How Much Does a Tuba Cost?

Tuba is the largest brass instrument and produces the lowest tone in the band. It takes a lot of time but it is a very rewarding experience.

It is an essential instrument that makes up the foundation of a band. Tuba can be short as 9ft to as long as 18ft.

The massive size is the most popular factor of the Tuba out of all musical instruments. It is also seen as the grandfather of the family due to the size of the instrument. The mystical, deep, rich sound is another popular element of this instrument.

How Much Does a Tuba Cost?

When it comes to the price point, this instrument breaks the average barrier of most of the other musical instruments in the world.

The price starts from $1000 and goes all the way to $20,000. Not many people want to go for the tuba, it is an expensive instrument but at the same time can be a rewarding experience for the people who want to play it without a second doubt in their head. But it’s better to try twice and try out other instruments before settling with this one.

Why is tuba so expensive?

Yes, the tuba is considered one of the most expensive musical instruments. The labor of work to create tuba is extreme, it requires a long list of raw materials to create one.

The amount of work that goes into making one is also extensive as well. Factors such as brand, size, material, surface finish, and additional accessories will tip the price to more expensive.

Accessories are necessary but first, you need to make sure that this is the right instrument for you.

One of the mistakes that people make is not doing enough research on this subject. Jumping into any instrument without prior experience will result in tough times.

It is better to take some time practicing with the musical instrument, you should learn how to play the Tuba before you decide to pay over $1000 to get one.

Most experts consider the price bracket of $3000 to $6000 a good range to get the best quality of tuba. Brands will also be the major factor as they influence the price in a heavy way. This section will cover the price tag that you will face In the current tuba market.

Tuba Pricing Details

The initial price of the tuba will depend on the owner on what kind of tuba they are looking for and how much they want to spend on them.

It all comes down to the experience of playing the tuba and how interested you are in playing one. If you have not decided on whether to stick with tuba or other brass instruments, then paying any price will be a huge loss.

Since the starting price of tuba starts in the range of $1000. It is highly recommended to get some experience by renting one from the musical institution or from the store and trying it out.

This will give you a clear idea of the instrument whether you have stability and more important the interest in playing one in the future.

Spending a four-digit number for an instrument that you might or might not like is not a good way to start your music journey. The instrument needs to feel comfortable so you will keep coming back to it every single day.

Beginner-friendly Tuba Cost

If your starting price is $100, then the brand here will give you the instrument for the price range. This is the starting entry to tuba, they will offer a decent experience but nothing major.

  • Barrington       $1,200 to $1,900
  • Wessex           $1,200 to $4,200

These two are known to be affordable tuba brands that offer a decent quality tuba and music experience for the price range of $1000.

If you have some prior experience in playing the tuba and looking to get one without spending an outrageous amount on it. Then sticking to the starting entry will be much better.

Intermediate Tuba Cost

How many professionals will recommend getting tuba in this price range? As they offer much better quality with the excellent quality material finish.

The Tuba will shine on the outside and in terms of making music as well. If you have some decent equipment and want to elevate your training to another level, then getting an intermediate tuba will be the perfect fit as they will help you make your creation take the top stage above anything else.

The music that you want to create and the sound that you are after will also be achieved with an intermediate tuba.

  • Besson            $2,000 to $3,500
  • Allora              $2,800 to $4,500
  • Jupiter             $2,500 to $7,000
  • Yamaha          $3,200 to $8,000
  • Gerveny          $3,500 to $5,500

Looking for an intermediate tuba, you can settle with the three brands mentioned above. They have a good track record of making great pieces of instruments.

Many professionals do recommend sticking to this category for a good quality tuba experience.

Professional Tuba Cost

Now we are out of the intermediate territory, entering the professional region has a lot of options. But none of them will be suitable in the hands of a beginner.

Here the quality is the best and so is the sound. But it all depends on the hands of the tuba player to bring both of them out to the world.

An advanced-level tuba player will know how to use a professional tuba so much better. The price point here will also arise in the number.

The starting price will be from $3,000 and it goes all the way up to $10,000 to $20,000.

This category also gives the option of customization, any professional tuba player will be able to set the tuba to their style techniques. So they will have a much easier time and feel comfortable playing the tuba.

  • Kanstul            $6,000 to $10,000
  • Miraphone      $7,000 to $12,000
  • Conn               $5,000 to $7,000

Is there an inexpensive option?

One thing for sure about the tuba, that it is highly expensive compared to other musical instruments.

For example the Saxophone Cost or Flute Cost.

While in others there are cheap variations available at the price range of $100 to $300, everything is different when it comes to tuba.

Cheapest Tuba Price

The cheapest one starts at $1,200 and it goes from there to $10,000 to $20,000. If you’re planning to save more money, then there are options that you can choose to do just that.

How to Save Money When Purchasing a Tuba

One of the major ways to save money on buying a Tuba is getting a used one on eBay. Sometimes you will see the used discounts up to 70%.

A well-used horn will have all outfits and work smoothly without any problems. If you notice any sort of damage on the tuba, it can be fixed for less than $100 depending on the severity of the damage.

If you are not much into buying used tuba, then you can still get a new tuba for less money which is by waiting for discounts.

Many major websites and local stores offer discounts and offers on special types of instruments. Here You have the chance to grab one off the shelves by paying half of the original amount.

Always look for promotion codes and coupons for sale dates. It can be done both locally and online. All you need to do is have the ticket ready to go.

Do I need to get accessories?

Extra accessories will hike up the price to a few hundred dollars but they will make the tuba experience far more better and secure.

Tuba when left outside will soon be covered with dust, and if it is placed in a dangerous location, then the damage will be extreme. This is why you need to invest in accessories to keep your tuba safe from getting harm.

Accessories such as mouthpieces and cases will be perfect for your tuba. They will make your tuba maintenance much better.

Once you have the mouthpiece you will have a much easier time on your training session. On the other side if you have a case, then the tuba will stay protected.

Accessories such as a case and mouthpiece will cost you $70 to $150. It all depends on the quality of the accessories and which brand they belong to. The Higher the quality the expertise piece of equipment will be.

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While it is true, the tuba is a piece of very expensive equipment. Compared to other instruments, the tuba has its own league. If you are planning to purchase one, it is highly recommended for you to get some experience so you will know this is the right instrument for you. Make Sure the source of purchase is legitimate and is known for its services. A lower initial price is something that should not be on your list. Makes Rue it takes some time and research on the seller and their track recorded delivery and other things to get a clear picture of the instrument.