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How Much Does a French Horn Cost?(In-Depth) - How much does cost?

How Much Does a French Horn Cost?

The French horn is considered to be the leader of the brass instrument. French horn has a long history behind it, the instrument that we know as a french horn was first developed in Germany.

The completed form of the instrument happened in France. Back in the day, the french horn was used to communicate with each other using special codes.

This form of communication was developed to alert people on hunting trips. Only in the English language is his instrument called the french horn. If you look at the other countries, they simply call the french horn a horn.

How Much Does a French Horn Cost?

The average cost of french horn retail will stay between $1000 and $7000 or above. The instrument here follows the price structure of other musical instruments.

The higher quality the instrument goes, the higher the money they will have to pay in return. The cost of this french horn falls in its conditions, brand, and purchase source.

Different types of french horn are suitable for newcomers to professionals., if you never shopped for french horn and are clueless about how much they cost in the market.

This article will give you all the numbers regarding the cost of this instrument and other information as well.

The pricing details of french horn

One of the factors that impact the price is the brand. Getting the instrument from a high-end brand will ensure quality and sound.

Popular brands will impact the price as well, but you will get the quality and longevity in the instrument.

This section will cover the popular brands that can be found online and their average price listings. So You Will be able to see how much money you will have to spend to get a french horn from these websites.

Conn $3000 to $6000 or over

● Hans Hoyer – $5000 to $15,000

● Holton $3000 to $8000 or over

● Jupiter $3000 to $5000

● Yamaha $2,200 to $7,200 or over

The newer models will cost high but you can be sure of the quality they are providing with the instrument is very high.

You can still find french horn starting from $1,600.

Plenty of websites will have the french horn listened to at $1,600 to $6000. The price of a triple horn will suppress the cost of a double horn.

Sometimes you have to pay twice as much as the double horn. As their average price will land them in the $9000 price bracket.

Why French Horn is so expensive?

Compared to other instruments, the french horn is not something you pick as a minor hobby. The cost is astronomical compared to their regular instruments such as guitar or Flute or drums.

Here you will have to invest a high amount of money in starting the journey. The French horn is known for its expensiveness; the average price from well-named brands starts from $3000 and goes from there. People who want to learn french horn and don’t have a budget of $3000, can opt-out other ways to obtain it for an affordable price tag.

In the french horn cottage, affordable stays within the range of $1000 to $2000. Plenty of musical instrument websites will have the french horn listed in this price bracket. This section will cover the price range that you can expect to see in the french horn category.

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How much should a beginner spend on the french horn?

If you are completely new to the scene without any prior experience. Then it is recommended to try out some instruments before deciding on making the purchase.

Buying a french horn is an expensive decision; having some prior experience will always keep you engaged with the internet.

Stating french horns will cost between $1,200 to $3,500. This will be the perfect range for the people who are interested in learning the french horn. You will find the solid quality of the instrument in this price bracket.

The french horn models here will typically feature durable nickel and silver inner material and on the outer slides with yellow brass bells.

How much does an intermediate spend on French horn?

If you see yourself as more intermediary in french horn. Then you will need to jack up the price for a better music experience.

It would perfect if you stayed in the price bracket of $3,500 to $4,500 to get the intermediate french horn.

If you know the game, you wouldn’t have trouble following up on the complexity of the notes. An intermediate french horn will make the journey in the world of techniques much more accessible.

The french horns in this category will incorporate more copper content in the brass of bells and slides.

How much should a professional pay for a french horn?

If you are doing tours and master at work, you will have to go beyond $4,500. Here it has more to do with quality and sound than anything.

If price is not the factor to you, you will need to go beyond the regular french horn and enter the top-of-the-line market.

Here you can expect to get a custom-made french horn; compared to other categories, here you will have to spend $10,000 to $15,000 to get your hands on a customized french horn. Every tiny thing in the horn is made of high-quality material with your idea behind it.

Should you buy a cheaper french horn?

While the idea of buying a cheap alternative might work on other instruments. If you plan to get on with a french horn, you should completely discard the idea.

Unlike other instruments, a cheap french horn will land in the price tag of a high-end guitar. So in a way, you are spending plenty of money for a cheap horn.

A cheap french horn could land in the price category of $400 to $800.

The musical instrument needs to make sound the way you want it to, not the other way around. A cheap french horn will never be able to bring the sound of your imagination.

This is where the creativity and interest in the instrument will suffer greatly. This is one of the many reasons why you should always shoot for the beginner high-end entry to the musical instrument.

It is highly recommended that you should never buy a cheap french horn as they are made from low-quality materials.

Not all brands follow the same structure in creating their instrument. Cheaper ones will give you low-quality material that can hardly be fixed.

Many of the time cheap french horns can not be fixed by anyone. The end result is nothing but a huge money loss.

You do not want to end up in that corner. That is why you should always skip on the cheap instrument and save some money on a good one that will last forever and at the same time, it will help you create the music as the sound you imagined in your head.

Should you buy a case for your french horn?

A quality french horn case will do an effective job in protecting the horn from environmental damage.

You want the instrument to look as brand new as it was at the time of purchase. For that to happen, you will need to invest in a good case.

A quality french horn case will range from $1509 to $300. If you are paying a heavy amount for the french horn, there is no reason to avoid getting a good quality case for it.

Not only will it protect the horn from various factors, but at the same time, it will raise the overall value of the horn in a big way.

Should you buy a used French Horn?

One of the best alternatives to settling with a cheap instrument is to get your hands on a used one. They will be from a well-recognized brand providing you with a decent quality of material and excellent sound making.

As long as the used horn is maintained, then it can be used as a proper instrument. Some prefer to use horns since they think it plays better since it’s broken in.

It is highly recommended to look into the used market to find an interesting instrument of your choice instead of settling with a cheap one.


Knowing the information about anything before making a purchase will come in handy in the future. The French horn is one of the most expensive pieces of musical instruments in the world. Make sure that you are convinced this is what you want as your hobby. Never buy a cheaper one, since they will not last long and they will be nothing but just a waste of your money. If you are having trouble getting a new one, you can switch to a used one to start your music adventure without setting anything lower.