How Much Does A Spine Tattoo Cost?

Spine tattoos are exciting types of Tattoo design; it may symbolize an infinity of things; it all depends on the person’s design.

The scariest part of most people when we speak about spine tattoos is the pain that may be causing and the cost.

 Well, in this article, we will give you an in-depth answer to both of the questions.

How much does a spine tattoo cost?

The cost for a spine tattoo depends on the type of design you will choose; consider that a simple spine tattoo starts from $150, while a complicated style, including colour and many hours of work for the tattoo artists, may cost more than $700.

As you notice, there is a considerable difference in cost; it is all dependent on the style and quantity of work required. 

But not worry, because, in the following part of the article, we try to give you a better explanation with some examples regarding the cost that you may encounter if you decide to make a spine tattoo.

Factors that affect the cost of spine tattoo

The factors that affect the cost of a spine tattoo are almost similar to those that affect other types of tattoos.

The most crucial factor that could tell you something more precise about the price you will spend is the style.

The style of a spine tattoo will dictate an essential role in the spine tattoo’s overall cost. 

Very complicated style of spine tattoo that needs many times of work for the tattoo artist will cost you more money.

Instead, simple spine tattoo-like, the famous spine tattoo of Connor McGregor, will not cost you a lot of money because it is made of a simple line; you can consider an average cost of $300.

Will Tattoo artists influence the cost of spine tattoos?

Yes, when you decide to make a new tattoo, there are many things that you should consider; one of these is the tattoo artists that will make you the tattoo.

Simple spine tattoos made by famous tattoo artists may cost you a lot more money than the average level of a tattoo artist.

This is because their request is so high, so the one who can book will pay it at a very high rate. 

Full spine Tattoo cost

If you decide your next tattoo will be a complete spine tattoo, consider a minimum of $500 if we think the simple style of it, while more complex design that could be some phoenix may raise the price.

A full spine tattoo will make you suffer a lot of pain, so consider twice before getting a tattoo on that zone; it could be harrowing, arrive at the point that you cannot continue, and lose all the money you invested in it.

Coloured spine tattoo cost

The more coloured tattoo will require more ink and be more focused on the details by the tattoo artist. All of it will be translated into an increase in cost if you decide to make a coloured spine tattoo.

There aren’t many coloured spine tattoos out of there, some limited examples may be phoenix or other legendary animals.

In case you will decide to make a coloured tattoo, you can expect an increase in the cost. 

This is due to the effort that the tattoo artists have to put on it to create a unique spine tattoo and the amount of ink needed to complete the spine.

If we have to summarize the average cost for a coloured spine tattoo, we can easily say that they are costly among all the types of tattoos; in fact they can reach and go above $1000.

Black spine tattoo cost

One of the most common styles of spine tattoo is the black spine tattoo. However, as we mentioned in the first part of the article, many famous athletes express some meaning by getting a tattoo on all the spine.

The black spine tattoo is the perfect style if your next dream is to get a tattoo on that particular body zone.

They keep the spine in harmony with the tattoo because there aren’t many colors of particular drawn.

The average cost for a black spine tattoo is around $400-$750, depending on your spine’s dimension and the style you will choose.

How much would a dragon spine tattoo cost?

Many people are in love with Japanese tattoos, and many of them probably think to get one exactly on the spine.

Before giving you an average of the cost that you will encounter, we have to say that getting a dragon tattoo on the spine is not so common; they are usually tattooed on other parts of the body as forearm or legs.

Anyway, as we know, people’s fantasy doesn’t have limitations, and they or you may decide to get a dragon tattoo precisely on the spine.

So let’s take a deeper look at the cost that you may encounter.

As we saw during the past articles on Dragon Tattoo Cost, the average cost for a dragon tattoo ranges between 700-1200$; if you decide to make a dragon spine tattoo, the cost will be much higher than this, this is due to 2 main reasons.

The size of tattoo increase, the tattoo artists, need more hours of works.

To give you a reasonable estimation of the cost, we can easily say that it may cost you more than $2,000 


Getting a spine tattoo is a very courageous decision; it requires having a high support level of pain and being prepared to spend a considerable amount of money. However, if you are ready to fight against both of the 2 factors that I mentioned, you can quickly go and make a new spine tattoo without any other hesitation.