How Much Does It Cost To Dry Clean a Comforter?

Every piece of cloth will have a laundry symbol listed on its Label to ensure people follow the symbols to make a proper judgment. The Label will signify the clothes’ quality, appearance, and feel. The comforter will also offer labels to retain its quality after a proper cleaning procedure. 

While the washing machine does provide its fair share of cleanup, it will not be a good choice for all the premium clothes; it will degrade the sharpness of the comforter. If you are worried about the quality of the comforter, then you will have to stick to the Label. The appearance of a comforter matters a lot to people, and dry cleaning is the perfect route to maintain the quality of the comforter without ruining it.

What is Dry Cleaning?

The dry cleaning process uses solvents to clean the cloth, which separates it from the classic washing machine process. Dry cleaning doesn’t distort the shape and color of the bedding.

The water stays out of the equation, and any harsh chemicals don’t come across your bedding. The washing machine method is perfect for quick cleaning up of clothes you don’t pay too much attention to, while the dry cleaning process is perfect for clothes you want to keep safe and maintain quality.

How Long Does it Take to Dry and Clean The Comforter?

The entire dry cleaning process will take around three to four hours. But all you have to do is to find the popper dry cleaning service, and that’s it. If they are known to provide good service, you can expect the cleanup processer to be superior. As you will see, the quality of the comforter remains high after a cleanup job.

The professionals will check the bedding for holes, irons, and folds, then slide it inside a plastic bag. Reputable dry cleaning service will put the utmost priority on your goods.

How Much Does it Cost to Dry Clean a Comforter?

The cost here ranges from $20 to $50, and the price has everything to do with the size and material of the bedding. If the dry cleaner service encounters holes and rips, it will have a higher price tag than the average fee for a dry cleaning service. Another factor you should be concerned about is the store’s location.

If the store is far from your home location, you will encounter shipping and delivery charges to your house. But the cost will be limited to $20 to $50. Anything cheap or expensive might not be beneficial for the bedding.

Why is Dry Cleaning Process Expensive?

If you have never dry cleaned your suit or any expensive material before, then you are probably wondering why to pay $20 to $50 for a cleanup process. Since you have a washing machine that can do the cleaning job for free with light expenses, The cost of the dry cleaning process breaks down to multiple factors. Here we are going to tackle all of them.

  • Solvents – they are mixed with mild detergent to clean the dirty spot. The price of these will stay between $5 to $9.
  • Labor work – A person to watch over the bedding to ensure it receives a proper cleanup procedure without missing a spot. Dry cleaning is manual work; labor work will inspect the bedding and give it proper treatment before it leaves the store. The cost of it will be between $8 to $13.
  • Service – The service cost of cleaning, machine, equipment, and electric bills will raise fees to $12 to $17.
  • Taxes- Every product sold as a commodity has taxes embedded in them. Local and permit-related taxes will raise the fees to $2 to $5.

What affects the cost of dry cleaning?

If your bedding is bigger, you will have to pay a reasonable amount for dry cleaning. Another aspect you must watch out for is the type of material the bedding is made of; some materials will require delicacy with proper care on every step of the dry cleaning process.

If the worker is dealing with bedding with low fabric condition, they will have to be extra careful with the material through all the steps of dry cleaning. Lower fabric conditions will increase the overall price from $5 to $7.

If the dry cleaning service uses more modern equipment, you can expect to face a higher price tag as modern machines require extra care and are more advanced than older dry cleaning machines. The work will be more efficient without losing the bedding quality. If quality stays on top of the scale, you will have to fork in a few more bucks on the overall cost.

The service will have a higher price tag if you live in an affluent area. High-end stores will have their standard on work processes and prices. They will also have websites; walking in these service stores, you will know the service quality and the money they will charge for the services.

These are the factors that will heavily influence the overall cost of the dry cleaning procedure. Normally, you will encounter a moderate cost on dry cleaning services, and now there are websites and customer reviews that will help you figure out the best store and service in a matter of seconds. This will help you browse for a good dry cleaning service; if you have any double about the services, you can look through the reviews to see the company’s reputation.

Can you reduce the cost of dry cleaning a comforter?

There are ways you can cut the cost if you think dry cleaning is too expensive for your taste. You can give the comforter machine wash treatment if only your bedding has the Label of machine washable printed on it.

But your machine must be big enough to fit the entire comforter, never use hot water for washing, and go with a lower heat setting for drying. 

Another option for cleaning your bleeding is getting a specialist. These kits contain special cleaning cloths and disposal bags for the cleaning process. But they do carry a lot of risk in using it. If you have never used a specialized kit to clean your bedding, you will make plenty of mistakes. Some of the bedding might not handle the production of these kits.

You can actively look for discounts to save money on dry cleaning services. Sometimes you will get a great deal on the process; if your budget is a bit stressed, there are coupons you can use to save money for the services.


Comforters will get dirty over time, giving it a machine washing treatment while it sounds fine. They will not be suitable for the quality of the comforter. Dry cleaning provides top to notch-quality cleaning treatment compared to the washing method. The solvents will ensure the comforter gets a proper cleaning without damaging its overall quality and appearance.