How Much Does Khortytsa Vodka Cost?

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The iconic global spirits are the marketers behind the successful vodka known as KHORTYSTSA.

The brand has long been part of the millionaires club ranking among the world’s top 3 largest selling vodka brands.

The name and popularity have set a high standard in the vodka world.

When It comes to garner solid ground in the world of vodka quickly, Khortytsa is counted amongst the best types of vodka in the world.

The time and effort that gets invested in making these premium quality vodkas will speak for itself.

Vodka is a popular beverage worldwide, but from Ukraine, it is seen as one of the highest quality vodkas throughout the globe.

Khortytsa distillery makes one-of-a-kind vodka by working with the purest sources and careful processing.

It can get very difficult to find a perfect balance when working with all sorts of ingredients, but Khortytsia does it with their product.

All The ingredients in them are carefully processed from the best sources.

Many of the product lines are gluten-free and they do come with exceptional smoothness and rich flavor.

How Much Does Khortytsa Vodka Cost?

Price on the other hand will differentiate depending on the area you are living in, but they are very affordable compared to other models. Size is also counted as one of the factors that will shift the price to a high range.

If you plan to stay under 100ml, the price will be around $3 to $5. For 350 ml, you can expect the price to be at $5. Going over 750ml will cost $9.99. There are plenty of gift set options available for better pricing. Here you can purchase the entire fight set for under $10.

There are other variations available for purchase, but you will find 750ml Khortytsa in larger amounts online than any other.

You can expect the price to be between $11 to $12. Sometimes the price will be under $10.

Again it all depends on where you are making the purchase. If you are planning to buy the vodka from internal shipping, you will elevate the overall cost of the vodka to higher numbers.

You will have to pay plenty of charges to get your hands on the vodka. But it is one of the popular forms of vodka that is available all around the world.

Additional Price Of Khortytsa Vodka

It is slowly gaining a new market in the United States. On the other hand, the numbers do show this as fact, as more people are getting attracted to the Khortytsa brand and its premium quality.

Normally, if you want to do more of your shopping online than browsing through local stores, the price tag will be around $10 to $12.

That’s for the vodka alone. If you live in a different country, then the price tag you will have to face is quite different.

But vodka prices stay the same in online stores. There are plenty of websites that have been set up for more direct purchases. And they will give you every detail of the vodka right up front without hiding any details.

Since Khortytasa is a premium brand with a well-established name, you will get to see all the highlights on the surface of the page.

You will see details such as how much alcohol the bottle contains, the option for gluten-free, and the location where it will be delivered? All this information will be presented for the buyer to see.

So they are rest assured what they wipe getting in return will be 100% vodka with all the qualifications listed on the web page.

Is Khortystsa really that popular?

Some online websites might throw a few discounts or coupons to lower the price of the bottle, some local stores tend to do that but not as often as online stores. 

It is very difficult to see premium brands such as Khortytsa going on sale. However, the brand growth is significant in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Germany. The development has reached new heights; by November of 2016 the brand has reached 130,000 sales in just 24 months.

The affordability and quality of the product have been attracting many connoisseurs to this product.

Is there any way to save up money?

If you are planning to order it online, you can use a few tips to lower the price.

First, it is better to see which website you want to buy the vodka from. Since many of them will offer international shipping, you might get charged more than international shipping.

The shipping charge will not be free, especially if you are ordering from a website exclusive to one country.

It’s better to research if they provide any international shipping and how much they will charge in return.

The shipping charge will be seen as an additional cost to the product.

Sometimes it will be two times higher than the cost of the product.

So always do some research on where you are buying it from. If the website is located in your country, you will see the pricing far too close to your regional location.

Regional location pricing is affordably armed to the international cost standards. 


The operator of the brand tells one thing that it is going to be expensive. But that doesn’t apply to all the popular companies available in the world. Khortytsa is one of the best vodka brands in the world that provide varieties with quality. All of their vodkas have this incredible smoothness and rich quality that others can hardly imitate. Although very new compared to other brands available in the world. The effort they invest in their product speaks for itself.