How Much Does Cost to Dry Clean a Suit?

A suit plays a different role in the closet than other garments you have stored there. It is an expensive item in the wardrobe, and you will have to think twice before cleaning it up. You last want to ruin your suit while cleaning or after it. 

Keeping your suit condition at its highest level will require proper cleaning to take care of them. Knowing about the cleaning process and what to do and what not to do will help you take better care of the suits

This article will help you understand all the aspects of dry cleaning and how much it will cost for your clean-up job. The prices will not be consistent as many factors will come into play to dictate the overall price.

What is Dry Cleaning for a Suit?

When you take the suit to dry cleaning, you have to show up at the right time, drop the suit, and pick it back later when it is done. The entire process will not consume too much of your time. It is up to the dry cleaning service company to take care of the suit and make it perfect as it looked the day you wore it for the first time.

Dry cleaning uses a solvent, and they are used to soak the clothes in a large machine, then the suit gets warm air to take out the solvent. All the clothes follow a different procedure to keep the suit’s shape to its original appearance; garments are steamed and pressed.

Dry cleaning doesn’t use any detergent or soap to wash the clothes, and most clothes can be washed by laundering using mild detergent; dry cleaning follows a different method.

Material for Dry cleaning and Washing Material

When it comes to dry cleaning, the materials are another major factor that can make a lot of differences. While people who have been washing their clothes for a long time might share different opinions, materials such as cotton, nylon, spandex, polyester, acetate, and acrylic are perfect for home-washing treatment. You can use any detergent product you like to wash these materials without damaging them.

But some materials must go well with the dry cleaning procedure.

Materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, rayon, and Linen are perfect for dry cleaning rather than washing with detergent.

They will need to keep their shape after proper Washing when dealing with premium materials. Suits and heavy coats should always need a cleaner.

What are the Benefits of dry cleaning?

Now that you know what material fits perfectly for Washing and dry cleaning. You have also to know that Some advantages come with dry cleaning. One of the unique perks of dry cleaning is its treatment of the premium quality suit. Some might assume that dry cleaning is perfect if you own a thousand-dollar suit, but it is a sensible choice for any suit type.

While machine washing might seem a perfect choice, if you want a gentler treatment for your clothes, dry cleaning is a simple method to help you accomplish that. As dry cleaning focuses on lighter ouch, they are soaked in solvents and then steam-dried to keep the suit’s shape without putting them through so much damage. To make the suit look sharp, they carefully press the cloth.

Why shouldn’t you do it?

While machine washing is easier, you can do it in your home without peeing outside. But there is little to no reason why you shouldn’t take the dry cleaning approach.

Let’s look at the cost of the dry cleaning process. They are very cheap and affordable compared to the list of services you are getting in return. The cleaner of your choice will impact the overall price you will have to pay for the services.

But largely, you will encounter much cheaper price deals than paying too much for cleaning services. But there’s a limit to how much you should spend on dry cleaning, you don; ‘t want to get stuck with something too cheap as the services might not be up to the common standard.

Here are the Cost Details for dry cleaning your suit:

Clothing TypesPrice Range
Two-piece suit$10 to $15
Shirt$5 to $7
Tie$3 to $6
Three-piece suit$13 to $18
Pants$5 to $8
Blazer$6 to $10
Light jacket$13 to $20
Coat$15 to $25
Vest$4 to $7

The prices will not be consistent for all the cleaners, but the will be close to the abovementioned number. The size of the garment and the experience the cleaner has in your area will influence the asking price of dry cleaning. Some garments follow a more complex element to them that it’s missing from normal clothing types.

Here a blazer will have a higher price range as the object is heavier and stiffer, which makes it difficult to deal with. Finding a good cleaner to get the best service for your money would be best without feeling wasted.

While so might assume the cheaper method might provide a better solution, while they will dry clean your cloth, you can never be sure about the quality of service they will provide for the money. A quick google search will list all the best to low-level dry cleaning services in your area. You can check the review to see if they can provide good services or not.

If you are interested you can take a look at:

Do you have to go to the dry cleaners every week?

While normal clothes we wear on regular days see a lot of things and deal with harsh environments, the frequent engagement with the world’s environment will make her clothing lose its color and odor. Our daily use of clothes can take a trip to the washing machine to get cleared up from all the sweat and foul odor we gather when we take it out for daily chores.

On the other hand, suits might not need the daily treatment as our normal clothes. People are more careful around suits and blazers or any premium clothing than they are with regular clothes they wear on their bodies. Suits generally follow a different rhythm compared to our normal clothes. They don’t get cleaned nearly as often as the everyday clothes in our wardrobes. Daily clean-up of suits or other premium goods will raise the overall price tag to over $300 per month.

Not many people would like to see this, as many choose the dry cleaning method if a major event comes up or the suit doesn’t look appealing. Dry cleaning is a quick fix for people looking forward to certain events in life. But if you live in a dirty neighborhood, taking the suit once will ruin the overall appearance; if that is the case, you will have to choose frequent cleaning.


Dry cleaning is a better way to handle the quality of the suit. It costs a bit much but having any premium suits, and other garments that follow the same factor will require much attention. The price of dry cleaning will not be the same in every location, as you will encounter different costs depending on where you live and what shop you choose for the clothing.