How Much Does a Boat Anchor Cost?

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The boat anchor is one of the most important pieces of equipment that your boat must be fitted on. You can miss everything in your boat, but you should avoid not owning an Anchor for your boat.

Once dropped on the sea, the anchor has the function to dig on the bottom of the sea, maintaining your boat’s position avoid letting you move away from your established position.

How much does a Boat anchor cost?

The purchasing cost for a boat anchor depends on the model that you will choose and the material. Although you can expect to pay $30 for the fluke anchor, which is considered the most popular, the price for a better boat anchor can reach more than $1200 if you buy the Rocna anchor, consider the best among all the anchor’s type.

Suppose you are still interested in learning more about the boat anchor’s cost . In that case, we will analyze all the different types of anchors boat present in the market, giving you a better idea about wich anchor buying depending on a series of factors.

Cost of Anchor Boat by Type

types of anchor cost

There are different types of anchors in the maritime world, each one has some advantage over other models. There is no difference between which boats you own; it can be a bowrider boat, a catamaran boat; the anchor has all the same goal; keep the boat in position, winning against external forces like wind and currents.

Delta anchor cost $110-666$

The first anchor boat type of our list is the delta type, it is considered the most popular anchor boat today, the good thing about the delta anchor is that it has a good holding power referred per pound. 

If you are asking yourself, why is the delta anchor one of the most popular? The answer is that considering the average price of $150 it shows good quality in almost all the bottom type experts in the rock.

In the following part of the table, you can see that the price for the delta anchor will vary depending ok the anchor weight.


What makes you choosing which anchor boat to purchase is the length of your anchor boat. For example, the 4kg anchor boat is perfect for a boat with a length maximum of 5m, a 20 kg boat for a boat of 16m in length maximum, and so on.

Fluke anchor cost $30

The next type of anchor is the fluke anchor type. 

This type of anchor is known to performing well in the mud and sand bottom. So if you know that with your boat, you will sail in a place where the bottom is prevalent mud and sand, the best choice you can do is to purchase a fluke anchor.

Another advantage of the fluke anchor is that it can be stowed more easily by respecting others’ types of anchors.

The average costs for a fluke anchor and other types of anchor depend on the weight; anyway you can expect an average cost between $30 – 65$.

Rocna anchor cost $600-$1700

The Rocna style is a new type of anchor that may be considered the most recent; in fact, that type of anchor was launched in 2004 by Peter Smith. 

Due to the new design, the rocna anchor is becoming more popular among boat’s owners. The Rocna anchor’s design can dig faster in the bottom, guaranteeing an immediate holding to the boat.

Due to the incredible results of the Rocna type, the producer of Rocna decide to produce a new typology of anchors all sharing the same high-quality characteristics.

The cost for a Rocna anchor depends of the model and the weight of the anchor; anyway you can expect to pay something between $600 to$1700

Bruce anchor cost $240 – $1000

The Bruce anchor is probably the most famous in North America. However, the development of the Bruce anchor is not as recent as the Rocna anchor.

It was produced in the 70s By Bruce anchor group.

The bruce anchor has shown good results in almost all the seabed types but does not achieve good results as other anchors regarding the anchor holding power.

The time of penetrating in the seabed is another negative point of the Bruce anchor as it shows a longer period to dig in the seabed.

You can find a Bruce anchor with a price between $240-$1000

CQR anchor cost $450-$1500

The CQR is probably one of the oldest types of anchor ever produced. The first model of CQR is dating back to the 30s.

Nowadays, that type of anchor is still considered very popular among boat’s owners, although the holding power is not as high as the other models.

The point of advantage of the car anchor boat is that it can be easily stowed without any difficulty in almost all the boat types.

The cost is in the average of the other anchor models, in facts, you can easily find a CQR anchor boat with a price of $350, and it can go up until reaching $1500

Mushroom anchor cost $70

The mushroom anchor boat type is a particular type of anchor boat, that if you are not a boat expert, you probably not see this type of design.

The mushroom anchor boat type is mostly used as permanent mooring buoys due to its design that guarantees a good holding power for a prolonged period.

In contrast, the temporary anchoring does not seem to be good enough as other boat anchor models.

You can find a good quality mushroom anchor boat with a cost of $70, and depending on the size, the price may go up to $150 maximum.

Grapnel anchor cost $60

The last category of anchor boat is the Grapnel type.

The grapnel type is mostly used for small boats, canoes, kayaks and fishermen as well.

The advantage of that type of anchor is that it can be easily stowed anywhere without occupying a large space.

The main principle of grapnel is to find out another object to hook, for example, a rock, creating a good holdings power.

But as you can imagine, this can give you some other problems as the difficulty to heave up the anchor.

The best type of bottom for the grapnel anchor is the rocks type of some other sea bottom, presenting some obstruction.

The cost in the market for the Grapnel anchor is varying, anyway, you should expect to pay something around $ 20 to $60

Additional cost for a boat anchor

After choosing the anchor boat that fits better for you, you have to know the additional cost related to the anchor.

The first thing you have to buy is the rope, and the clips used to fasten the anchor to the rope and the boat.

Depending on the location where you will buy your anchor boat, they offer a discount. Anyway, you can expect an extra cost of $50-$100.

Depending on the size of your boat, you may need a windlass to drop the anchor. It is the case only if you own a big boat and the kg of your anchor is heavy and cannot lift your hands.

Depending on the size of the electronics windlass, you can expect to pay an average of $150- $450

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Choosing the best anchor type that fits your boat must be your priority as it guarantees you safety during the time. As we saw during the article, an anchor boat’s cost varies drastically, depending on models and weight.