How much does a Sun Conure Cost? The in-depth answer

When it comes to parrots, sun conure is one of the small yet beautiful parrots that captures everyone’s eye. Whenever someone sees this beautiful bird, the first question that comes up on their mind is, how much does a sun conure cost?

Average Cost of a Sun Conure: 400$ to 1000$

  • $400 – 600$ starting prices for adult sun conure
  • 700$ price for red factor sun conure
  • Healthier and talented red conure can cost 1000$
  • Hand fed sun conure price: 600$ to 800$
How much does a Sun Conure Cost

Well, in this guide, we will elaborate on how much other expenses and accessories cost. However, before starting this article, let us warn you, these birds are over-friendly and awfully attention-seeker.

Also, it isn’t a bird that you can get within a few bucks! So, what is the Sun Conure price, and how can you get this one.

How much does a Sun Conure Actually Cost?

As we said before, Sun conure isn’t an affordable bird. It’s a rare yet attractive parrot. The beautiful colorful feathers make it a desirable pet.

Now, you can easily presume that the price slightly depends on its appearance. For example, the red factor conures are the most expensive sun conure you can get.

To get it you may need to spend more than $700. Even to get a healthier and talented red conure, you may need to invest more than a thousand bucks.

However, while buying a sun conure, the health condition, age, etc. matter.

$400-600 is required to get an adult sun conure. However, if you purchase it or breeding purposes, then get it genetically tested, and if you take two of it, you can get a good discount.

Is it the end? Well no! There are a lot of things that you should know before getting a sun conure.

Until now we can say that is not so exspensive as the falcon cost, but it is close to the cost of Cockatiel 

If you read more than you’ll learn what other costs it has, what’s the best way to get a sun conure and how accessories it needs! SO, without further due, why don’t you just jump into it?

Some important facts about Sun Conure you should know before getting

So, here are some of the important facts you should know before investing in a sun parakeet. A sun conure is bad that has a great life span of 25-30 years.

So, if you choose it carefully, then it’ll be an investment for two-three decades. That’s why, to get the best and attractive bird for decades, knowing all these are essential. So, let’s get into it!

Bird age

Many people are making a common mistake, and that is they are purchasing baby conures only for saving some bucks.

A baby sun conure is available at a lower price, but it requires proper attention and a lot of maintenance.

It is a 100% stupid and risky decision because it’s very tough to take care of them at this age. Also, if you do not take care of it properly, then it will not survive.

On the other hand, you can also get an older one, which is cheaper, and the pet owner sells it because of its required attention, and loud screaming makes them incapable of petting it. Even you can directly buy this from the previous owner or an animal center.

In the end, we will recommend you get a three to four-month-old conure, which is just ready to move into a new place.

From where to buy a Sun Conure?

Well, if you want to buy a perfect sun conure which will touch your heart with its appearance and behavior, then go for the hand-raised sun conure. Well, this hand-raised and pre-socialized juvenile (baby sun conures) are a bit pricy.

Where can you get this? Well, there is a lot of websites and local and international supplier available.

However, we recommend getting it from a professional breeder who keeps them in a suitable environment (not in a terrible cagy environment) and takes good care of them.

Before getting it to make sure you check the environment where the birds were. We strictly discourage you from buying from those professional breeders who are only busy producing more parrot but not taking care of them and not giving them time to the sun conures to socialize.

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The cheapest way to get a Sun Conure – Adoption

A few days ago, we were having a conversation in our group. At that time, one of our friends who wants to get a sun conure but could not get one because it is expensive asked a question, ‘how can I get a sun conure for free?’

One of our friends replied, through adoption, and literally, everyone was laughing. Well, he may say it sarcastically, but it’s true. If you can prove that you can take care of it, then the authority will give it to you for free!

Now, you may think, why do they give it for free?

Well, some people want to get a sun conure and gives it time and attention and takes care of it for a specific time (mostly for a few months or years).

After that, they tend to stop taking care of it, and as it seeks too much attention, it starts shouting in a significantly louder tone.

That is when the rescuer shelter takes them and take full care of it till it gets a new home and a new owner. However, not all rescuer shelters are free; some charge you but a lot less than purchasing one.

Even if they charge you, it will be within $100 to $500. Most of the rescuer shelter that charges may gift you stuffs like the cage, toys, care sheet, etc.)

Adoption is full of advantages. That is why even for sun conure ‘adopt, don’t shop’ this slogan works.

How to Identify a Healthy Bird for you?

It is a crucial thing that you have to keep in your mind before getting a sun conure. A healthy bird is active, looks strong, and alert. Also, it’ll have full of clean feathers with bright eyes.

Is Purchasing Sun Conure Legal?

Yes, it’s both legal and illegal.

If you are getting it from a private, professional breeder, then it’s legal. However, if you are taking it from the wild or buying a wild sun conure, it’s completely illegal.

You may see some ads where it shows lucrative sun conures at a very low price. Just report it and do not get it from there. Why?

It will either be a scam or smuggled or doesn’t have a decent medical condition. So, getting something like this is strictly illegal. If you see any post like this, report it!

Pros and Cons of a Sun Conure

Well, you have all your budget ready! We can get it anytime you want. Now, it’s time to ask yourself, is it really for you? Here are the pros and cons; consider these-

                            Pros                           Cons
Pre-socialized and lovableExtremely noisy. It preferable for apartments or in housing societies.
Create affection with human beingNot able to talk
IntelligentGets fast around children if triggered
Learn everything faster and perform tricksSeeks too much attention
One of the most beautiful creaturesNot perfect for an empty house

So, these are the pros and cons. Before getting a sun conure, we humbly request you to consider all these pros and cons.

Other Living Expenses of a Sun Conure

Once you get a bird, it’s not the end! Now you need to get its equipment, aka the bird supply equipment. So, here is the list with price.

Bird Cage

For a sun conure, everyone recommends you get a big cage where it can move and play. Also, do not forget to add toys for your bird as well.

The bird case might cost you from $60 to $250 (depends on the quality, sizes, and other features).


 These are the famous sit-on you can have for your bird where it will sit. When your bird sits on it, it looks like a great decorative item that captures all the room’s eyeballs.

Travel Cage

 Do you want to roam around with your bird in the city/country/aboard? If yes, then you must invest in a travel case.

 It’s a must-have thing because you need this even if emergencies like taking them to the vat, etc. You should get a decent travel case for $50.

Food and Water Bowl

You should get a food bowl for $10 and a drinking water bowl/bottle for $12. However, a water bowl that will be used for bathing costs around $15.

Food and Cleaning Supplies

 For foods and cleaning supplies, you should have a budget of $20-$25 per month.

Cage Toys

 As a conure is an attention lover when it does not get any attention, it starts playing with toys, you are going to attach to the cage. The toys should cost you up to $20 only.

Medical Cost

Once your sun conure gets sick, you will see how expensive the treatment is! There is no service under $100, and you may also get a bill of thousands of dollars.

That is why you should go for bird insurance. This will cover all the medical costs of your bird. The insurance may cost up to $20 a month.

Cage Liner

 It’s a perfect solution for cleaning the birdcage. You must just set it in the tray and remove it while cleaning. The cage liner may cost you around $15 for a year.

When you get a sun conure, these are the equipment you also need. Remember, do not invest more than the given budget on these accessories.

Final Words!

Finally, now it’s time for the end of the article. We hope, now you know how much a sun conure cost, the average price of a hand-fed sun conure, and everything regarding it. We guess some of you also decided to get a sun conure for yourself.

The last tip would be- once you get a sun conure to remember, it’s your friend for a long time. Take care of it. Help the bird to interact with your other family members and friends.

To make it more socialized, keep it out of the cage for a few hours. Also, clean the cage and give food and water for drinking and bath.

Take good care of it, and you’ll never feel like you are out of friends!