How Much Does It Cost to Dry Clean a Rug?

Rugs suffer through a lot of environmental and physical damage regularly. Looking after them will be difficult as they will get directly. All the intricate designs on the rug that attracted you to buy it will fade away. The direction layers will cover all the bells and writers of the rug. The best thing to do here is to get a new rug or clean the older one. If the rug is cheap, you can easily replace it with another. But if it holds a special place in your heart, you will have to consider the cleaning process seriously.

A beautiful rug can be a massive draw for the house, but it can get overwhelming to take care of the rug by yourself. They are huge; you will need to look for different ways to clean the rug instead of throwing down the washing machine with other everyday clothes. Here you will have to look for professional rug clever, and they will know and have the equipment to deal with all aspects of the rug. A reputable rug cleaning service will check the rug and do the work needed to get it back to its original shape.

The last thing you want from the rug is to lose its colors and overall appeal. Nowadays, pricier rulings have more intricate designs and more vibrant colors added to them. These changes make the rug more appealing to people. But the change of these features is due to the nature of usage they suffer daily.

Dry cleaning is the best way to maintain the overall aesthetic of the rung for a long time without harming its original tone and appeal. Here we will go through the price details of the rug dry cleaning service and more to get you an idea of what you need to do to get your rugged clean up with no disaster.

How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost?

As you can guess, factors will play a crucial role in setting the overall price of a rug cleaning job. Not all rugs share the same price, material, and other aspects. The area and square footage of the rug will heavily impact the asking price for a dry cleaning job.

Typically rug cleaner companies have their price set per foot. If you give them a 60-square-foot rug, the price will easily surpass the $200 threshold. The price point excludes the other special list of attention.

Again they are mandatory or added secretly at the end to boost the overall cost of the rug cleaning, and they are available as options for the consumer. Services such as stain blocking treatment will come as special services.

The price of special services mostly stays the same with some exceptions. If you can’t deliver the rug from your end, the companies will send a delivery person to pick the rug up from your house. These would cost extra, and if you happened to live where fathers are from the store, then the transportation change will also increase the overall cost of the cleaning up job.

How would rug dry cleaning companies clean the rug?

Rug cleaning company use two main methods to get the job done within time while keeping the rug quality premium throughout the process. The last thing they want is to damage the rug’s design or the quality of the design.

Consumers also add specific details about the rug where it could be damaged and the material information. This helps out the company more in handling the rug through different procedures.

The Cost Details of Rug Cleaning

It all depends on the quality of the drug they have to deal with procuring. Typically all the everyday quality rugs fall into steam cleaning, where they use hot water extraction and a mixture of steam and soap to clean the rug. This method uses a team deep into the fibers for a proper clean-up job/ steam cleaning and follows loosening the direct, which can be sucked in by using a vacuum.

On the other side, you have hand cleaning, which is perfect for high-quality and expensive rugs. If the rug falls into the antique, delicate, luxury territory, it will be a considerable risk if the company follows the cleaning procedure with steam cleaning technique.

Both of them have their price listing. Here a steam cleaning rug will cost between $1 to $5 per sq ft. Dry cleaning rugs will; come between $2 to $6 sq ft. hand cleaning is the most expensive package from any rug cleaning company. Since it follows multiple steps and has to be done delicately, the price here will start from $3 to $8 per sq ft.

You must know that the prices here will not be consistent. Different types of rugs, quality of material, and size will play a significant role in fixing the price.

How to Find a Good Rug Cleaning Company?

You can easily find a Goodlatte rug cleaner company in your neighborhood to get a basic idea of the services and price details. If you are skeptical about the services, then you can hit online and look through the reviews left by honest consumers. You will get an idea of what kind of services you can expect from them if you choose them as your rug cleaning company.

Always compare prices and the services cleaner offer the consumer. The best deal is where they will charge an average price for the rug without going too overboard with the cage or asking too little. Never settle with any cheaper rug cleaner company, as they usually hold low precaution in the market. But if you have a cheaper rug, you can settle with them without paying too much attention to how well the company handles the dry cleaning process.

If the rug is premium, you need to look for other high-end premium services, as quality will matter above anything elsewhere. A bad job will degrade the overall quality of the rug and bring the price down to double digits.


Compared to all the other products that go through dry cleaning, the rug is massive and will take a long time. People find other handful methods very appealing, if not more than dry cleaning the entire rug. The cost will not be the same, and if the rug is antique, you will have to choose a particular type of cleaning service, like a hand cleaning service.

If the rug in the house is standard and cheap, you can follow the affordable cleaning services to take care of it without paying too much.