How Much Does An Eye Tattoo Cost?

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Eye tattoos are permanent dyes injected into the sclera, the white part of your eye. Eye tattoos are also named sclera tattoos.

Undoubtedly, an eyeball tattoo is very risky as it is the most sensitive part of the body. Sclera or eye tattoos are a relatively new addition to the body modification sense.

You may find very few people with eye tattoos, and even a few people say good things regarding this body modification.

It is also hard to find a tattoo artist who agrees to give you a tattoo in your eyes because it is dangerous to do.

And only a professional and experienced tattoo artist can only do. But regardless of all dangers, there have been a lot of people who have taken the risk to get their eyes inked.

Eyeball tattooing is a permanent process on which the white part of the eye is colored with different colors, including blue, pink, yellow, purple, and black.

The ink is injected between two layers of eyes during the process instead of injecting it into tissue. When ink is injected, it slowly spreads all over the large area. It is not a common process and is linked with many dangers.  

How Much Does An Eye Tattoo Cost?

Eye tattoos in many places can cost about $1000 or more. Only a few tattoo artists can undertake this procedure in the world.

Tattooing an eye can be dangerous and riskier than tattooing any other part of the body. So it is always recommended to go to a professional tattoo artist if you desire to get it.

However, a professional tattoo artist can be higher than the normal range. It is a permanent and non-reversible procedure.  

Tattooing an eye is not like an ordinary tattoo where size and design matter. The dye may not cost much, but there are a lot of things that make this procedure very expensive, including the tools needed, risks related to the process, and the skills and experience of the artist.

3 Things That Will Impact The Cost of Eye Tattoo

1) Risk of the procedure

Eye tattoo is not a simple procedure, and it is related to the many risks and dangers that can also damage your eye and all eye tattoo artist demand higher cost. This is one of the main things that contribute to the high cost of this procedure.  

2) Finding An Expert Artist

An expert professional artist always demands a high price for any tattoo, and when you desire to get a tattoo in your eyes, it can’t be done by any street tattoo artist. You should always hire the best and most skilled person to minimize the risk of the procedure.

3) Location

The cost of an eye tattoo also varies from location to location. Tattoo artists from different places can charge different prices.

But always choose the near location where you can feel comfortable and where you can easily go. It is just a precaution, especially if something goes wrong.

At least you have someone to consult if things get worse.

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Some risks of eye tattoos include;

In the procedure of eye tattoo, the tattooist injects the ink under the surface of the conjunctiva that colors the white part of the eye (sclera).

If mistakenly, the needle is not in the exact place, then the ink can be injected into the retina or any tissue around the eye.

Any kind of this mistake can have terrible consequences, including lost version and ongoing pain. Some other dangers include;

  • Retinal detachment
  • Injection or Ink infection
  • Loss of the entire eye
  • Sensitivity of light
  • Inflammation of eye
  • Increased headache

How were eye tattoos developed?

Eye tattoo was developed about ten years ago by two tattoo artists, Luna Cobra and Shannon Larratt, who are well-known body modification experts.

However, these tattoos have not been medically studied.

Initially, the traditional tattoo techniques were tried using a colored needle. However, the color didn’t hold, and then another method was used in which they used a syringe.

In this way, they inject the colored ink inside the eye. Applying the colors creates different color contrasts and effects in the white part of the eye, around the eyeball.

Aftereffects of eye tattoos include bruising, pain, and discomfort.

3 Reasons Why People Get Eye Tattoos 

Everyone wants to look different with unique ideas, and tattoos are a smart option for the young generation.

Furthermore, getting a tattoo on your eyes is becoming more and more popular because it is an entirely different idea to try.

No doubt eye tattoos are the most dangerous thing, but yet people get this due to numerous reasons some including;

1)Sentimental reasons

Getting eye tattoos is slightly different from getting skin tattoos, as many people get ink due to sentimental reasons. It may be a memory of some particular person who has passed away, or t memorized any event that changed the color of their life.

2)To show uniqueness

Tattoos on a different part of the skin are very famous, and tattoo fans are looking for something new or unique. The best way to be visible in public lately is to take color and put it in your eyes. Yes, it is hard to believe, but people go out of their way to be unique and show individuality.

3)To bear pain

Some people want to get a tattoo on their eyes because they want to bear the pain. Believe it or not, some people feel better when they feel a certain amount of pain. At the same time, they may have an addiction to different colors and try to show their addiction by adding colors into other areas of their bodies, even in their eyes. 

Is it safe to tattoo an eye? Is It Worth The Cost?

The eye is the most sensitive part of the body that could easily be affected and damaged. To give colors to the eyes, the tattoo artist uses a needle. An injection could be spread into the eyes through the needle, and it could be for low or bad quality ink, and it can go horribly wrong. However, a professional tattoo artist can perform this procedure without any significant problems. One thing to remember about eye tattoos is that they cannot be removed by laser tattoo removal.