1000 for a reserved parachute is too much, then getting one from the second-hand market will cost less. But you will have to do a check-up on the product before picking it up from the store.

Paragliding boots

The shoes need to have a good grip for landing prosperity, brand new paragliding boots will cost around $300, people here sometimes switch to hiking boots to save some money on the run.

The key detail to remember is to have some good grip on the shoes. As long as the shoe has that covered, you will no longer need to worry about shoe problems.


Carrying essential items will help you with your paragliding trip. The rucksack needs to be durable and weather resistant, and another key detail of these rucksacks is that it has to be environment resistant and weather resistant.

If it is made of good material then it can protect your items without letting any damage happen to them.

Getting a cheaper one is not something that you want to have for paragliding. Rucksack also needs to secure your body and fit very comfortably.

Cheaper rucksacks will have a hard time fitting perfectly around your body. You will need to spend $120 to $240.

These are the types of equipment that will keep your paragliding experience better and memorable. The security accessories are essential for a good adventure and they will also make your body more secure to withstand any damage.

Others Adventure cost:

Do you need to get a license For Paragliding?


In the US, paragliding is regulated under the FederalAviation Regulation Section 103. Which allows asking no formal license to start paragliding.

But the sport of paragliding is regulated by the USHPA or as it is known as the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. They will have a list of requirements that a person has to meet before they can think about paragliding on their own.

It is better to meet the terms and requirements set out by the association before doing it on your own.

Not many people are aware of this but pilots are also required to take a paragliding lesson beforehand.

The USHPA requires the paragliders to have a minimum requirement of skill set in order to use regulated sits to take their paragliding adventure. Sometimes accidents and misshapes incurred by pilots with no training, that’s why it is highly recommended for the pilots to take a training course to get a better grip on the sport and function better in the air.

Training lessons Cost For Paragliding

The money you spend on training lessons will really depend on how quickly you want to learn all the techniques related to paragliding.

Normally, it can take up to 2 to 3 hours to learn the basic information related to paragliding. The average cost of training lessons will differ from one school to another, but it is around $150.

Most pilots will be able to learn all the required skills between 10 to 15 lessons. Some pilots are known to take fewer lessons to get ready for paragliding.

Cost of Maintenance For Paragliding

If you’re planning to keep the paragliding equipment inside your house, then you need to look at other additional costs of maintenance.

The ongoing costs will be from insurance and storage. The cost of storage depends on the types of equipment you want to store.

The larger the size the more storage space you will need for storage. The insurance cost depends on the brand and quality of glider you have, and how often you glide, and the location of the gliding area.

The equipment you have also needed to be maintained well for them to perform as it should be without any problems. There are a few don’ts that you can apply to make sure the equipment doesn’t take any damage.

  • Never smoke near the canopy.
  • Don’t use chemicals to clean the canopy
  • Always do preflight and post-flight checkups to see the quality of the equipment.
  • Never let your glider laying in the sun
  • Make sure to fold the canopy and replace it after each flight session.

These are some of the things that you can do to reduce the damage on the glider and help them perform better every time you take them out for a trip.

The equipment will take a lot of dirt and scuffings, make sure to do plenty of checks to see for damaged spots, so you can tend to them first before taking the equipment out for another spin.


The paragliders themselves will cost around $2800 to $4000 that doesn’t even include the cost of items that you will need for accessories and safety purposes. That can raise the price to a higher level. People who are in the sport spare no expenses on their equipment, a comfy ride speaks for itself, for paragliding to be enjoyable you will need to invest in top-class equipment that will give you the confidence and reliability you need in the air.