How Much Does Ametrine Cost?

The other names of ametrine are trystine and bolivianite. It is naturally a part of quartz. It is available in a mixed colour of purple and oranges yellow.

The mixture form of citrine and Amethyst is ametrine. Almost all ametrines are quarried from Bolivia (Anahi mine), which is available in the market. In the crystal, there is a vary of oxidation states of iron seen. Because of this, in the ametrine, there is the colour of a zone is seen. The amethyst is unoxidized, and the citrine is oxidized. 

How Much Does Ametrine Cost?

The average cost of Ametrines is around $8 per carat. The cost of this gemstone depends upon the clarity, colour, and cost of the stone.

Producing From only one mine of the world, the rare ametrine gemstone comes with a finite supply. To this transparent and single stone with purple and yellow color, many people are surprised.

This stone can’t resist direct heat. You can wash it with soap water or with warm water. In India, ametrine stone costs $3 per carat.

The cost of ametrine gemstone in Brazil and India is much lesser than in other countries because of the light colour and low transparency.

Use of Ametrine

Both citrine and amethyst provide positive characteristics to the ametrine as per believes. The stone helps to restore mental creativity and clarity, believe in self-confidence, and lead towards mind’s calmness. It is a stone of spirituality, calmness, peace, stability, strength, and contentment. 

Ametrine Cost Guide

The Ametrine appraisal services which is providing the business offers are listed by the IGS (International Gem Society).

The ametrine seems like clean and large pieces of fair stones like most the quartz gem looks. The price per carat of ametrine doesn’t depend on the size of the stone.

Therefore, it is hard to assume the cost of ametrine. The gemstone’s value may vary according to the stone’s clearness, depth, and contrast of the colours.

To many Ametrine stones, the creativity of craving and cutting may add more value. A fine stone cut from the same material and a native cutting stone has a huge value difference.    


A high-quality custom cut stone is the most wanted ametrine gemstone. Emerald cut in this multicolored stone is the most popular cut among all cuts, increasing the value.

Color pattern

Like the cut, the colour pattern of the stone also plays an important role in deciding the value of ametrine.

The ametrine with 50-50 amount of yellow and purple colour on both sides and the appearance of sharp difference between colours has a higher value than others.

Cuts which enhance the multicoloured surface of the stone are most popular. Stones with blurry colour and uneven colour like 25% of the stone is purple and 75% of the stone is yellow, or generic cuts are sold at a low price.

The ametrine stone’s clarity has a higher value than the stone with blemish and inclusion. 


It isn’t easy to differentiate between the authentic and synthetic ametrines available in the market. By using labs or heating natural quartz, synthetic ametrines are produced.

Both synthetic and naturally produced authentic ametrines are available on the same label in the current market.

Only the professional gemological laboratory can identify the authentic and synthetic ametrines because both of the ametrines contain the same property. 

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Buying tips for loose gemstones and ametrine rings

Make a deal with the seller

Before buying ametrine gemstone, you have to understand the quality and look of the authentic ametrine.

So you have to take time to search for different types of rings and gemstones. You should make a deal with the seller for a refund or exchange policy if you do not satisfy the stone’s quality.

Buying cost of ametrine depends upon the colour, cut, and clarity. The size and carat is the second essential factor to determining the price. Be aware of buying an ametrine in the colour of dark purple, green, or blue.

Verify the original one

Nowadays, the sellers use to sell coloured glasses as real ametrine. As per cost, you have to keep attention to the colour of the stone to avoid fraud.

The synthetic stone and coloured cut stones are cheaper than the authentic ones. The fake product costs around $0.50 to $2 per carat, while the original cost is more than this.

Only from a reputed seller with good history you should buy the ametrine stone. The only way to identify the originality is lab taste.

But the lab test cost is more than the buying cost. So many people avoid this and fall into fraud tracking.

Buy loose stone or readymade ring

For an ametrine ring, you should buy loose gemstone and set it in a ring as your choice by a known jeweller.

Because of the low cost of the stone, many sellers make the ring of poor quality, which is an injustice to the gorgeous gemstone. You can set the stone with any metals according to you. 


The ametrine attracts anyone at first look by its multicolor and dazzling characteristics. It comes with very good durability, an affordable price, 7.0 hardness, 1.544 to 1.553 refractive index, and 2.66 specific gravity.

These exceptional gemstone mines are from deposits in Brazil, Bolivia, and India current days.   

It is not required any special care for ametrine stone. Only you have to ensure that there should be no blow or hard knock applies directly to the gemstone. However, if you want to wear the Ametrine stone or ring daily, you have to ensure to set the gem to be mounted safely.

Ametrine is a semi-precious, natural, and dual-colour gemstone from the family of the quartz mineral. The Vedic astrologers recommend this gemstone for healing as a Pitambari Neelam’s substitute.

It would help if you bought it from only a trusted source. In exceptional cases gold, Panchadhatu, and other metal rings are applicable but ametrine stone with the silver ring is more effective.