How Much Does a Bowrider Boat Cost?

The market of the boats is plenty of models, each one of them is perfect for fishing, other boats are just made for relaxing and enjoying the time with your friends.

Different discussion for the fishing boat where for example the cost for a tuna boat as you can imagine is higher than the cost of a bowrider boat.

The bowrider boat model is considered the perfect one for anyone who likes speed and doesn’t want to spend too much money buying a boat. 

After analyzing 29 brands that produce bowrider boats, the average cost is $104.605,95, taking into consideration all the sizes, while the average cost for a 21 feet bowrider boat considering the price of 16 boats is $71.590,38. The lowers average price is for a 16 feet bowrider boat $21.673,33.

Bowrider boat cost
Average cost (considering all the size) $104.605,95
Lowest cost $21.673,33
Higher cost $350.000,00

Suppose you are still interested in knowing more about the cost of a bowrider boat. In that case, you just keep reading—the estimation cost has been done by taking 29 of the most famous brands that produce bowrider boats—mainly considering the size of the bowrider boat.

Cost of bowrider boat by brand

The market is full of bowrider models, and they offer a different cost. This is due mainly because this type of boat is for everyone.

It can be used for fishing, cruising, making water sports, and the list going on.

In the following list, we will look at the primary brand that is producing bowrider boats, with its relative cost.

Axis Wake bowrider boat cost

An amazing brand that is producing excellent bowrider boats, many models varying from size and engine configuration, the entry-level model of axis wake bowrider boat cost $73,795, can be a high price, but consider that the boat is coming with a powerful engine, axis trailers, and powerful soundbar, perfect for enjoying the days with your friends. 

Baja Marine cost

Baja marine is for sure one of the most famous brands regarding the bowriders boats, that brand start to produce bowrider since 1971.

Today, there are 3 models available that differ in size, particularly the model 24 feet, 27, 36.

Baja marine 24 feet bowrider boat cost 

The cost for the 24 outlaw bowrider cost around $70,000.

Some of the characteristics of that boat are:

  • Engines that come in 3 versions, 300,350,380 hp of power, with a fuel capacity of 76gal. 
  • Transom Shower
  • Transom remote stereo

Baja marine 27 feet bowrider boat cost 

The model of Baja 27 outlaw cost $139,000, but you should consider that this time, we are speaking of a boat with an engine of 430 hp 

Baja marine 36 feet bowrider boat cost 

The minimum cost for 36 feet is $125,000, with the maximum price arrive at $300,000 equipped with full engine power.

The average cost for a Baja marine boat is 136.333,33$


The Bayliner is a hybrid brand, in fact, is not building only bowrider boat, but if we visit its website, we will see that there are many options to choose.

Each of them builds for a specific purpose. But in our case, we analyzed the cost for bowrider boats.

There are many configurations, from the smallest to the biggest. The designs with relative price are

Size (ft)Cost

Boston Whaler

Also, in that case, many models are offering by that brand, the cost for that boat is considered more expensive than the previous one.

The model of 24 feet in length and equipped with a Mercury 250 V-8 DTS will pay $124,394

While the boat 280 vantage equipped with 2 engines of 250hp the price rise until reaching $252,984

For the top class of Boston whaler, the 32 feet bowrider boat, the price starts from $350,000 

Bryant Boats

Bryant boats are the perfect meet that a boat can have between luxury and sports. The models that present this brand have an incredible design that made the boats perfect for anyone searching for a luxury boat, but at the same time, he likes to spend some time doing water sports.

There are two main categories of bowriders boat in the Bryant brands, THE surf edition, and the calendar.

CategoryAverage cost
Suf edition $110,000
Calandra edition$104,000


This brand offers a more suitable cost, which can be the perfect compromise for people who want to start to practice water sports and search for a bowrider boat.

The lower cost for a Campion bowrider boat start from $25,370 

The price starts to rise if your exigence is different from newbies; in fact, the model c20 watersports are coming with an initial cost of $54,925

Centurion Boats

Centurion boats are known to have outstanding models concerning their cost; in particular, there are three main categories of boats.

  • Vi series
  • Fi series
  • Ri series

Both of the 3 categories come with different sizes and engine power. Here below, you found a table with all the cost related

Centurion editioncost
Fi 23$132,115

Chaparral Boats

Another essential brand, when we speak about bowrider boats, is the chaparral. There are many series that you can choose.

 The best for doing water sports is the surf series that come in a different size. 

The cost are:

  • 21 feet surf $54,50023
  • 23 feet surf $70,500

Cobalt Boats

There are exciting boats produced by that brand, in particular the model of surf class.

There are 5 models of bowriders boat produced by the cobalt boats, and the cost is:

For the cs23 the price is $150,000, but you can find a less powerful version with less than $100,000

The R3 cobalt boat cost $114,000

Other models like the R6 and R5 cost between an average of $175,000

Crownline Boats, Inc.

This brand of boats decide to put a different style and to make the difference of other brands, one of the most researched models of that brand are:

Crowline model of bowrider boatStarting price
220 SS surf$74,995
240 SS surf$91,995
255 SS SURF$111,000

Formula Boats

One of the best and innovative designs is built by that brands; there are four models of a bowrider, the 240,270,290,310.

The model of 24 feet has an average cost of $60,000, because as for the others bowrider boats depend upon the engine and all the accessories that you decide to install on it

The 270 has a cost of $225,900

While the 31 feet bowrider boat of the formula boats will cost you $305,000

Four Winns

Four winns offer a large variety of bowriders boat, with lower price about the one saw until now. The cost is the following:

Horizon 190$38,726
Horizon 210$59,161
Horizon 230$64,000
Horizon 290$157,692
Horizon 350$288,462

With an average cost of  Four winns brand for its bowrider boats of $115.699,17


The Glastron offers a different solution, all based upon what you prefer and what you are searching for, the cost of each model are the following:

Gsx 215$42,000
Get 185$35,605
Get 245$58,529

Average cost for a glastron bowrider boat is $45.358,20

Grady-White Boats

If you take a look at Grady-white, you will notice that most of the boats they offer are models focused on fish and cruising. Anyway there are some exciting bowriders boats as :

Grady-white freedom 215 cost $74,995

Or the most expensive one, the Grady white freedom 335 that cost an average of $324,000


The brand heyday offers very innovative models. Its innovative design makes the two models presented by that brand the perfect boats for people who love bowrider boats with a creative style.

The 2 models are 

  • Wt-2dc cost $53,731
  • WTsurf $60,599

Larson Boats

Larson boats propose 3 different models, all of them with a clean and versatile style, that can be used for fishing or water sports; the price of Larson bowriders boats are:

1750 dual-console$35,599
1850 dual-console$43,699 
2020 dual-console$54,799

Avarage cost for a bowrider boat from larson boats brand is $44.699,00

Malibu Boats

If you are a person who likes to choose from many models, this brand is perfect for you; in fact, there are 12 models that you can choose from—all of them varying from style and engine power.

Some price of the models are 

  • For the Malibu m240 -$238,000 
  • 21 VLX Malibu – $87,495

MasterCraft Boats

The mastercraf boat is a brand specializing in realizing bowrider boat, It has an incredible style and offers different models. The most famous ones are:

Xt23 Mastercraft bowrider boat$119,000
X26 Mastercraf$180,000

Average cost $133.666,67

Monterey Boats

The Monterey is another solid brand that builds incredible boats, there are many models, from the giant list, we choose some of the bowrider boats, and the cost is:


Average cost for a bowrider boat by Monterey boats is $101.265,00

Moomba Boats

As mentioned on the website of Moomba boats, to be the captain, you need a boat; in that case, the brands offer 6 different types of boat; let’s discover more about the bowrider boat that this brand offers.

  • Makai, a 24 feet length bowrider boat has cost $87,320
  • Kaizen length of 21 feet starting price $76,440
  • Mondo length 20 feet, this bowrider boat cost $68,700
  • Craz 22 feet length, cost starting from $72,920
  • Mojo length 23 feet cost starting from $78,600

Nautique Boats

Here we are touching top levels regarding the quality of materials and efficiency; the natique is a brand with over 95 years in the maritime industry. Some of its models are very expensive, let’s take a look.

Super air nautique g23 paragon$296,454
Super Air Nautique G25 Paragon$312.453
Super air nautique gs20$114,904
Super air nautique 210 $104,830

Regal Boats

Another important company when we speak about the best bowrider boat is the regal boats, at the moment this brand has 10 models of bowriders boat. These are:

23 Obx$80,000
26 obx $112,100
Regal obx 33$279,900

Regal bowrider boats Average cost $134.248,75

Rinker Boats

Focused on a fast boat, the rinker boat brand offers many boats for all the tastes; in that case, we analyzed the bowrider boats, and here is the result:

Q7 sterndrive$75,222
Q5 sterndrive$62,868 
29QX Sterndrive $84,235
19QX Sterndrive $35,939
22MTX Sterndrive$44,587 

Rinker boats average cost $60.570,20

Scarab Boats

The scarab bowrider boats have a clear style. The scarab boats come with 6 models; here the price for these bowrider boats:


Scarab boats average cost $61.008,60

Ski Supreme

As the name of the brand suggests, you can understand that the focus for that brand to bring the bowrider boat to the next level.

That typed of boats have an incredible design. The design of the hull guarantees the generation of a huge waves, perfect for the water sports lover.

Some of the models are :

  • ZS232 bowrider boat that cost $118,318
  • ZS212 bowrider boat that cost $87,900

Starcraft Marine

Starcraft marine is a solid company with over 60 years of history. There are many models offered, the best bowrider of StarCraft marine are:

  • Star step IO with the cost of $43,900
  • Starcraft svx 191 cost $42,114

Supra Boats

One of the incredible styles of bowrider boats is produced by supra boats; this brand has four bowrider boats, here the price.



Tahoe is producing low-cost bowrider boats, mainly with an outboard engine; in fact, the cost for bowrider boats starts from $19,995 for a 16 feet. While for a 21 feet boat with mercury, you have to spend $42,995

Tige Boats

If you love the bowrider boat, for sure you will get in love with this brand; the boat that is offering is considering one of the best in regarding water sport and enjoying. The models are

2021 TIGÉ 25 ZX$140,132
2021 TIGÉ 23 ZX$130,132
2021 TIGÉ 21 ZX$113,027

Yamaha Boats

We cannot end our list of bowriders boat without naming the bowrider boats that offer Yamaha. As you can imagine they are a lot, we analyzed many of them, and the cost is the following.

  • The 19 ft cost with an average of $35,000
  • The 21 ft cost an average of $48,000
  • The 25 feet cost an average of $71,200
  • The 27 feet cost an average of 115,600$

Average cost of bowrider boat considering all sizes

In the follow table you will see the average cost on the market for a bowrider boat, taking into consideration all the lenght togheter.

Brand of Bowrider BoatAverage price ( considering all the size available)
Axis wake$73,795
Baja marine$136.333,33
boston whaler$242.131,33
bryant boats$117,945,50
cobalt boats$141.000,00
grady-white boats$199.497,50
larson boats$44.699,00
malibu boats$162.747,50
monterey boats$101.256,00
moomba model$76.796,00
Nautique Boats$207.160,25
regal boats$134.248,75
rinker boats$60.570,20
scarab boats$61.008,60
supreme boats$103.109,00
starcraft marine$43.007,00
supra boats$143,150,00
tige boats$127.763,67
yamaha boats$67.450,00

The average cost by considering the price of 29 bowriders brand is $105.028,38

Cost of bowrider boat by size

As you can see the data is huge, and to give you a more clear idea about the cost of a bowrider boat, we decide to make a list of the cost of a bowrider boat by size. For each size will be described the number of boats that was taken into consideration.

How much does a 16 feet bowrider boat cost?

Here the avarage cost for a 16 feet bowrider boat

scarab boats$27,452
Number of bowrider boats of 16ft considered 3

The average cost for a 16 feet bowrider boat is $21.673,33

How much does a 17 feet bowrider boat cost?

Considering the only present boat of 17 ft from our list the cost is $35.599,00

How much does a 18 feet bowrider boat cost?

startcraft marine$42,114

Average cost for 18 feet bowrider boat $35.406,33

How much does a 19 feet bowrider boat cost?

scarab boats$40,328
Yamaha boats$35,000

The average cost to buy a bowrider boat of 19ft is $35.521,60

How much does a 20 feet bowrider boat cost?

Axis wake$73,795
Moomba model$68,700
Nautique Boats$114,904
Rinker boats$44,587
Supra boats$127,600

Average cost for a 20ft bowrider boat is $76.597,67

How much does a 21 feet bowrider boat cost?

Bryant boats$ 106,391
grady-white boats$74,995
larson boats$54,799
malibu boats$87,495
monterey boats$67,700
moomba model$76,440
Nautique boats$104,830
Regal boats$64,995
Scarb boats$52,675
supreme boats$87,900
tige boats$113,027
yamaha boats$48,000

The average cost for a 21 feet bowrider boat, that might be considered as the most used is $73.637,47

How much does a 22 feet bowrider boat cost?

Moomba model$72,920
starcraft marine$43,900
supra boats$142,800

Average cost for a 22ft is $69.670,20

How much does a 23 feet bowrider boat cost?

Bryant boats$129,500
cobalt boats$114,000
monterey boats$103,404
moomba model$78,600
Nautique boats$296,454
regal boats$80,000
supreme boats$118,318
supra boats$114,800
yamaha boats$130,132

Average cost for a 23 feet bowrider boat is $118.515,62

How much does a 24 feet bowrider boat cost?

Brand Price
Baja marine$70,000
Boston whaler$124,394
Cobalt boats$100,000
Malibu Boats$238,000
Moomba Model$87,320
Supra Boats$157,400

The average cost for the 24 feet is $111.955,38

How much does a 25 feet bowrider boat cost?

Cobalt boats$170,000
Monterey boats$122,837
Nautique Boats$312,453
Rinker boats$62,868
scarab boats$71,467
Yamaha boats$71,200

The average cost for a 25 feet bowrider boat is $122.803,00

How much does a 26 feet bowrider boat cost?

Cobalt boat$180,000
regal boats$112,100

How much does a 27 feet bowrider boat cost?

Baja marine$139,000
bryant boats$158,635
monterey boats$115,119
rinker boats$75,222
yamaha boats$115,600

The average cost for a 27ft bowrider boat is $138.179,33

How much does a 28 feet bowrider boat cost?

Boston whaler$252,000
scarab boats$113,067

The average cost for a 28 feet bowrider boat is $182.533,50

How much does a 29 feet bowrider boat cost?

The cost for a 29 feet bowrider boat is $157.692,00

How much does a 31 feet bowrider boat cost?

The cost for a 31 feet bowrider boat is $305.000,00

How much does a 32 feet bowrider boat cost?

The cost for a 32 feet bowrider boat is $350.000,00

How much does a 33 feet bowrider boat cost?

The cost for a 33 feet bowrider boat is $ 324.000,00

How much does a 35 feet bowrider boat cost?

The cost for a 35 feet bowrider boat is $288.462,00

How much does a 37 feet bowrider boat cost?

The cost for a 37 feet bowrider boat is $200.000,00