How Much Does a Cockatiel Cost? Ultimate Guide

Whenever you think of buying a bird as a pet, a Cockatiel is a safe option. Cockatiels make great companions. It is the second most common bird to possess and for a useful purpose!

The prices of cockatiels change 70$ to 250$ depending on the age and breed of the bird, also we find some mutations that can drive up the price.

Cockatiel will live for more than fifteen years, have an outstanding personality, and are highly affectionate.

How Much Does a Cockatiel Cost

Cockatiels are friendly birds who like to sit on fingers or hands and can be easily taught to do tricks and even chat.

A ton has to be understood before purchasing a pet cockatiel that is trained for your new animal and chooses the bird perfect for you.

Here is our guide to know how much does a cockatiel cost?

How Much Does a Cockatiel Cost?

Cockatiel Price

You are expected to cost about $150 for the regular cockatiel. However, these cockatiel rates can range between $80 and $250 and can rely on ethnicity, age, mutation, fitness, and the bird’s personality.

As mentioned above, a standard gray cockatiel breed is around 150 bucks. Although you should plan to pay for some cockatiel breeds:

  • The rates of Lutino Cockatiel vary between $150 or $250 and often have the term yellow cockatiel.
  • Pied cockatiel rates can cost you about $110 and can hit $170.
  • The costs of Cinnamon Cockatiel are typically between $130 and $160.
  • White Cockatiel costs charge rates from $200 to $300 and are often branded “Albino Cockatiels.”
  • The price of Pearl Cockatiel is typically between $150 and $200.

These variations between cockatiel breeds are usually only colored and have personalities identical to standard cockatiels.

Some considerations impacting the cockatiel price are the hereditary lineage plus whether the cockatiel feathers have any defects or markings.

Typically, whether you purchase a breeding pair or two birds together, you will get a discount. To find the cockatiel’s genetic lineage, you must do a DNA test to check for suspected legacy diseases.

Cost description of buying a cockatiel

In general, the average cost of a company cockatiel is $ 75 to $ 250

You should note that there are other fees required for a cockatiel if you even plan to purchase it. Of course, you would give the animal a life that makes you feel good.

You will know the different items required to own a cockatiel in this post. These care costs include living quarters, health, and animal well-being.

In this article, several considerations impact the price of birds.

The one-time expense of bringing a Cockatiel

You’ll first want to see how much it costs to buy before you plan to have a pet cockatiel. Cockatiels are the youngest of the cockatoo family but still medium in the range of pet birds. They will measure up to 12 centimeters.

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Cockatiels are incredibly active birds and are best kept in pairs or groups to ensure that the bird’s space conditions are complied with.

 The cage can be 24x18X24 cm or 1-2-fold the animal’s duration. Add more space for each cockatiel extra.

You’ll need some supplies and accessories, including the price of one month, as well as the purchase of your cockatiel and his cage for your launch.

Purchasing a Cockatiel

In general, you can invest $75 to $250 in a cockatiel. Prices of cockatiel differ according to age and variants.

Some common cockatiel mutants are Normal (grey), White (albino), Cinnamon, Lutino, Pearl, Pied, etc.

In pet stores, especially domestic pet stores, it is reasonably easy to find cocktails. The standard gray type is more likely to be seen, although there may be a range of shops.

You should better approach a breeder if you have a particular mutation you like. You may even position an application at the nearest animal shop, and they can help you.

A cockatiel is also an alternative. These birds are common pets and sometimes go to animal sanctuaries. A local or regional bird shelter can be identified as well, and you can mention your name. The prices of adopting an animal bird differ, so it’s worth $50 to $100.

Other Living Expenses of a cockatiel

In addition to the bird itself, a worried owner of Cockatiels can make arrangements for the required costs, including:


 Maybe you don’t want your pet to risk independence all day long. Cages are also required as cockatiel habitats. Depending on the scale, style, and cage efficiency, rates vary from $35 to $299.95.

Cleaning products

 If your cockatiel’s habitat is fully configured, assume it to be dusty when pigs cling to it. You may need cleaning supplies, such as brushes, punching, or even your bird’s water. You will buy $2.99 up to $16.29.

Bowls for Food and Drink

It is a time-consuming process to feed your cockatiels with your bare hands. In addition to the enclosure, you must purchase food and water dishes for you and your bird’s comfort. Price in trustworthy animal shops begins at $1.49.


Fill your Cockatiel shelter with toys like swings, ladder, and bars to help your bird more secure on its territory. Pet products shops offer your range of toys for $0.99 to $36.51 based on their specifications.


Cockatiels love them. This exercise will make you happy. offers multiple models for as little as €22.49 when you require bird carriers.

Annual Cost of owning a Cockatiel

After your cockatiel cage has been set up and you have taken home your new friend, you have to enjoy your business!

You get to meet and enjoy the cockatiel’s attitude and peculiarities when you hang out from becoming a bird owner.

You have to cater to your species’ continuous needs; as the owner of a bird, this will be your job.

Besides, this means a monthly restoration of food and materials, and it involves bringing the bird on an annual basis for annual inspection.

Medical Expenses

Daily veterinarian visits help you track your cockatiel welfare so that while it stays processible, you will detect issues in the early stages.

Intend to pay between $35 and $50 for a consultation without any tests or medication. You could use $100 or more to monitor whether the cockatiel is symptomatic of either of the above conditions.

Most owners of livestock take animal insurance as assistance in compensating their pet’s bills.

However, certain policies are not protected by poultry, and, if it is, could be even more than the expense of getting the pet into the veterinarian, even if it doesn’t need some testing or care.

Try placing everything you will pay in rates into a bank plan in crises rather than spending on pet insurance.

Suggestions before you Purchase a Cockatiel

Until searching for a cockatiel, look at the pet shop or private breeders from where your pet will come.

Evaluate if they are safe and if they owe the animal a healthy habitat ahead of you. You may then be very assured that your bird does not have diseases like Avian malaria.

You will even have to take into consideration your family’s generation. If someone is elderly, you do not like the loud cockatiel in your house. This bird is ideal for kids since they are always shocked by the noises it imitates.

It is also necessary to consider the amount of time you should give your pet before locating a cockatiel for sale.

Because this bird likes to communicate with people, a great deal of care is required. You have to waste time teaching numerous tricks and sounds.

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Of course, having a cockatiel takes time and commitment that can be reciprocated with the affection of your pet.

In the bird’s literal view, it is never a pleasant thing to be owned and not to be taken care of as appropriate.

 Cockatiels will offer you a sense of being with a wonderful corporation, a sort of affection that even your human friends cannot manage.

We hope, now you know how much a cockatiel cost and everything regarding it. We guess some of you also decided to get a cockatiel for yourself.