How Much Does It Cost To Dry Clean a Wedding Dress?

A wedding dress is unique as it carries a lot of sentimental value for the relationship. Unlike other clothes, people spend hours and days picking the dress that matches the volume of the ceremony. Preservation of the dress is very common among partners who want to keep it as a souvenir for the best days of their lives. Another aspect of the marriage dress that also matters to the couple was the price tag it had on it on the day of purchase.

They are expensive, and you can’t just dangle up the dress in your wardrobe as a normal piece of cloth. It is a unique part of your life. Some will try to pass the dress to their daughters, which tells you how valuable these dresses are to the people who own them. To preserve the quality of the dress will Limewire proper methods and cleaning procedures. So the material will stay in its top quality without losing its charm.

The last thing you want to see is a dress suffering from wear and tear after years of salt kept in a bag. Preserving a dress means you will have to look after the dress now and then to ensure the quality of the dress hasn’t lost time. This article will help you know all the details about dry cleaning and how it will play a major role in cleaning up the wedding dress and maintaining its quality.

How Much Does it Cost to Dry Clean the Wedding Dress?

When you are thinking about drying and cleaning your wedding dress, you will have to go with a professional wedding dress cleaning service, and the price will not be affordable; you can expect the price range to be from $150 to $200. While some companies might put a higher number on their services, that doesn’t mean you will get exceptional services for a wedding dress. They will remake the wedding dress, and their job is to clean the entire dress. 

You will see prices above $400 for presenting the wedding dress, the entire might sound good on paper, but the overall value of the end product might not match your expectations. Normally, wedding dresses will have a fixed rate; $200 will cover all the expenses of a wedding dress clean-up. If you have any special requirements, that will jack up the price of the dress.

Most Of the dry cleaning products will erase the oil out of the dress, grass stains, and dirt from the base of the dress. Removing oil from the wedding gown will cost you extra money, but they are in the affordable range. Prepare to pay somewhere between $15 to $50 for the entire ordeal.

How to find a good dry cleaning service?

Relying on word of mouth will do plenty of good, but you can always go for the modern route by looking through user reviews to judge the company. Always choose a reputable company that will have an average asking price for the wedding dress. An affordable option is available in many cities, but they might not offer the same treatment for wedding dresses as high-quality companies.

If you have an expensive wedding dress that carries emotional value to you and your partner, it is better to go down the route of expensive options and pay a heavy amount to retain the dress’s overall beauty.

How long does the process last?

Unlike suits, blazers, and other premium clothes, where it would take around four to five hours to get them all cleaned up, the wedding dress will have different timespan. It would easily take a few days to months to clean the entire wedding dress and restore its original potential.

If the shop you choose for your dry cleaning is not busy, if you catch them at the perfect time, the cleaning process will last for two to three days. Normally wedding dresses have plenty of layers during the dry cleaning process.

Most of the necessary phrases of the cleaning [process remain in finding the best place to do it. The cleaning process will affect the company’s reputation in the city or online. Again, it is better to go through all the online reviews, which will give you a pretty clear idea of how long it will take to finish the process.

Preserving VS drying cleaning For a Wedding Dress

While dry cleaning is a better option than washing it, preservation is another valuable option here, as you will have to ship the wedding dress to the preservation services. The company will thoroughly inspect the dress and clean it. You will get your entire gown back in a UV-protected container. The package will come with special gloves for handling the dress.

One of the special perks is the one-hundred-year guarantee that comes with the services. The dress will remain beautiful and have a white color.

Preservation companies will charge around $225 for the services. The price includes shipping, insurance, and other perks. You can check the website of the preservation company to know what kind of deals you will be getting for the money.

If you assume the preservation of the dress will be worth more of your money, you need to consider getting a preservation kit for the wedding dress.

But if you want to keep it for yourself and maintain the dress each year, then drying clearing is a better option.

Should you do it by yourself?

If your gown doesn’t consist of any delicate material with intricate design with sensitive elements made of silk or taffeta, you can think about doing the cleaning for yourself.

For the fifth gown that you purchased second-hand, you might not have any value towards the dress, so you can think about doing the cleaning by yourself without spending $200 for the cleaning process since the second-hand dress probably costs around the cleaning amount.

Most wedding dresses come with delicate materials and simple or complicated designs. There are DIY methods available for anyone to go through the cleaning process without causing significant damage to the overall quality of the cloth.

You will have to use brushes instead of bleaching the entire dress. Stay out of bleach as it is the harshest chemical that will ruin the quality of the dress. It is better to take very soft bristled brushes for the dress; hard brushes will pull out the dress’s fabric.

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Marriage dresses are unique and carry a lot of value to couples. Here you need to look at the best option before proceeding with the DIY method or another washing route. The dry cleaning and preservation methods seem to be the best option for anyone who wants to keep the quality of the dress for a long time.