How Much Does a Saxophone Cost?

The saxophone is an incredible musical instrument that transmits unique emotions every time that someone plays it.

The saxophone is the perfect musical instrument if you are a beginner and wonder about learning it. The saxophone may be used as a solo instrument and as well as for sounding in a band.

If you are here is probably because you are approaching the world of the musical instrument and, more precisely, you want to know the cost of the saxophone; if this is the case, you are in the right place.

How much does a Saxophone cost?

The purchasing cost for a saxophone starts from $350 for a student-level saxophone, and they can cost more than $9,000 if you buy a professional saxophone. So anyway, if you want a valuable saxophone be ready to spend at least $1,500.

Average cost$1,500
Minimum cost$300
Maximum cost$25,000

Anyway, don’t be discouraged for the amount of money that you will need to spend, because it is well worth the cost, in the next part of the article we will take a look at what are the variable that makes varying the cost of the saxophone so much, giving you as much information possible.

Factors that influence the cost of a Saxophone

A series of factors influence the cost of a Saxophone; you need to recognize it before purchasing one to avoid any surprise when you go to the shop.

The first variable, that can be considered the most influenced on the saxophone cost is the types of models that you will decide to buy.

There are different models present in the market; the most common ones are:

  • Alto saxophone
  • Tenor saxophone
  • Baritone saxophone
  • Soprano saxophone

Then in order of importance, there is the material used for the construction of the saxophone; in fact, this is an essential element to consider because it will also influence the durability of the musical instrument.

And later on will have other important characteristics as:

  • Conditions
  • Brand
  • Case
  • Features

Not worry, because now we will analyze every aspect of the mentioned factors that influence the saxophone cost.

Saxophone cost by Models

We already mention that one of the essential elements that influence the cost of a saxophone is the type of saxophone that you will decide to buy.

You can choose among four types of saxophone:

  • Alto saxophone
  • Tenor saxophone
  • Baritone saxophone
  • Soprano saxophone

Let’s go to analyze all single musical instruments.

Alto saxophone cost

The alto saxophone is a saxophone developed in 1840, also called alto sax. The alto saxophone is very common in classical music, and the market offers a variety of prices.

Usually, it is common to find two types of Alto saxophone: for students and professionals, the costs are around $300 for the student version and more than $6000 for the professional version.

Tenor saxophone cost

The tenor saxophone can be easily recognizable by the end of its neck and for its medium size. Also, the tenor saxophone was invented in 1840, and it developed a huge influence among classic music bands.

The cost for a tenor saxophone ranges between $250 to $400 for the student version, while the professional version may reach more than $5,000.

Baritone saxophone cost

The baritone saxophone is another of the models present in the market, the size of the baritone saxophone is huge, and it represents the biggest of the saxophone of the family.

This is the less common of the saxophone musical instrument, but anyway, it still has considerable importance in the saxophone world.

The Baritone saxophone is more costly; in fact, the minimum cost you may find on the market is $2,500, and it ranges between $3,500 to $5,000.

Soprano saxophone cost

The soprano saxophone is part of the smallest size of the saxophone family. In that case, the majority of the music that is sound with that musical instrument is classic.

Anyway, it is also common to see that instrument played in some Symphony Orchestra. There are different types of the soprano in the market, and the price for it ranges between $500 to $1000.

Anyway, it is widespread to get lower quality soprano saxophone for $200 while professional soprano saxophone may reach more than $3,500.

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Saxophone cost by conditions 

If you don’t have enough money to spend, but you cannot resist on start learning the saxophone, do not worry. Some others opportunities can guarantee you the possibility to purchase.

The most used one is to purchase a second-hand saxophone; it is important to check carefully and, if possible, with an expert because the last thing you want is to buy a saxophone that needs maintenance.

There are different places around the internet where you can find a good deal; some of this may be eBay or ask your musical instructor.

Finding a second-hand saxophone will make you save at least 20%- 30% of the initial cost.

Saxophone cost by brand

We already saw that choosing a suitable saxophone is not an easy job; it involves research and money. 

If you want to purchase a saxophone and want to know what the most popular brand that produces saxophone are, in the next part of the article we make a list of the primary producer of saxophone, giving you the average cost of the model.

Selmer Paris saxophone cost 

The Selmer brand is probably the most prestigious producer of saxophone, the beginning of this company starts in 1885.

This company produces saxophone since 1922, and since that date, it has always been more important.

The average price for a Selmer Paris saxophone ranges between $2,700 and $25,500.

Selmer Paris Seles Axos Alto Saxophone$3,300
Selmer Paris SA80 Series II Alto Saxophone – Jubilee – Gold Lacquer$5,780
Selmer Paris SA80 Series II Alto Saxophone – Jubilee – Matt Gold$6,400
Selmer Paris SA80 Series II Soprano Saxophone – Jubilee – Silver Plated$6,880
Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone – Vintage Finish$8,700
Selmer Paris SA80 Series II Baritone Saxophone – Jubilee – Silver Plated$14,300

Yamaha saxophone cost

It is almost impossible to think of a music product without naming Yamaha. This Japanese company is considered the biggest producer of musical instruments in the world.

Regarding the production of saxophones, the Yamaha doesn’t have the same authority as Selmer Paris, but for sure can be considered one of the top.

It covers a range of different saxophone products, from beginner level until reaching the professional level.

To give you an overview of the cost present in the Yamaha market, take a look at the table below.

YAS-280 Eb Alto Saxophone
Student model in Gold lacquer or Silver
YAS-82ZB Eb Alto Saxophone Mk3
Custom Z Series model in Black lacquer
YBS-480 Intermediate Eb Baritone Saxophone$7,630
YSS-82Z Bb Soprano Saxophone
Custom Z Series model in Gold lacquer
YTS-280 Bb Tenor Saxophone
In Gold-Lacquer or Silver-Plated Finish
YTS-875EX Mk II Custom Bb Tenor Saxophones$6,880

Yanagisawa saxophone cost

The Yanagisawa was a small family business based in Japan when it was founded ( 1894).

During the years, Yanagisawa made a lot of progress; it is now in the top 3 of the best companies that produce saxophones.

The first important point that appeals immediately is that that company doesn’t produce saxophones for students or intermediate level, but only professional saxophones.

The cost of those saxophones starts from $2,500 and for the top model can reach $15,500.

Elkhart saxophone cost

Elkhart is an American Company based in Indiana; that company’s focus is on the production of saxophones for students.

It sells cheaper saxophone compared to the others company that we mentioned. 

The average cost for an Elkhart saxophone is between $450 to $700.

Others cost to consider

Once you decide which saxophone is best for you, your next thing to do is protect it and try not to damage it.

One of the costs that immediately come after the buying of a saxophone is the case.

If you want a good quality case to be ready to spend between $80 to $350.

Mouthpiece cost for saxophone

Depending on the quality and brand of saxophone that you decide to purchase, you will receive a free mouthpiece that generally is not good quality.

In general, you may use it for the first lesson, but as soon as you progress, you will need to replace it with one of better quality.

Depending on the quality and the brand, a good mouthpiece for a saxophone may cost you around $50 up to $100.

For the maintenance and cleaning of the saxophone, you will spend around $50, and you will have reeds, neck strap, cork grease.

How much does saxophone lesson cost?

The cost for a saxophone lesson depends on the location where you live. On average, the price for a good teacher is around $40-60 per hour.

Repair cost for saxophone

As for the majority of musical instruments, you may need to repair them. The cost if varying depending on the damage.

It can go from $10 for replacing blue needle springs and more than $1,000 to overhaul ta saxophone.

How can I save money?

If you still have to start to play saxophone, the best thing you can do is avoid spending a tremendous amount of money purchasing a new brand saxophone, instead rent one for a few months.

By renting the saxophone for a few months, you will evaluate if it is the right musical instrument you like to learn and if you want to continue with it or not.

You can consider that a reasonable estimation of renting cost per month for a saxophone ranges between $40 to $70, depending on the quality of the saxophone.


The saxophone is a lovely musical instrument; there are many considerations to do if you decide to purchase a new one. The most important thing is that you need to evaluate all the factors that influence the saxophone cost with particular attention. You want to avoid purchasing something that you will never use.