How Much Does a Dragon Tattoo Cost?

If you are passionate about Tattoo, I am pretty sure that at least one time, you had to look at a dragon tattoo. If you didn’t, and you would like to discover more about the cost of a dragon tattoo, you are in the right place.

A dragon tattoo is a particular form of expression, usually connected with power and courage. The people who decide to get a dragon tattoo are usually very passionate about the Japanese or Chinese culture, as the main style of it is tattooed by using the Japanese technique.

If you are in the stage of thinking about getting a dragon tattoo, and you would like to know which prices are connected to it, here is the answer.

How Much Does a Dragon Tattoo Cost?

The cost for a dragon tattoo ranges between $400 and $1,750. Anyway, a small dragon tattoo may cost less than $400, while a Japanese style dragon tattoo of medium size tattooed by a high skill tattoo artist may cost you more than $1,500.

If you are still curious to know more about the cost of a dragon tattoo, the only thing you have to do is to continue reading because, in the following part, we will analyze all the possible costs attached to a dragon tattoo.

What are the factors that influence the cost of a dragon tattoo?

The cost of a dragon tattoo will not be uniform; it will depend upon many factors that may increase or decrease its price.

In the previous articles regarding the cost of an angel wing tattoo and an armband tattoo, we already explain some of the factors that may influence the cost of tattoos.

But when we speak about dragon tattoos, things start to change.

The main factor that will influence the cost of a dragon tattoo is its style. 

There are different styles; the most common and expansive one is the Japanese style dragon tattoo.

Since Japanese Tattoos are done in big size, and full of colour, the Japanese dragon tattoo has all the characteristics to be named the most expensive among the dragon tattoo.

Opposite discussion for the occidental dragon tattoo style; here, we can find many variations of it, like, black and white, or less complicated shapes, and it will be translated at a cheaper cost.

Dragon tattoo cost by size

The tattoo world is an incredible a fantastic way to express yourself; for that reason, if you have decided to get a dragon tattoo, you have to choose the size that will make you feel better.

In general, Dragon tattoos are tattooed in big dimensions, but nowadays, it is completely normal to look at other variations of the dragon tattoo.

Bigger Dragon tattoo will require more works for the tattoo artists that will be translated in more ink, more focusing hours, etc.

After some research on the web, we found out the following cost for a Dragon Tattoo.

Big size dragon tattoo

The most iconic image of dragon tattoo is for sure the Japanese image; for the Japanese culture, the dragon symbolizes balance, freedom, and good luck.

Depending on the location where you will make the dragon tattoo, the cost will be different; anyway, considering the huge dimension and the incredible amount of colour needed to complete the Tattoo you can easily expect to pay around $1,800, but if you will make it from a reputable artist, you can expect to pay more than $2,750.

Medium Size Dragon Tattoo

Another popular variation of dragon tattoo style is the medium size. 

Usually, it is tattooed in the up part of the arm until reaching half chest. Also, if the dimension is not the same as the big size, you have to consider an average cost of $1,000.

Small size Dragon tattoo

This is probably the less common variation of the dragon tattoo; it is not so common to look at somebody with this Tattoo.

It is more common to see somebody tattooed a small tattoo as a Butterfly or a Quote Tattoo, but anyway, people who love the meaning of dragon tattoo and, at the same time, as the idea of having a small tattoo decide to make it anyway.

For a small dragon tattoo, you can expect to pay around $300 up to $500.

Dragon tattoo cost by location

In the case of the dragon tattoo, the location where you will decide to make it is very important, especially if you decide to make the dragon tattoo in japan.

If you are passionate about Japanese Tattoo and especially dragon tattoos, probably your next question may be:

How much does dragon tattoo cost in japan?

The cost for a dragon tattoo in japan depends on the size and the other parts of the world. Anyway some Japanese tattoo artists may charge more than other countries. 

To give you an estimation, you can expect to pay 10-20% more than a dragon tattooed in another part of the world.

Why is Dragon tattoo expensive?

The cost for a dragon tattoo is slightly higher than other types of Tattoo because the artists need more time and more ink to finish the work. 

Some dragon tattoos may reach very high cost; in fact, the most increased cost you may encounter is if you decide to make the dragon tattoo in japan.

In that scenario, you need to pay the voyage plus the artists, which will be translated in an impressive amount of money.

Is saving money for a dragon tattoo a good idea?

No, if you have in mind to make a dragon tattoo or any other types of Tattoo, your last thinking should be to save money. 

When you are making it, try to choose the best option that will convince you the most by looking at the previous tattoos done by the artist and the feeling that he/she will transmit to you.


The dragon tattoo has a significant meaning; the people that will decide to make it, should pay particular attention, mainly because making some error in the decision process of tattoo artist may be translated into a disaster that will last forever.