How Much Does Crystal Head Vodka Cost?

If you like drinking, the chances are you’ve seen a crystal head with the shape of a human skull is high.

They are hard to miss as their appearance is different from any other alcoholic beverages in the market.

The distinct appearance of the vodka is what gives these bottles a far new meaning.

Peoples are immediately attracted by this type of bottle and what it has to offer.

If you are one of those who never had the chance to drink a bottle of crystal head, you might want to try it on your own.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about the crystal head and the quality of vodka it offers.

When was Crystal Head Vodka founded?

Crystal head has garnered quite more success than it was predicted before the release.

The popularity of the crystal head came into existence because the actor Dan Aykroyd in 2008 released Crystal head into the market.

People then began to understand the intricately designed skull bottle with the vodka it carries within. The ingredients that were used in making the vodka are all pristine.

This is the reason why a lot of people has praised the quality of the crystal head.

One thing that you might not know about crystal head is that it is additive-free and certified kosher.

Crystal head sure broke a lot of barriers as it is one of the best ways to consume vodka in the world. Skeptics may worry about the bottle and the vodka, but you have to take a sip of the vodka to decide for yourself how good the vodka it truly is.

Everything related to the vodka-making process has been nothing but smooth and simple.

The use of fine ingredients has have made the vodka more clear and more smooth.

Upon taking one sip, you will soon realize how powerful vodka really is.

How Much Does Crystal Head Vodka Cost?

Processing methods in vodka making will come into play when it comes to deciding a price. The same goes for the crystal head vodka.

The processing power and the material used in the process will determine the cost of the bottle.

Generally, vodka is made from a wide range of raw materials such as wheat, rye, barley, potatoes, or anything that contains sugar and starch.

One of the final decisions that go into the form of vodka making is the process behind it.

How they filter the liquid and what water they will use for dilute.

These two decisions play a heavy role in deciding the end price for the product. Here are the piercings that you will face when you’re buying a crystal head vodka.

If you are planning to get the original model of crystal head vodka, that will cost around $8.99 to $9.99 for a 50ml, $49.99 to $54.99 for a 750ml, and lastly, $94.99 to $99.99 for 1.75L.

That is just the basic model of crystal head vodka, it can cost anywhere from $8.99 to $99.99. It all depends on the size of the bottle.

There are also different variations of crystal head vodka available in the market. They are crystal head aurora, crystal head W/Shaker, crystal Head W/Flask, and Crystal Head Rolling Stone Edition. All of them are priced at $5.49 to $69.99 or 750ml.

Why is Crystal Head Vodka so expensive?

Many of you will wonder about this question, as you can easily get yourself a cheap vodka for less money than spending over $90 for a 1.75L vodka.

Since there are plenty of options available that can satisfy your vodka needs with a fraction of the cost of a crystal head vodka.

The one thing that you will get with a crystal head is the quality and the bottle.

Although the distinct appearance of the bottle will lure many people to it, the bottle’s design might not seem much at first glance.

It is absolutly better than the classic design style of a ciroc vodka.

And it carries a lot of value to the product.

John Alexander designs the notorious skull shape of the bottle. It took over two years to be manufactured by Bruni Glass.

The company involved an electrically charged power process in a leader and pressurized chamber. The Defective rate is at 40%.

The shape of the glass is what is going to steal the appearance of the vodka. A lot of people are familiar with the vodka style because of the appearance.

The strange appearance of the crystal head vodka can not be found anywhere else. They all have a standard box design, while here, you will have a carefully designed skull to look as natural as the real wine.

The taste of vodka will not be the same at all. Different companies will put their variants into the market to stand out above the competition.

It can go from peppery to creamy; what you mix the vodka with will elevate the overall taste of the drink as well.

The different filter and processing methods and ingredients will differ from one form of vodka to another.

Why is Crystal Head Vodka so popular?

It is fair to ask these questions when it comes to a beverage.

The crystal head vodka popularity goes to the celebrities and the appearance of the bottle.

With celebrity status behind the bottle, it hits many markets and receives positive news from vodka enthusiasts who have never tried vodka ever in their lives.

Another reason why it is getting so much attraction is variety.

3 Types Of Crystal Head Vodka Available To Buy

There are three varieties of crystal head vodka available for people to buy.

You can buy the original formula in a colorless bottle made from peaches and cream.

Aurora Crystal Head Vodka

The second formula that is known as Aurora is made from English wheat. Which results in a flavor that is quite spicier than the original.

Blue agave-based Crystal Head Vodka

And lastly, Blue agave-based on the vodka branded as Crystal Head Onyx.

These different variations add more flavor to the original with a unique design that makes a great choice for vodka enthusiasts. The popularity of the bottle goes to the artist John Alexander.

The defect rate for the bottle is about 40% on the 750ml. There is also a limited edition rainbow-hued pride bottle to show the support for LGBTQ+ Community.

The vodka also won plenty of awards and nominations from the year that it came out to the year 2021.

It is still getting awards for its design and vodka. The brand is now synonymous with high quality and smoothness of the drink.

Pele is still discovering the crystal head vodka and is facilitated by the taste.

The clear and priority of the vodka is something that every vodka enthusiast should take a sip in their life.

There are different variations if you are not too sure about spending too much money on the bottle. A 50 ml bottle can be bought for as low as $9. You will still get the crystal head that will look good around the house or a desk.

It is the drink that outshines most of the vodkas in the market. The clarity of the vodka is popular amongst vodka enthusiasts.

There is also a premium version available if you want to treat yourself to high-quality vodka foto celebrate any occasion.

You can buy them online or from your local liquor shop.

The popularity of vodka makes them available in any corner of the world. But if you cannot find any of them in your local liquor store, you can go online for the refill. 

When shopping online, make sure that the site you are purchasing from is authenticated with good reviews written about it. You will also have to deal with various sorts of charges that have been set around the shipping department. Knowing about them before purchase will help you prevent accident-fee-riddled products.

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How did the concept of crystal-shaped vodka come about?

The concept of creating a crystal-shaped vodka happened during the movie Indiana Jones and the kingdom of Crystal skull.

The producer of the movie Steven Spielberg served the juice at the movie premiere.

The history behind the crystal skull is quite rich and fun. When DanAykroyed began working with spirits, his friend was attending Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

The celebration event is what inspired the creation of Crystal Head Vodka. Dan Aykroyd explains the symbolic meaning behind the bottle as:

“The Crystal Head skull bottle concept derives from a spiritual place — in legend the Aztec, Mayan, and Navajo tribes each possessed a crystal skull which they used primarily for scrying,” Then Aykoroyed proceeded to say: “This was to serve the well-being of their people. Power through sacred purity.” 

Aykroyd also explained the ingredients and the process behind the vodka creation later in the interview.

The designer behind the bottle John Alexander took two years to perfect the design of the crystal skull.

Then, with the help of a Burini glass company, he designed a crystal skull. Just a few years after the release of the crystal vodka bottle into the market, it saw its first band in Ontario.

The appearance of the bottle was considered as problematic as it symbolizes death.

Consumers got to enjoy the vodka, but they never had the right to buy it as LCBO or 

Liquor Control Board of Ontario took the bottles off shelves to prevent underage drinking and limit the appearance of the bottle for young people.

However, just a year after the band in 2011 the band was reversed and crystal head was back on the shelves across the province.

It all happened because the public started writing letters and setting up campaigns to find out the reason behind the ban.

What is the best way to drink Crystal’s head?

Every piece of vodka available in the market does go along with all sorts of drinks to elevate the overall taste.

For crystal heads, it is said that it does make up for a nice cocktail.

If you are passionate about making delicious cocktails, then the crystal head will provide you with the quality vodka you want in your experiment.

It is not limited to only cocktails; the various other users are also why it is so famous.

Crystal head vodka is very adaptable, and it does taste great with all kinds of flavors and cuisines.

However, according to the founder Dan Aykroyd, it is better to let the vodka shine without muddying the clear, sharp flavor with other ingredients.

While you can put other ingredients to make the overall taste even better, for some people, the clear vodka goes well without adding anything up to the mix.

But he did share a recipe that he used with the crystal head vodka. “I’ll take 2.5 ounces of the Head, shaken, up in a Martini glass with little shavings of ice in there, Add a twist, and prior to the pour, just a rinse of really fine white vermouth.”

If you are not into martinis, you can sip the vodka chilled shot glass or mix it into a cosmopolitan by shaking it with some cranberry juice or egg white or elderberry syrup to get the best out of the vodka.


Crystal head vodka is popular and getting to more people every single day. The history and richness of the vodka touch both enthusiasts and people who never have drunk vodka in their lives. It’s A good product to try out your next favorite drink to celebrate your favorite occasions. If you are not sure about it, you can get a 50ml bottle to try it out before purchasing a 750 or a 1L variation. The price might differ from one location to another, but they will be in the same ballpark figure.