How Much Does It Cost to dry Clean a Tie?

Dry cleaning will preserve the beauty of the item’s material while cleaning it thoroughly. Washing them will not offer the same benefit to the clothing’s material and exterior design. The object’s size and weight will influence the dry cleaning price. The optic in the discussion is a tie; they are malia and almost lightweight, so the price here will be meager, but that doesn’t mean they will do it for free. 

This article will let you know everything about dry cleaning, the cost of time, and other relative information to help you choose a perfect dry cleaning shop for it.

How Much Does a Dry Cleaning Tie Cost?

The cost of dry cleaning a tie will range from $2 to $16, but the average price will stay at $4. The major influential factor of a tie comes from its material, which can get pretty expensive, which will significantly affect the cost of the tie.

While the average cost of most dry cleaning items can cost from $6 to $15, the material and size always play an influential factor in the cost.

Check out others costs related to dry cleaning:

On the other hand, the tie is small and lightweight, but the material it is made of can be expensive. There are too many options for purchase on every storefront. Quality will impact the cleaning prices as the cleaning service will have to take extra precautions to not mess with the quality of the tie and its overall value.

What Influences The Cost of Tie Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning will generally cost $10, and it can go as high as $25, depending on the material’s size and quality. Ties are small in size, but the material they are made of can impact their price. Ties are now made of silk, wool, linen, cotton, seersucker, knit, microfiber, polyester, and faux leather. Each of them will need to be handled perfectly by the dry cleaning services for the tie to have the same aesthetic when it comes out of the dryer.

The labor cost will also add up to the overall price tag; most ties in the upper-end category are made of premium materials. Giving the washing treatment will not end up good for the ties, as they will deteriorate in value.

Will There be Any Extra Cost to Dry Clean a Tie?

If the ties have wrinkles, then removing them will add extra cost. Contact your dry cleaning shop and ask them about the details of the extra cost. Some companies will upfront let you know the cost and how much it will cost you at the end of billing. If you are planning to dry clean your entire tie wardrobe, it is better to pay extra to take care of the wrinkles and stains.

When you receive the tie after the dry cleaning process, they will be good as new with no sign of any stains on the exterior. Removing the stain will add $2 to $5 extra to the overall cost.

How often should you clean your ties?

Typically people take around six months to dry clean any of their wardrobe clothing, and the same rules apply to ties. If your life revolves around an environment hazard area, your clothes will get dirty pretty fast, so you have to look for ways to clean them up. 

Other than that, if you are part of an average climate, your clothes will not always be at risk. The time they will take to get dirty or gather significant dust will be shallow. So you can think about doing the dry cleaning work after five to six months of constant use.

Is There a way to Cut Back Some costs?

Yes, if you have cheaper ties, not in the premium range, then you can think about washing them. DIY is a perfect way to take care of the ties rather than giving them a dry cleaning treatment. The price of the ties is meager, and they are much lower than the cost of dry cleaning itself, so why bother with paying more to clean a cheap tie that can be easily replaced with a new cheaper one?

If you have too many ties, the cost will quickly inflate to higher numbers; here, coupons or discount vouchers can easily cut back on the maximum cost. Most of the dry cleaning services have their websites; you can check them to get new information about discounts and coupons. The next time you are at the shop, you can use the previously obtained coupons to cut back on costs.


Dry cleaning will preserve the beauty of the material without ruining it. Everyday washing will be perfect for a cheaper tie with no significant material value. If you have a unique tie that is not doing too good on the exterior, then you can think about adding it to the dry cleaning list.

Always pick a reputable dry cleaning shop, as they will have a variety of perks and quality control than your average store. If you are planning to clean all of your premium tie lines up correctly, then choosing a premium shop is a must to keep the aesthetic of the tie while at the same time cleaning them up thoroughly.