How Much Does Skyy Vodka Cost?

If you ever fancy vodka on special occasions, then you might have heard about Skyy brand vodka at some point.

The high-quality drink combines the smoothness and pleasantness of drinking vodka together.

Skyy vodka is virtually congener free which is a by product of fermentation.

The lack of these components ensures the vodka to be smooth and pleasant to drink compared to other brands and their list of vodka products.

The history behind the company is another amazing fact that makes them special in the market. As it shows quite a lot of evolution that went down the company over the years. 

It was founded in the year 1992 by Maurice Kanbar and made in the USA. In the year 2009, the brand was purchased by Campari Group.

The company is known for acquiring several liquor distilleries, the list includes wild turkey. The method Skyy used for distillation is unique.

Ever since their birth, they have added quite a lot of Skyy-infused vodka products. In addition, there are premium variations available for purchase for special occasions. 

How Much Money Does Skyy vodka cost?

Vodka generally gets rolled in the category of affordable, but Skyy vodkas are of premium quality. You can expect to face a price that is higher than your average vodka product.

So if you plan to do some shopping that includes Skyy brand vodka, you need to raise the budget a bit to meet the pricing.

But you don’t need to set up a higher budget, Skyy holds its own price range in the market that is separate from the average vodka product.

The price for Skyy vodka Original will land somewhere between $10 to $17 for a 750 ml, $16 to $20 for a 1L, and $20 to $25 for a 1.75L. If you want the taste of the original without the modern infusion, it will cost you $10 to $25 depending on the preferred size of the vodka bottle.

There are variations available for your preferred choice. So you can get the one that can meet the requirement of your celebration event.

Skyy-Vodka Infused Price

There are also Skyy-infused vodkas if you want to taste the vodka with some fruit flavor blended into it.

Then the price you can expect will be between $12 to $17.

Here you can get infused fruit vodkas such as Skyy infused pineapple, wild strawberry, raspberry, Georgia peach, cherry, blood orange, citrus, Moscato grape, dragon fruit, and passion fruit.

The price will be between $12 to $17 for 750ml of any fruit-infused Skyy vodka.

What is so special about Skyy Vodka? :Some Reasons To Buy It

Every vodka does go well with a variety of food, as drinking vodka with the food elevates the taste well.

Skyy vodka is one of the best vodkas when it comes to using martinis.

Skyy is a neutral-tasting bottle that contains little to no bitterness. The filtration process that it goes through produces a great combination of flavors and aromas.

One of the reasons why it is so famous around the world is because of its accessibility. The affordable price tag does not veer too much away from the average vodka price and still provide the premium flavor in return.

It all makes vodka special in the eyes of many vodka enthusiasts.

The vodka is designed to be mixed with cocktails that will help it draw more complementary flavors from the ingredients.

As well as for Smirnoff Vodka

Skyy Vodka Is Worth Its Cost

You can easily access Skyy vodka in the range of $12 to $20. For its price, the vodka has an incredibly smooth texture and is quite enjoyable that gives out a classic aroma.

One of the notable highlights about the Skyy brand is that it is entirely distilled in the USA and it uses the US spruced grains and water in the vodka process.

Launched in the year 1992, Skyy vodka is known for its polar fresh drink with smooth texture.

Behind The taste of Skyy vodka, there is a team of chemists, professional partners, and a water sommelier.

Their goal is to keep the liquid clean and fresh on the nose with the infused fruit with some toasted grain.

The company’s idea of creating vodka is a bit too different from other organizations.

The company focuses on what goes into the vodka than caring too much about the filtration process.

The San Francisco bay area also inspires the bottle’s appearance. The bottle here will appear lighter with a natural blue tone with ripples and ridges that can summarize the pacific ocean waves; The newer model will have a restyled white logo that will go well with the overall tone of the color.

Can I Buy Skyy Vodka Online?

One of the best ways to get the vodka straight to your doorstep is by getting it online. If you don’t like to go outside or you didn’t find any Skyy vodka in your local store.

Then you can take the route of going online.

Choosing the best is going to be difficult. Since the internet Withrow thousands of websites that will provide you with great liquor service.

You have to choose the one that is in your country or better yet, your location.

If the website is based in your country, you will encounter low shipping charges on your order.

Some can not be said about websites that belong to different countries. If you order from a website that belongs to a different country, you will encounter a heavy price in return.

It is better to do some research on the website and how much they will charge for the shipping price.

If they are charging more, it is better to move on to the other website or a better logo through our local liquor shop.

Skyy is a very popular brand with a reputation for delivering quality and making it affordable too.

The affordability is what puts vodka above the rest. You Can easily find the idea from your local liquor shops for less than going through the online routine.

If the vodka is not available in your location, then you might consider getting it from online stores. If you go down that road, make sure it reads some reviews and checks the website for legitimacy.

If you get a bottle of vodka from Skyy brand that seems too good to be true, then the chance will be too good to be true. 

Should you drink Skyy vodka straight?

First, it is better to analyze the quality of the spirit of vodka than popping straight down your mouth. Second, it is better to understand the base ingredient used in the distilled process before you drink straight.

Third, make sure the vodka is chilled before you drink it. You can keep it in the freezer for a few hours.

If you’re worried about freezing, then don’t vodkas will never freeze.

You will always have your vodka ready to go.

When you’re drinking a freezing vodka, it removes the harsh flavors in the sprint and softens the burn of the alcohol.

If you don’t have any time to keep the vodka in a freezer to use it, then the other option will be to pour it into a mixing glass with some ice.

Then stirring it a few times will have the vodka ready to go.

While many use vodkas to get the party started, in Russia, it goes well with food. In Russia, vodka is always served alongside meals or snacks.

The snacks include smoked fish, pickles, fresh cucumbers, meats, sausages, and olives. This is how the people in Russia drink vodka with food.

Make Cocktails With Vodka Skyy

If you are not the kind of person who wants to drink vodka straight, you can switch to mixing it with a variety of cocktails.

Mixing with cocktails will make the vodka inherit the flavors. The best thing about mixing up the vodka with cocktails is the sheer number of options you have.

While you can stick to the basics, mix the vodka with fresh juice or citrus. But there are other options such as cosmopolitan, vodka gimlet, lemon drop, french martini.

All of them work well and they do offer the taste that you’re looking for in avocado with a much more elevated level of the overall taste.


Skyy vodka is one of the best quality vodka available in the world. The brand is known for its quality and is affordable.

You can easily find one at your local liquor shop or online for $11 to $20.

If you are ordering online, then it is better to take your time and do some research to know more about the websites and how much they charge for delivery service.

But in general, you will find Skyy vodka in our local stores, as they are highly available worldwide. There are other variations of Skyy liquor that you might not get from one liquor store. If you want a specified fruit-infused Skyy vodka, then you have to hit online to get it with less effort.