How Much Does A Pony Cost?

The cost of owing a pony is a different from riding a horse and keeping one around your house. Horse riding doesn’t cost a lot but once you are thinking about owning one, then you have to take a look at a lot of factors to make sure you are getting the best deal in the market.

Because one thing you can be sure about Horses, they are not cheap in any way. The factors will play a major role in deciding the asking price of the horses.

While they may share a similar species name but horses do come in different forms, sizes, and bloodlines. Each one of these aspects will raise the price to a higher level or bring it down to the average cost.

How much does a Pony cost?

The purchasing cost for a minute horse or a pony will start from $1000 to $200,000 .The price of the pony depends on the size, conformation, bloodline, and the record in the competition.

Higher Cost$200,000
Average Cost$2,500- $5,000
Lower Cost$1,000

If every one of the requirements checks out, then the price of the pony will be even higher than the average or low price.

Certainly, you are going to find a pony that comes anywhere from $2000, they will be your average pony with nothing extra to make them unique in the market. 

The price of a pony and a regular-sized horse is all the same. It’s the factor that plays a major role in deciding all the prices for it.

What determines the price of a Pony (future Horse)?

It all depends on what kind of horse you are looking to get in the market. Horses will start from $5000 to $20,000. There are horses that will even cross that line and go beyond the $20,000.

The purpose of horses differs a lot from one owner to another. Not all people buy the horse for riding and pet purposes, some do it to enter the high-level competition. Where the horse needs to be at its peak with no weakness. Impressive bloodlines will help the horse get more attention in the market than a regular one.

Casual riders will find horses below the range of $10,000. But these horses will not have the premium quality to them as you see in the horses that enter the competition.

Again, the purpose behind the purchase will matter a lot, in the last several years we saw the initial price of the horse going up and at the same time, the rising asking price also impacted the keeping price of a horse as well.

The economy of a country also plays a role in buying horses. If the economy is in a slump, then you can get a horse at a much cheaper price. Because the supply will be at large but the demand of the animal will be below.

What affects the price of a pony?

pony differences in price

When the economy is booming, more people will have the money to buy a horse of their own, this will raise the demand for horses in the market as this will lower the supply making the horse a rare sight to see in the market.

This is how supply and demand can affect the price of horses in the world. In the economic downturns, not only raises the supply of horses and makes the asking price far below then the original cost.

But some people will be forced to sell their horses away to save money. Since the market in a downturn economy will have a large supply of animals, selling a horse or any exotic animal during this time will be cheaper. Many owners will have to sell their animal at a cheaper price because the maintenance is another money-breaking element of keeping a horse.

Downturn Economy Cost of Pony

In an economic downturn, the owners are forced to sell their precious possessions. During this time the price of the horse will be much lower. The expensive element of keeping a pony or a horse comes during the time of upkeep.

The recurring costs of a pony will go on for 30 years or even more. The cost of buying a horse or a pony will be more than the initial price of these animals.

The monthly expenses will break your bank if you are prepared to handle everything a pony will need to live a healthy life.

The big chunk of keeping a pony will be difficult for anyone who is saving money for something else. For parents, the cost of maintenance will easily put a burden on their finances.

The monthly expenses to the training session and many more might seem average at first, but it will go on for years without any stoppage and any type of bad incident will jack up the price to an even higher degree.

How much does it cost to raise a pony?

chart of cost for raise a pony

This is where we break down all the other costs related to pony activities and necessities. Avoiding these costs will put pony health at risk and the animal will suffer from it in the long run.

It is essential for these costs to be maintained on a monthly basis for the pony to have proper health.

Pony feed and supplement cost

While you may have seen this requirement on almost every animal in the world as for example for the cow, buaffalo and giraffe).

A Pony become a tiny bit different. A pony eats way less than a regular-sized horse.

Pony Food Cost

A miniature horse will eat only 1,5% of its body weight every single day. Hay will cost anywhere between $4 to $15 per bale. The average size of a pony is around 15 to 40 pounds, so that makes 4 pounds of hay a day. You are not going to blow too much money on the food here. As the 4 pounds of the bay will easily keep the hunger satisfied.

The owner should know what the pony is getting from their hay, make sure the hay is tested so you will know about the efficiencies in their diet.

Grain cost for A Pony

Grain is also important for the pony, balancing grain is appropriate for the health of a pony in the long run.

As grain brings vitamins and minerals without the high calories. It is essential for the horse to have a balanced grain diet as well as hay. In the market, grain can cost $6 to $30 per 40-pound bag.

Supplements Cost for a Pony

Adding supplements will cover the deficiency in the feed so the horse will get everything they need to live a healthy life.

Sometimes deficiencies in the item will lead to issues with their hooves, airways, and many more. The damage will be intense, here supplements can fill that gap without overdoing it.

While the idea of adding supplements to the horse diet may seem appealing at first, it is. But when you are browsing for them in the market, you will come across plenty of supplements with false claims.

Here you have to do your research and make sure you get the right one for your pony. Any sort of false claim supplement will jeopardize the overall health of the pony.

If you have large property then you can minimize the cost of the horse feed requirement. As grass on the field is enough to satisfy the hunger of a pony.

There is this one problem, while the grass on the field will be enough for the pony but it will make them more obese in the future.

Which will lead to laminitis. If you are planning to let them eat grass every day instead of sticking to hay or supplements.

Then the ponies need to be monitored frequently. So a proper information table can be made to make sure they are getting the right amount of grass and not a bit more.

Waste Management Cost For Keeping A Pony

After eating 4 pounds of hay, something has to be done with the waste. If not taken care of properly, then the entire ground will be filled with horse waste.

Most pony wonders take the waste and use it as fertilizer for the garden. If you are planning to take the waste and dispose of it in the garden, then you can take the approach of a waste management system.

Here you will get a new bin every week, once the bin is filled then dumps will take them away from your property. These weekly runs can cost you $50 to $1000 per month.

There are also many factors that play a role in the price of waste management. The size of the bin, number of picks, and drop-offs will raise the price of overall waste management to a high amount. Another option for waste management is to have some arraignments with the local farmers to take care of the waste.

Trimming Cost For A Pony

The attention they need will be huge compared to other pet animals. Some people make the mistake of thinking points will not have any more requirements such as a house cat or dog.

They require trimming and showering to keep their health in a proper state.

The trim can range from $30 to $100. The showing process can run upwards of $400 easily. Veterinarians recommend the horses be dewormed two times a year which will raise the cost to $40 annually.

Health Care Cost

Unlike other domestic animals, with horses, you will need to set up a schedule that goes on once a year.

A pony needs its dental work on an annual basis and it will also need its proper vaccination.

Dental Cost For A pony

The dental work will cost between $100 to $200

Vaccination cost for a pony

The charge for vaccination will go from $60 to $200. Sometimes you will have to get a health certificate depending on your location, the certification exam will cost you around $50.

You should always save some money on emergency costs. It is rather difficult to plan this out, as the cost might go higher than the initial price of the pony at an unknown time.

Energy fun will help you deal with a situation that gives no warning or notification before entering your life. You need to set aside an emergency fund so you can deal with the critical section in the pony’s life without putting their lives at risk.

Make sure the fund can cover the surgery of the pony. You have to rack up the money until you reach that point. Then the emergency fund will be ready to handle any sort of expenses that may arise during the tough period of the pony’s life.

Building a shelters Cost For Pony

Ponies will need to have the freedom to move around freely without any restriction; they will also need protection from bugs, sun, and rain.

Building fencing with some hard round panels will be appropriate so they will be unable to stick their heads between the bars. Make sure they have enough room to roam inside the fence. Here you need to take a look at your local zoning laws and size requirements to create a perfect space for a pony.

Pony is a  social creature since they are herd animals. It is strongly recommended to keep your pony with the company of other animals.

You can add a donkey, llama, or any large or small breed as long as it can give the pony some company.

This will greatly stabilize their mental and emotional health. Keeping them in solitary will damage them and they will be far likely to seem annoyed and less social around people. It is better to keep them in the company of someone so they will behave better in a social environment without becoming aggressive.


Getting a pony is a great idea for the kids but when you take small things into consideration it might not be a perfect fit for everybody. It certainly takes a lot of cost and attention to keep them healthy. Something that you will normally see on pony listings. They are eerily expensive but the maintenance of them will easily break your bank if you are not careful or wise without spending. From the trimming and shoeing to vaccination and emergency bill, they are very high maintenance. And they will require the owner to put more effort into making them manageable.