How Much Does Skydiving Cost

Thrill-seekers always want to overcome all challenges that they can find. Jumping and diving from a highly high altitude is a genuinely challenging activity. 

This is the reason why sports activities like skydiving mostly become their favorites. 

Skydiving is a truly adrenaline-pumping sport. When you do this sport, you can perform any moves while you are in the air. You can roll, turn, dive, and do anything that you want and anything that makes you thrilled.

As one of the most dangerous sports, skydiving can always give you the best challenges. This sport, however, is not cheap. When you want to skydive, you have to learn about its cost so that you know how much money you have to spend to enjoy the thrilling sensation of skydiving.

How much does skydiving cost?

So, how much does skydiving cost? The cost for doing skydiving is variable, and it can change depending on different factors, anyway in average, you will spend around $250 for a jump with a height of more than 10.000 feet.

As you can see, the cost is not so expensive, compared to the fantastic experience that you will do; anyway, there is some other important information that you need to know about the cost related to a skydiving experience, let’s go.

Average range$250
Minimum cost$80
Maximum cost$1000

Cost of Skydiving by Location

Cost of skydiving by country chart

The location of where skydiving takes place plays a good role in the variation of the cost, in facts as we will see in that section, in the same place of the world, due to high density of peoples and tourisms, the cost may be more expensive.

To clear you the idea, we decide to make a list of skydiving costs in the most famous places in the world.

CountryAverage cost

Skydiving cost in Dubai 

If you are in Dubai and as the adventure, you have to know that Dubai offers a fantastic skydiving experience.

The most know is the skydiving up of the palm.

The lower cost for skydiving in Dubai is $600, while if you add Video and insurance, you will pay around $1000.

Skydiving cost in USA

Skydiving in USA is very popular. More and more people want to try this fantastic experience. As it becomes more popular among people, the security and knowledge have increased during the years and the place where you can try it.

Some of the most famous places where you can try skydiving in USA are:

  • Hawaii
  • Coast Carolinas
  • Alaska 
  • Long island

And the cost is resumed in the following table.

Skydiving cost in Spain

As well as another part of the world, also in Europe there is an important and certified place where you can practice skydiving. In Spain, the most famous group that deals with skydiving are the skydive Spain.

The cost is not so high; they can be considered cheaper if we consider the cost of skydiving in Dubai.

For a 10,000 feet skydiving experience, you will pay around $180, and you will get included Video and photos-

While a 15,000 feet skydive experience the cost rise until 220$, that may always be considered cheaper considering that you are jumping from a considerable height.

Skydiving cost in Australia

As for Spain, in Australia, there is a big company that is taking almost all the market of skydiving in Australia, this because they show professionalism and amazing experience to the buyer.

The skydiving rambles offer attractive prices that are varying among the number of participants. The cost for doing skydiving in Australia are the following:

Tandem skydive 140000ft $299
Night tandem skydive 12000ft $450

The price varies by adding a special service.

Skydiving Tandem/solo cost

The cost of tandem skydiving with an instructor can be twice more expensive than that of solo skydiving. 

For a solo skydiving, the cost ranges from around $80 to $120

You can even slice that cost to about $20 if you are an experienced and USPA-certified skydiver who owns your equipment.

On the other hand, for a tandem skydiving with an instructor, the cost may rise to about $250. Also, remember that you may still need to give the instructor a 10% tip that is excluded from that cost.

Skydiving Weekday/weekend cost

The cost of skydiving during the weekend is slightly more expensive than the cost of skydiving during weekdays. In some places, this rule also applies to holidays and high seasons.

In general, you can expect an increase of around $20-25, as the number of people is more during the weekend, the request of skydiving increase, and the organizations try to take advantage of it by increasing the price.

Skydiving Training cost

To enjoy a solo skydive, you certainly have to be a trained skydiver. There are various training programs you can participate in. 

The cost of each training program is different. If you participate in Accelerated Free Fall training, you will have to pay around $1,500.

 Cheaper programs, such as aided deployment training and static line training, are also available.

The training is important because you will understand how to deal with particular or ordinary situations that you will encounter during your experience. 

Considering that this training can be a fantastic improvement in your life, you will receive important information on dealing with fear and how to control your emotional status.

Don’t look at the cost of it as a number, but consider skydive training as an opportunity to improve your daily life.

How Much Does Skydiving Gear Cost

Suppose you want to use your equipment. In that case, you may need to be ready to invest around $5,000 to buy all necessary equipment, which usually includes an altimeter, a helmet, an automatic activation device (AAD), two canopies (main and reserve), and a container.

This expensive is usually done by people who go skydiving frequently, in case this is your first experience, don’t worry; you don’t need to buy any equipment.

Video recording Skydiving cost

When you enjoy this thrilling activity, you certainly want someone to capture your special moment in a video recording, don’t you? If that’s what you want, you have to be ready to spend an additional $50 or $100 to have a video recording of your jump and skydive made.

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The cost of skydiving is variable; someplace more frequented by tourism will increase the average price by more than 250%. If you want to live this fantastic experience, the best thing that you can do is to take a long breath and don’t look too in-depth at the cost of skydiving.