How much does a clownfish cost?

These bright little fish add much-needed color to the aquarium. Many fish hobbyists find the addition of clownfish a breath of fresh air in the water tank. The different types of clownfish make picking the perfect fish almost impossible.

There are a variety of popular clownfish species that make up for a great addition to the aquarium. How much a clownfish cost depends on the type of fish that you want for your showcase.

How much Does a clownfish cost?

A standard clownfish will cost between $10 to $25 in the USA. Some clownfish even go for $70 – $90 easily. Most other fish fall below the asking price of clownfish.

If you only care about the looks and the beauty, they will add to the overall aquarium. Then clownfish is the fish to go for . There are different types of clownfish available globally, and all of them have different unique looks to them.

More people are showing interest in buying clownfish because of the variety of fish they choose from in the market.

Different types of Clownfish -Differents cost

Different types of clownfish will have separate price tags on them. The most popular variant of clownfish is the orange with white stripes. If you usually search for clownfish on the internet, this is the first type of clownfish you will see on the page.

The clownfish with orange and white stripes are known as Ocellaris Clown. If you look deeper, you will find a variety of other fishes that fall under the clownfish types, but the appearance will differ.

Clownfish are the most attractive fish in the market, most of them are bred in captivity, so they are good in saltwater, living togheter with marlin, tuna and other saltwater fish. When it comes to maintenance, they have little to no major requirements when it comes to food or lifestyle, making it easier for the newcomers to this whole fish keeping.

Newcomers tend to make mistakes on plenty of aspects of keeping a fish. Having less picky fish will help them know the fish world better, so they will take care of them easily.

In the market, you will find 30 different types of clownfish available in the store. They are very peaceful creatures with a set of requirements that the owner must meet for them to be comfortable.

Typically, a clownfish will live for 6 years; having a cleaner environment for the fish will help them live longer without any problem. You can buy them from online stores or local shops.

Clownfish Cost by Type

Here is the list of clownfish that you can get from an online store or your local shop.

● Single Dot Domino Clown cost

Single Dot Domino Clown

These fish will go for $60, as they don’t carry any stripe Instead, they carry all the properties of a midnight clownfish. Some of these fish will have a peculiar white marking on the cheek and other areas of the body.

● Ocellaris Clown

Ocellaris Clown

The most popular clownfish for the hobbyist and the newcomers. Compared to other varieties of clownfish in the market, this one is very cheap, $19.00. The brightly colored orange skin with white stripes will bring the best out of these fish. They are bred in captivity, compared to other varieties of clownfish, Ocellaris clownfish are less aggressive and will tolerate other members of clownfish in the tank.

● Premium Black Snowflake Ocellaris

Premium Black Snowflake Ocellaris

This type of clownfish takes all the appearance of an Ocellaris clown but turns the color into black. All the fish types for snowflake clownfish will be different. It isn’t easy to find the same pattern of color on black Ocellaris. Black Snowflake will come at the price tag of $49.99.

● Naked Ocellaris Clown cost

Naked Ocellaris Clown

These clownfish don’t carry ant stripes on their bodies. This is one of the most unique mutations; Naked Ocellaris clownfish has one of the most unique looks out of all clownfish available in the market. It will cost you $50 dollars to get one of these in the aquarium.

● Black Ice Snowflake Clown

Black Ice Snowflake clownfish cost

It is one of the most expensive clownfish on the market. And they look fantastic, as they are a mix between black Ocellaris and a snowflake. The ice snowflake clownfish carries the snow-white pattern and mixes with the exquisite black markings. This clownfish will cost you $100 per fish, now they are one of the most popular clownfish in the market.

● Gold-stripe maroon clownfish cost

Gold-stripe maroon clownfish

Maroon clownfish will carry a bright color red with three white straps on their body. The gold color strips take 9 to 12 months to develop. At first, the color of the strips will be white, but after a few months, you will see the gold stripe pattern with the overall red. The cost of maroon clownfish will be $19.

● Percula clown

Percula clownfish cost

They are white from head to tail, but some parts of their body will be in the color orange. The Percula breed comes from the famous Picasso clownfish. The color of the fish stands out in the aquarium. These fish will reach $39.99.

These are one of the most popular clownfish available in the market. The color, design, and behavior will shine the aquarium on the people. They are amiable creatures, but they want to be preferred to be alone.

Most of the clownfish will show aggressive behavior if they share the space with another clownfish. Here it would be best to put them in separate tanks; otherwise, that might trouble you in the future.

Clownfish maintenance cost

Clownfish need to be appropriately maintained; otherwise, their lifespan will decrease faster. They are very peaceful creatures, but they will show their aggressiveness if their demands aren’t met.

They usually would prefer to stay at a spot that is known to have a weak current. Clownfish are also considered the best fish to have for beginners, as they don’t have to buy a huge tank to keep the clownfish in; normally, clownfish grow up to 4 inches, which makes them excellent for smaller aquariums.

People who are just getting into fishkeeping can use small fish to brighten the aquarium without spending too much money.

Cost of setting up the place

Clownfish live in the warm parts of the ocean. They are usually found in the coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific oceans. They despise increased temperature; that is why they are not very fond of shallow water.

Where the temperature will always be high. Clownfish are not very good at swimming. Being around coral reefs gives them access to water with nutrients. A home aquarium has to replicate all that to make the fish feel comfortable in the tank.

Tank cost for clownfish

For the tank, you don’t have to spend too much money to be perfect. Typically clownfish have light requirements compared to other kinds of fish.

You need to fill up the tank with 8 to 10 gallons of water. You can get a small fish tank for $ 25 to $30. Filling up the tank with 10 or fewer gallons of water will be perfect for them to spawn.

Clownfish are not known to be great swimmers, so they don’t need too much space to do all the activities. They usually swim up and down in a small area.

One thing that stays hidden is the requirement for the small tank. Handling the small tank is relatively harder than a medium or large tank.

Small tanks build up toxins faster; this will lead to poor water quality for the fish to live in. This makes the daily requirements for the tank more important for the livelihood of the fish.

Setting up the Temperature


Another thing that should be maintained daily is the temperature of the water. For clownfish, the temperature should stay between 73 to 80F.

When they are up for breeding status, then raising the temperature above 80F would be great for the process. PH should remain at 8.0 to 8.4.

As the fish loves saltwater, the aquarium must have ammonia – 0 and nitrites less than .2ppm. The tank should get a decent amount of lighting. Fish-only tanks don’t have proper lighting or an intense amount of light for the fish. But keeping clownfish doesn’t require you to put an intense amount of lighting on the tank.

Heater cost for tank

The heater will cost you $15.00, to check the PH and Ammonia, you will need to buy a test kit, which will come at the price tag of $8.50. To check the temperature, getting a thermometer will be perfect. It would cost no more than $5.00.

Food cost for clownfish

Clownfish are adaptable to a wide range of food, you can get pellet food to meet the food requirement. Mixing some frozen food with some lively ones will make your clownfish healthy for the years to come.

It is better to feed the fish once a day. If you plan to add other fish to the aquarium, you don’t have to worry about overfeeding the fish.

Clownfish will be fine having food every other day. The clownfish growth rate will be slower, so excessive goodwill does not make them grow faster.

The prices for food pellets and fish flakes will come at $2 for one ounce. There are expensive fish foods that you can feed your fish to, but they won’t be necessary for the life of a clownfish. Getting some pellet food and mixing them up with some frozen food will make the clownfish very happy.

In short, the food products for clownfish are incredibly cheap, which will make them an excellent choice of fish for beginners.

Price of Healthcare

To take care of your health, you will need to have direct access to medications. Typically medication for fish will cost less than $20.00. There are precautions you can take to make sure the environment around the clownfish stays perfect.

When you are dropping food, it will affect the water quality if it gets stuck on rocks or other crevices, which will harm the fish. Adding some clean-up crew, such as snails, crabs, and starfish, will help take care of the bad water quality issue.

Major Disease

Booklynella Hostiles is one of the major diseases that can be found in marine fish. But the major target for this disease is the clownfish. If that happens, you have to solve the problem at the right time before it spreads to other fish in the aquarium.

Normally adding copper, malachite green will do a perfect job in suppressing the disease. Using formaldehyde gas will easily dissolve in the water with methanol to act as a stabilizer for effective treatment of the illness.

This disease gets a hand on clownfish if a new fish gets introduced to the aquarium without any proper procedure that it requires beforehand.

An outside fish spends at least 2 to 4 weeks in quarantine before joining the fish in the aquarium. Wild-caught fish will have diseases that will not be suitable for the captive-breed fish in the tank.

Brooklynella is a major clownfish disease, but it can be prevented at the right time. There are solid treatment options that will take care of the disease, but preventing them beforehand is the right thing to do to stop it from spreading everywhere else.


Clownfish will cost a lot, depending on what color and breed you plan to get for your aquarium. They can be exceptionally downright beautiful, as the fins and the body will be filled with strips made of different colors. In the market, you will find various clownfish marketed towards people who want to bring a little color to their aquarium. A common clownfish will cost under $20, but if you want a more diverse range of colors on the fish, then you will have to spend upwards of $50 to buy them.