How Much Does Senegal Parrot Cost?

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The Senegal parrot is for sure one of the most beautiful and colorful breeds of parrots; they have all the characteristics to become your next bird’s pet because they have a moderate size, they like to play, and they can easily be trained.

As for others parrots breed  Hyacinth Macaw, Cockatiel , Patagonian Conure, Caique Parrot Cost that we analyzed all the cost related, now it is time to go deeper and understand what the cost to buy and maintain a Senegal parrot are.

How much does a Senegal parrot cost?

The average price present in the market for purchasing a Senegal parrot is between $200 and $1000. You can find a good quality breed at the cost of 850$ in the majority of the case.

The initial cost for buying a Senegal parrot may seem more expensive than others parrot breeds.

The main reason is related to the quality of the Senegal parrots against other parrot’s breed.

Anyway, to better understand the next part of the article, we will take a deeper look at all the costs related to the Senegal parrot.

Initial Cost of Senegal Parrot

After doing some research in different marketplaces present on the internet, the main distinctions among the initial price of the Senegal parrot are made by the age, gender, and breeder of the parrot.

The higher initial price for a Senegal parrot is found on the parrot with age between 4 and 10 months.

In that phase of age, you can expect to spend a price of $850.

While if you are finding a cheaper solution, you have to search for more aged Senegal parrots. In that case, a 15 years old Senegal parrots may be sell for a price of around $200.

Cost of Maintenance for a Senegal Parrot

cost of Maintenance for senegal parrot

The purchasing cost for a Senegal parrot is only the first of a series of money you will spend.

As for other pets, the Senegal parrot needs proper care and maintenance to grow healthy and happy.

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind before we analyze deeper all the costs of maintenance related to the Senegal parrot is that the following cost should be considered for more than 30 years.

30 years because this is the lifespan of the Senegal parrot.

Cage Cost for Senegal Parrot

The first and most important item you have to buy after purchasing the Senegal parrot, is the cage.

The cage can be considered the most important thing because your Senegal parrot will spend most of its time.

Important consideration must be made regarding the size of the cage to give a comfortable and enjoyable place to your parrot.

Considering the average size of an adult Senegal parrot:

  • 9 inches (23cm)
  • Weight 155 grams

You will need a medium-large cage, and it will not be cheap. You can expect to spend around $350 for a 28 “W x 20” D x 60 “H.

Accessories Cost for Senegal Parrot

The Senegal parrot is very active, giving them toys and accessories to keep your parrot happy and make him live an enjoyable life is your main goal.

Some of the toys you may buy for your Senegal parrot are chew blocks, softwood, rope toys.

All that toys may be expensive if you change them frequently.

The average cost for each item can go from $5-30$ for the most expensive. So if you decide to purchase all the listed toys, you can expect to pay something around $150.

Grooming Care Cost for Senegal Parrot

Taking care of the hygienic of your Senegal parrot must be your priority. If there is something you won’t avoid, your future Senegal parrot gets some infection and gets sick.

The items needed for the grooming care of your Senegal parrot will not make you spend any huge money; you can expect to pay around $50.

The cost seems until now, may be considered part of the initial cost, which means that it is a cost that comes immediately after purchasing your parrot.

While in the next part of the article, we will look at the cost that will come every month, which may be considered the same among all the Senegal parrot’s owners.

Monthly Cost to Maintain a Senegal Parrot

The monthly cost is related to the food supply, cleaning products that need to be replaced, vet cost, and sometimes may raise some unexpected cost related to your Senegal parrot’s health status.

Food cost for Senegal parrot

The best thing that you can do for your Senegal parrot is supplied it with a varied diet.

In the market there are a variety of products that may be bought some of them are:

  • Pellets and dry food
  • Seed
  • Nuts
  • Fruits

Pellets and dry food COST

Probably the pellets and dry food are most easy to find. You can easily find it out in all the pet stores. This type of product should be part of the diet of your Senegal parrot covering at least 70% of the diet, as they contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber, perfect for balancing the diet of your Senegal parrot.

The cost for 1.5kg of pellets and dry food is around $25, while there is others solution as the package of 12kg that will cost you 80$.


As for other types of parrots, the Senegal parrot loves seeds, but they represent threatening health due to the high percentage of fat.

You have to know that the Senegal parrot tends to go overweight, so finding the right balance on the food supply must be your priority.

The seed should be given daily, you can provide the seed just some days, and they should not represent more than 5% of the diet.

The cost for purchasing a package of sunflower seed for a parrot is around $13, about $0.27/Ounce.

Nuts cost

Nuts supply as for the seed must be done with moderation, as they contain a high percentage of fat.

Consider giving it in moderation. The cost will be not expensive; you can find a package of nuts for $5

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits are essential for your Senegal parrot; you can consider giving your parrots a good amount of fresh fruits, trying to remain on 20%-30% of Senegal’s diet.

Some of the best fruits that you can give to your parrot are:

  • Apple
  • Bananas
  • Broccoli

The monthly food cost for your Senegal parrot will go from $30 up to $60 depending on the quality and quantity that you decide to buy every month.

Veterinary care cost

The veterinary cost for your Senegal parrot will depend on the location where you live, but in general, the price for a visit is around $50 and can reach more than $150 depending on the type of visit.

You should consider the visit cost for your Senegal parrot as a monthly routine, so be ready to spend around 50-100$ for vet visits.

Cleaning Supply Cost for Senegal Parrot

Another important cost that you should always keep in mind is the cost related to the cleaning supplies.

Brush wooden will cost you $10, but due to the nature of the Senegal parrot to be very active, the cleaning process will part of your daily routine, and you should replace your brush frequently.

Other products that could make spending money are related to products that help clean the cage; they will not take a great amount of money but expect to spend $5 per item.

If we take into consideration all the costs above, we can see that the average cost per month that you can expect to spend is around $200

Are Senegal Parrots Expensive?

Considering other parrot’s breed the Senegal parrot is not so expensive, as the initial cost will be around $500, the huge amount of money that you will be spent will be regarding the maintained cost of it, that in the long term period, considering the lifespan of it, can truly be considered an investment.


After reading in detail this guide related to the cost of a Senegal parrot, now you are more aware regarding the cost that you need to afford for growing the Senegal parrot in the best manner possible. The Senegal parrot is the perfect parrot if you have enough money to spend monthly; otherwise, you should consider others parrots breed that make you spend less money.