How Much Does Rafting Cost?

Nothing sends the adrenaline rush into the body like a bit of adventure viewing the spectacular side of nature.

Rafting is one of the sports that will fill you up with raw energy and take you on a rush adventure that will make the entire journey memorable.

So if you are planning to do a bit of rafting, then you need to consider all the things that come with rafting, especially the price (as for the case of the Paragliding Cost ). On the internet and on your local store you will find a variety of rafting equipment that will vary in cost.

How Much Does Rafting cost?

For a single person, a full day or half-day of rating price can go from $30 to $350. A full day of rafting activity will range from $120 to $350 for adults, and for the young, the price will be between $130 to $200.

The launch itself may or may not be included in the activity. Rafting costs will also differ depending on the size, length, and location of the group. The prices will not be the same for all places. In some places, you can expect to see a rise in prices, and in other places, you will encounter prices that are much lower than average.

Rafting is seen as a sport only for adults, but they are equally fun for the kids once they learn how to raft with proper guidelines. General regulations and guidelines will be very helpful in the rafting process to happen in a safe manner.

Rafting trips can be fun and the location and length of the trip make the entire activity more enjoyable and fun things to remember for. 

The Cost For Rafting Is not Consistent

The price will not be consistent as it tends to change after a while. But that mostly has to do with the location and demand for rafting in the season.

This article will feature all the key details to rafting and its costs. So you will get a better understanding of rafting and how much it will cost on your trip. The longer the trip they or you will end up paying.

A self-guided rafting trip will cost $55 to $200 per day. If you have a larger size group with you, then you can end up paying more in return for the trip. The more members will include more water gear such as raft, paddles, and lifejackets.

Why Is Rafting Expensive?

rafting exspensive

Any sports-related activity that fills up your adrenaline and takes you on an adventure that you will never forget will be expensive as for the cost of bungee jumping .

Gear Cost For Rafting

If you want to own the gear then you will need to prepare to pay a lot of money.

Even the second-hand bot items will cost in higher numbers. The amount of money you will end up paying here will be over $2000 easily. These are the things that make people switch to the trip and pay the expenses rather than getting the bot on their own.

It is not only the bot but also the accessories that are required to make the rafring a better experience.

With all the accessories that will immediately raise the price to another large number. With high-priced rafting, tools come maintenance.

Maintenance cost for Rafting Gears

They need to be done thoroughly to see if the boat or paddles suffer from any damage when they were used for the last time. That is why it is highly recommended to check the boat before taking it out on the water.

How to save money in Rafting Gears

save money on rafting

Many who are fond of the idea of going rafting but don’t want to spend too much money switch to getting the product for cheap by picking up used rafts and gear for their rafting experience.

If you are planning to take this approach then make sure to not pay any attention to brands and models.

In the market, you will certainly see brands such as Tributary, RMR, NRS, and Saturn. All you want is a rafting experience without the look of premium accessories.

After a few spins in the water, the value of the boat will degrade quickly. So it is always better to pick a used one to make sure that it hasn’t received a significant amount of damage. Or it will ruin your rafting experience.

A new frame will cost $1000, if you want to save some money here, then you can switch to the older models that come in the price bracket of $100. Make sure to take a deeper look at Craigslist to see used frames and models for a much more cost-friendly price.

Advantage In Price Getting Seconhand Gears for Rafting

Used gear during the fall and winter months will help you get a nice model for a far lower price than the usual asking cost. Once you have the basic start-up ready to go, then you need to spend some time upgrading the equipment and used gear with new gear over the years.

Again, if you don’t find any old gears to be useful, then you can sell them and recover some of the money.

If the gear is broken then it immediately becomes junk.

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DIY Rafting Gears For Save Money

Many people here build the stuff by themselves with their tools and skills.

It requires a bit of work and some professional knowledge. Hiring one and learning about them will be greatly helpful in creating the female or boat you need without spending an outrageous amount in return.

Rafting will seem expensive at first, especially if you glance over the pricing details of all the equipment. But there are choices you can take to cut the price by half and even more than that.

Different Price For Rafting Depend Of Location

 rafting grand canyon cost

Some locations for rafting trips outweigh the others. A perfect example of this would be the glorious grand canyon. On the surface, the grand canyon has plenty of things to offer and it does by its nature, the history, and the magnificent views that will leave anyone awestruck.

But there is a better way to view them is by rafting. A grand canyon rafting trip is as awesome as it sounds on paper, the undeniably gorgeous exciting setting with a landscape that tells the pages of history by just a simple look. All of them will come alive when you are experiencing all of that by being on the raft.

The demand for the location is high, people need to fill up 18 months in advance to see the glorious sight of the canyon. Many take the rating approach to see everything in the canyon and make the trip exciting. If You are not ready to go through that you can also take an alternative approach to see the grand canyon. There are plenty of options to do it without spending a high amount of money.

Permits Cost For Rafting

Rafting in rivers will require permits, the permits for the trip will cost between $10 to $400. The length of the trip will play a role in deciding the permitted amount.

The places also matter in deciding the overall price for rafting. For example, if you are planning to go rafting in Oregon, it will cost you around $10 per person during the season, if you are taking a trip all the way to Grand Canyon Colorado River, then you will need to spend $400 per trip.

Guided Trip Rafting cost

rafting cost with guide

A guided trip will also be different compared to a self-guided trip.

Where self-guided trips cost $55 to $200 per day. A guided single-day trip will come in between $25 to $115 per person. It all depends on the location of the trip and the season.

The price will also change based on the members in the ground, most of the items the adult needs to pay a bit more than children. Some trips include transport to make the adventure a bit more reliable. So you will be able to travel from the base camp to the river easily without any interference.

Rafting cost By Days

If you are planning for the trip to last more days, then the rafting excursion cost can go from $400 to $1,300. Again, the pricing will reflect on the location, season, and amenities the user will receive.

If you want to pay the low amount, then you will need to bring out your own camping gear and prepare a meal, and set up the camp on your own. Normally, higher-priced trips include plenty of amenities that include catered meals, bedding, and other features to make the journey a bit more comfortable.

What include a Guided Rafting Trip?

A multi-day guided rafting trip will include food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages to get you in the mood, there will also be pre-water training that will include lifejacket check, paddling, and other lessons that will come very handy in the rafting sessions.

The training lesson is important so you will know what to do when you’re experiencing the raft in real-time.

The training session covers paddling on different potions in a raft, and the right thing to do when the raft bounces into the water.

These things are small but they will be very helpful to the newcomers. Who has no idea about how any of the rafting processes work?

So less work is involved from the user side,  the price will be expensive, as the guided multi-day trip will go over the boundary of $1000. As he will take care of all of your basic needs, so you will get a big fat check at the end.

But if you bring your equipment and prepare to do everything on your own, then you will spend less and save a lot on other things.

A multi day guided trip will cost over $1000 for adults, and for children, the price will be down by hundred dollars from the adult’s rafting price.

What is included in the lessons?

Each river also has a set of characteristics that differs from the water level. Knowing about them will also be very helpful in your ride. Different classes will include a variety of water levels and maneuver styles that you need to adapt to handle the grafting process better.

  • Class 1 – small waves and easy maneuvers.
  • Class 2 – getting sprayed with water.
  • Class 3 – medium difficulty
  • Class 4 advanced version of rating, you will face turbulent water
  • Class 5 – violent rapid speed, known for its unpredictable and dangerous water

These are the lessons that will be taught to help you get a grip on rafting and how you can proceed with proper caution.

Every rafting company will have a different approach to teaching them and making the newcomers prepare for this activity.

While sports can be enjoyable, they need to know all the steps beforehand so they will know what to do under different circumstances.

Rafting is an unpredictable sport when you get to the far end of the journey, where you are facing turbulent fast pacing water at undeliverable speed.

The adrenaline rush will be high as your brain will have no idea what to do to help secure your body from getting out of the raft. The training lessons are very critical for your rafting journey.

Additional cost of Rafting

Let’s look at the additional cost of rafting, which is the memory you will create in your journey.  Photos of the trips will be taken by an on-shore crew, they will typically charge $20 per photo and $40 per CD.

The shore photos are very limited on longer remote trips. Luggage and transport costs will also be taken into account. They will cost you around $200 to $300 per person and the additional cost of $50 for a luggage trailer. These are some of the additional costs that are attached to rafting.

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Rafting is not cheap, if you focus too much on the brand quality and first-time gear, then you will easily spend over $3000 on the gear set alone. If you want to have your own gear handset up, then you concrete it on your own without any trouble. The rafting trip will also differ from one part of the state to another. it all depends on the location, guide,  and length of the trip.