How Much Does Grey Goose Vodka Cost?

The quality of grey goose vodka is famous all around the world.

Plenty of people have tried grey goose vodka to taste the premium vodka of their life.

But only a few of them pay any attention to the secret behind this formula.

It is one of the most expensive vodkas in the world, but it will ever taste that good, leaving many to wonder how this vodka tastes so good compared to others.

The market is filled with well-named vodkas from recognized companies all around the world.

All of them offer different kinds of tastes with the appropriate pricing on the bottle.

Grey goose is certainly categorized as a luxury vodka to have around the house.

The name was founded in 1996 by businessman Sidney Frank in the French commune of cognac. Sidney Frank worked with his recipe expert Francois Thibault.

The goal was to create a luxury vodka brand for the US market.

The vodka now known as grey goose, was produced by using water from natural springs in cognac filtered through limestone.

And the wheat in the vodka came from Picardy.

The ingredient worked like magic and soon the popularity quickly followed the company upon its initial release of the product.

In the year 2004, the company was sold to Bacardi for $2.2 billion dollars. This is the same year where they sold over 1.5 million cases.

That number put them in the category of best-selling premium vodka brands in the United States.

What Make Varying The Price of Vodka?

The critical factor behind every vodka ( that can be Khortytsa Vodka, Skyy Vodka, Tito Vodka) or alcoholic beverage goes to its processing methods.

The method is what defines the price of the bottle.

Vodka has a wide range of these methods that sets them in a price category that is different from others.

These methods do not follow a single script; every vodka company has its variation and process to create their vodka line to satisfy their consumers.

Every little part of the process is different from others. Even the raw material used to make vodka will be different, some of them might prefer wheat, barley, and rye and others might switch to potato or grapes.

If you are planning to celebrate any occasion with premium vodka in mind.

Here is the list of grey goose vodka prices that you will face in the market.

How Much Does Basic Grey Goose Vodka Cost?

First, we have the basic grey goose vodka that goes for $18.98 for 350ml, $28.98 to $43.99 for 750ml, $39.99 to $57.99 for a 1L, and lastly,, $53.99 to $79.99 for 1.75L. This is the price you will face if you are planning to get the basic variant of grey goose vodka. It starts off as low as $18.98 and goes all the way up to $75.99.

How Much Does Fruit-Infused Grey Goose Vodka Cost?

Grey Goose also released plenty of different types of products to appeal to a variety of consumers.

If you are looking for more options, you will have it here, as the company offers quite a lot of variety to appeal to people from all walks of life.

There is a Grey goose VX product the 750ml variant will cost $53.99 to $79.99.

If you are eyeing out for the fruit variant of vodka, you have options such as Grey Goose La Poire, cherry noir, L’Orange, Le Citron, and Le melon.

All of them will provide the fruit flavor that you seek in vodka. The pricing on the other hand, will differ from one to another.

The pricing for La Poire, Cherry Noir, L’Orange will stay in the range of $26.99 to $36.98 for 750ml.

How Much Does Expensive Variant Grey Goose Vodka Cost?

The price for Le citron will be $9.47 to $11.99 and the price for Le Melon is $19.99 to $35.99. Although all of them will differ from one to another, the pricing will also reflect on that aspect.

The most costly variant of grey goose is Grey Goose Ducasse, as 750ml of Ducasse will cost anywhere between $54.99 to $85.99.

If you are planning to order it online, you can expect to face the price a little bit different differently compared to the local market.

There are also additional prices that you will have to deal with on the online route, as there will be transportation charges, shipping fees, and various other amounts of bills that will pile onto your overall cost.

If you can’t find any grey goose vodka from your local market, it is better to search for them online.

Make sure the location is within your country; if it goes far away from your native country, then the chances are you will encounter a stingy shipping fee on the overall price.

Vodka can be bought as cheap as $3.00; you will still get quality vodka for that price range.

But if you want the best of the best with no sacrifice on the money or quality, then grey goose will be one of the best vodkas to take the thirst from your mouth.

The more you know about its ingredient and process, the better it gets or why it costs so much compared to other vodka brands.

Why is Grey Goose so expensive?

One of the things that you should know is the processing methods behind every alcohol product. All the companies involved in alcohol making will have their recipes and processing method that they follow to create their unique product that will be different from other companies.

To stay in the market too long, you will have to stick to their pee and create a desirable taste for the people to like. So they will invest their money in the product.

Grey Goose has done exactly that by providing wheat sourced from Picardy.

Winter wheat takes around 10 months to grow, this is different from summer wheat.

Where it takes only 6 months to grow, the wheat that it processes is soft wheat and it is known as Superior-bread making wheat.

This soft wheat is better for distilling. In the processing period, the wheat gets milked four times within 24 hours.

Special enzymes get used to break down and ferment. Unlike other distilleries, here continuous fermentation occurs over six cascading tanks.

The processing here is different from others, which makes them stand out amongst the rest. Every step in the processing is analyzed to bring the authentic taste of grey goose.

How many calories are in Grey Goose Vodka?

Calories is pretty much anything you drink at a party. Normally parity drinks will have plenty of calories inside them.

This is because they are derived from the mix of alcohol content of the liquor and the other mixing ingredients.

But when it comes to calories, grey goose is fine as long as you mix it with a low sugar mixer like soda water.

Most vodka products will contain 40% alcohol, which translates to 80 proof.

Some brands will have 94 or 100 proof.

That will give you the impression that this product contains more calories inside it than any other.

If the vodka bottle has an 80 proof tag, you can safely assume that it will have over 60 calories.

The size of the bottle also matters to count the calories. The standard drink may contain calories up to 96 or beyond that number.

If you are worried about calories, then make sure to re the ingredients and the proof amount.

But generally, any vodka product that you are planning to purchase has 40% alcohol in them.

Can you mix grey goose vodka?

The options here are plenty; plenty of people have tried to create their own special grey goose vodka recipes that change the taste to something new and refreshing.

You Can Try doing things on your own if you have any ideas about what to do with premium vodka.

If you are not, you can hit online and check out cocktail grey goose vodka recipes to try on your own.

Some of them are butterfly martini cocktails. Cherry noir on the rocks, bloody mary jug, and many more to create a special beverage that relieves more than your thirst.

Again you can create your own recipes as this premium vodka will lift up anything you add with it.

You are free to try any recipes that you had in mind. The premium vodka will be able to elevate the original taste with a far more specular punch.


Grey Goose vodka is an expensive drink to have at a party, but the number of options it provides and the quality of vodka make the brand more favorable than others.

If you want the best taste without sacrificing the quality, grey goose vodka will provide that with no trouble.

Make sure to choose a good source to purchase so you will get an authentic drink with no cheap imitation.