How Much Does a Platy Fish Cost?

Are you searching for a colourful platyfish and want to know how much does it cost? Is it the right time to purchase a platyfish? And also want to know how it breeds? What are their care requirements, and how it survives with housing, tank mates, feeding, and breeding?

Platy fishes are comparatively low-cost. Depends on their type, they are found at fish stores for 2$ to 4$ each. Platyfish can survive any climate so that you can buy them anytime. Platyfish are very easy to take care of for beginners as well as for experts. They are attractive aquarium species. Platyfish needs less maintenance with the right size tank, water temperature, filters, food, and tank mates to stay healthy and happy.

Do not Worry About Fish Cost and Start Your Aquarium Hobby.

People panic when thinking that they would have an aquarium in their homes and have to buy fish to keep in it. They also start worrying about the prices of fishes. But, You have to keep in mind that there are too many low-cost fishes available in the market. Platyfish is one of the cheaper fishes that available only 2$ per fish. They are colourful and active creatures, and they will never disappoint you to have them. Due to their constant energetic swimming moves, Platyfish add a spark with their beautiful colours and colour-changing specialty.

Cost of Maintenance

Platyfish are cheaper and easy to get in your fish tank, but, as like all other fish maintenance, platyfish maintenance also costs some money. If you go to a retailer to get your fish’s appliances, it may cost you a little lower. That is why it is compulsory to do some research before going to the pet market, and it is necessary to have all information about the prices and the methods of its maintenance.

Buy a Platy fish From Retailer.

No doubt, some too many expensive sellers sell costly fishes. They just yanked the fishes from the river and gave them the desired price. You have to stay away from them and get the seller who can negotiate too. Platyfish are mesmerizing species. Due to their colour-changing looks, they grab the attention of everyone rapidly. If you as a buyer are not aware of fishes’ trading, you will get confused while buying it. You have to get some idea and then take the next step. Buy the Platyfish, keep it in your aquarium and take care of it as it is straightforward. Here we discuss its nature and how to take care of it.

Platy Fish, Easy to Care

Platyfish are the best fish for beginners because they are peaceful, ideal for community aquariums, and very easy to care for. In addition, these fascinating fish have bright colours and visuals. Most hybrids along with this species come in colours as the rainbow. They are still prevalent in the aquarium hobby since it was introduced in 1907.

Platyfish requires low maintenance with the perfect size aquarium. You also have to check water temperature, filtration, feeding habits, and tank mates to keep them healthier. But if they are easy to care for, it does not mean you do not regularly check them. Make sure that the fish you get have bright eyes, full bellies, and they show dynamic behaviour.

Platyfish’s Typical Behavior

Platyfish are peaceful and happy fish. They are not considered shoaling when they are with another small group of tank mates.

They actively float and love to breed. Platies love to spend most of their time swimming in small groups, behind the plants and hiding between the floating leaves placed in the middle of the water column.

They are calm species and do not show aggression, but somehow you may find some males become aggressive on the females, so you have to keep the proper ratio. Platies can jump quickly, so you need to cover the tank as they can jump rapidly out of the tank.

Appearance of Platyfish

Most platies are small and a little flattened with small fins and a tail-like fan. Platyfish have variable colours. A few eye-catching colours are red, yellow, white, blue, and green. Moreover, the difference between their colours is due to their natural habitat. Famous varieties of platies are Redtail, Sunset, Rainbow, Hawaii, and the Marigold platy. Their names are their identity and the colour of the specific fish.


Platies are small and sturdy. Female platies reach up to 2.5 inches, and some platies reach up to 3 inches. Male platies are a little shorter than female platies.


Healthy Platyfish live up to three-four years if you provide them with an optimal tank environment with freshwater, low stress level, and a good feeding schedule.

· How much does Platyfish cost?

Platyfish are not too expensive and can be readily available at fish stores for 2$-4$ each. But it depends on which type of Platyfish you are going to buy. They vary in prices with the types of this species. But most platies are found at a low cost.

·Things You Should Know While Buying Platyfish.

While purchasing a platyfish, try to notice some significant things in platies. You should check its health and get the healthiest fish with bright eyes, full bellies, and active movement. If you notice its dull behaviour or slow floating, do not go for it. If there is another sick fish in the same tank, you should visit another store and get healthy platies.

Three Types of Platyfish

People think that the Platyfish is a single species as they are so ordinary and somehow challenging to tell apart. But, three species are included in the category of Platyfish. When you will buy a platyfish, keep these types in your mind, then go for it.

·Swordtail Platy

Its scientific name is “Xiphophorus Xiphidium.” It is the rarest type of Platyfish that frequently do not keep in the fish aquariums. Due to their sharp spikes placed on their fins, they are also known as the Spike Tail Platy.

·Variable Platy

Variable Platy’s scientific name is “Xiphophorus Variatus.” It has an interchangeable colour quality and greater diversity in visuals. It is because they breed so much. By its appearance and nature, it is hard to differentiate between Variable Platies and Southern Platies.

·Southern Platy

Also known as “Xiphophorus Maculatus,” the southern platy was the first species to be part of aquarium hobby in the early 1900s. These are the most popular and common species, but they breed heavily with the variable. However, now they make quite similarities.

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Feeding Schedule

Platyfish are easy to take care of and feed them. Though there are known as omnivorous, they need a lot of vegetation and algae.

 To make a perfect routine and balance, the platy owner should have their flakes and food regularly and provide them with enough greenery in the aquarium.

It is better to give a mixture of their food. Platy needs low maintenance with good feeding habits. People appreciate their feeding habits or live food ability.

They like to hunt and eat bloodworms, brine shrimp, and fruit flies full of protein. So you need to add these things into their diet.

If you provide your platyfish goo feeding maintenance, your fish will alive as long as it can. Younger platies eat a few times a day with minor amounts as their digestive system is adult. As an adult, You have to feed your fish once a day, making them easy to keep healthy.

 Do not be concerned about their hunger and provide them overnight, and It will not go nicely with your Platyfish. If you overfeed them, they can sick and can not stay alive for long.

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Breeding The Platyfish

Platyfish are popular as livebearers which means they breed live and give birth to their offspring and not eggs. 

Their fry survives better that helps to produce so ideally and is the perfect setting. It means they can give birth to fifty platy babies at once in a month. If you have a community tank and your platy has to breed, they would not follow their parents. It is common to be eaten by other tank mates.

Those aquarists who want to plan on breeding so many platies have to provide a lot of coverage in the aquarium that can allow them to hide the fry. Rocks, driftwood, plants, and other accessories keep them away from their cravings.

 Due to their maximum breeding rate, it would be challenging to have all of the offspring for yourself, so make a plan to have a different place if you want them alive. You should donate them to a pet store or provide them to your friends as a gift with tanks, or you plan on breeding them for profit by selling them and survive. However, keeping all of them in your aquarium will over-crowd the tank and dirty the water quickly, so it’s not advisable.


Platy fish are eye-catching visuals with colourful appearance and peaceful fish. They are hardy and make suitable inclusion to most tanks. They are accurate for everyone who is a beginner to the hobby. They are easy to care for.

 You only have to maintain good water conditions and feeding routines. Keep a clean, happy aquarium for your Platyfish and provide them with a peaceful community; you will be mesmerized by their visuals and swimming moves.