How Much Does a Trumpet Cost?

Trumbet is one of the instruments that bring jazz music to another level. In the 1920s when the jazz age was booming, many famous artists showcased the sheer beauty of Trump in the music creation.

Nowadays you will still see trumps being used in grand music festivals such as orchestras.

If you are looking to buy a trump to start your music hobby or career. Then here you will find all the information related to the instrument that will help you make a good decision on the instrument.

How Much Does a Trumpet Cost?

The purchasing cost for a trumpet starts from as little as $200 and goes upwards to $10,000. The brand, size, and quality of the trumpet are the factors that will influence their overall price.

There are things that you will get in the affordable trump that might be satisfactory for the people who are newcomers to this type of instrument and may not know much about the music and how a perfect trumpet sounds.

On the other side, going above $2000 will lend you the professional trumpet that will have a unique sound with a striking visual on the surface.

Should you settle with a cheap trumpet or go expensive?

The ultimate dilemma that many students will face when they are looking for a good quality trumpet in the market.

As they will find most of the good quality trumpet will have a 4 digit number on their price tag. Here you should make sure that you stay in the radar, if it is your first time picking up a trumpet and you have never played one before then it is better for you to stay under the affordable category.

You will find a solid list of trumpets that come at a decent price range.

Best Trumbet For Student Cost

Most of the students are in their try-out season, as they are picking up other instruments to see if it is the right fit for them.

There is no need to reach the expensive zone, once you have finally decided on the trumpet and picked up a few intermediate lessons, only then can you enter the professional zone.

So you will have the knowledge and experience to find what you are looking for in the store.

If you are starting out, then consider not settling with the cheapest one. Getting the lowest of the low might save you plenty of money but it will ruin your musical dream.

As The Sound will not be perfect and the playable experience will lack a lot. The ultimate risk of switching to the cheapest section is losing interest. This happens to a lot of people who do not do enough research and get the cheapest one to start their journey.

Most of them do give up and find other instruments to create the same magic.

The pricing category of Trumpets

The different options make the case much easier for the beginner, as they will have a vast array of choices to choose their favorite trumpets.

Each category will have its own price tag and quality too. It is highly recommended to get some prior experience to which one of them sounds good to you. It is better to get comfortable with the instrument before buying one, so you will have the knowledge and experience to find the trumpet that speaks to you.

Here you will need a little luck and some right information that can help you get a good trumpet for a decent amount of money.

This section is going to cover the pricing details of trumpet and which one will be the right fit for you.

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What is the cost of a Student-friendly Trumpet?

Here you will get to see the affordable trumpets in the market. Most of the products here will have an Ok Quality to them.

The trumpet will sound somewhat ok without bringing any extra features. There is a level to the student-friendly trumpet category, most people who want to spend less go a bit above the lowest price tag to get a decent quality musical instrument.

If you are planning to pay between $90 to $190, then you will get the lowest quality trumpet that might not bring the sound you are hoping for.

If you are just starting out then this price tag can be appealing but it is much better to spend a little bit extra money to get a better one.

Instead of staying in the $90 to $190 category, you should think about going above $200 to $400. This category includes all the decent quality trumpets that will sound good.

Many students tend to give up as the sound they want to create wouldn’t be possible with a cheap trumpet, switching to a better one will encourage them to try out more and better themselves in the process.

How much does an intermediate trumpet cost?

Now we are moving up the ladder, the intermediate trumpet will be great for advanced lessons with complicated techniques.

If you are all in on trumpet, then you should switch to an intermediate trumpet, they will come at the price tag of $400 to $800.

Only think about getting an intermediate trumpet if you consider the trumpet being the right instrument for you.

There is no reason for spending above $500 if you are not too sure that you might prefer trumpet above other instruments.

Certainly, the intermediate trumpet can be valuable for the students who want to learn the trumpet. As they will get the sound that they are hoping to create with the increment.

But it’s better to take some trying out other instruments as well, before settling with the one. Trying out other instruments will help the student determine which one is the right fit for them, only then they can spend $400 to $800 for a trumpet.

How much does a professional trumpet cost?

You should not be looking at this section if you are a beginner. Unless you have the money to spend on this category of equipment.

For any player, this is the highest peak of trumpet playing. Going over the realm of $3000 will open the world of professional instruments. 

All the trumpets that follow the $3000 will have a customized look and unique sound to them.

For many players, this is the point they want to reach after the intermediate lesson.

Only professional trumpet players will know how to use these types of instruments to their full extent.

What are some of the additional costs?

The initial cost of the trumpet will depend on their owner. As they will have to decide which type of trumpet they are going to get and where they will get it from? The quality and the source will have a higher impact on the price.

Since many websites will have different price listings on the instrument. If you take in discounts and offers, then it will reduce the price of the trumpet significantly down to low numbers.

Then we are going to move on to the accessories department. They are necessary while some companies will offer most of the accessories for free with no cost. But if you are picking up an affordable one or a used one, then you will need to get them manually.

Others Cost For Trumbet

If you are purchasing a used one, then you will not have to worry about it. Sometimes the condition of the trumpet may not be in the right conditions.

Here you have to do a bit of repair to get it fixed. It could run you around $30 to $50 on the repair. Now it is not going to be a problem with a brand new one, but if the shipping problems persist, then you will face this crisis.

If you are purchasing a used trumpet, then it will have minor damages that can only be seen or heard after a decent use. So a small repair will be necessary for a used instrument.


A good case will do a brilliant job in protecting the instrument from outside damage, which will be frequent if you leave the instrument outside without any protection. A good case will protect the instrument from harmful environmental damage.


it is a necessary part of the trumpet, it can cost somewhere between $50 to $100 or more depending on the quality and brand.


Before you decide on getting a trumpet, you need to spend some time getting used to the equipment. Take some lessons or spend some time renting one to test your interest in the instrument. If you happen to like it, only then look for it in the shop. Mark sure to stay above the $300 range to get a decent one to extend your trumpet skill. Comfortability should always be your first priority above everything else. If you are planning to get a cheap one, then it is a better idea to save some money to get a good trumpet or settle with a used one.