How Much Does Tuna Fish Cost?

If you are looking to buy the more testy tuna fish ever, there are many things you have to know before doing it. Tuna fish comes in a range of different species caught mainly with tuna boats; some are more fat, others less, the one that is fished with nets, and others type with trawling line.

How much does tuna fish cost?

Tuna fish has a huge range of costs—the average cost for a good quality tuna range between 16$ to 25$ per Libra. While the excellent quality of tuna usually sold in japan can reach $202.000 for a tuna of 459 pounds, that means paying 435.72$ per Libra.


The tuna fish comes in a wide range of typology, and usually, the final price of tuna is dictated by the quantity of fat that it’s own; in general, you will pay more for fat tuna, around $20 to $40 pound per Libra.

The cost of the tuna for Libra is so expensive and can be variable because depending on which part of the fish you require.

The most expensive tuna fish per Libra that is sold nowadays is the bluefin tuna; for that type of tuna fish, you can also spend more than $80 per Libra.


Another important variable that makes the tuna price varying is the type of tuna fish you will buy.

Type of tuna fish

There are many types of tuna fish around the world, anyway the most common ones that are sell in the market and can be considered the most prestigious are the :

  • Tuna albacore
  • Atlantic Bluefin
  • Skipjack
  • Yellowfin
  • Bigeye

Tuna albacore cost

Tuna albacore avarage cost

The first type of tuna fish on our list is the albacore tuna.

The albacore fish is widely used in the restaurant of all the world, and in general, we found that type of food on the most entry-level sushi restaurant.

The average price of albacore fish is $20/lb

Bluefin cost

Bluefin tuna cost

This is the most expensive of the Tuna fish.

The main differences of the type of tuna fish listed before are in the dimension and quantity of fat present on the body; that for the market and the commercial use, this variable is the main thing that make varying the price of a tuna fish.

From the various species that are present on the market for sure, the Bluefin tuna fish is the most expensive; in recent years, a series of new records was achieved in the Tsukiji fish market.

A tuna fish of 613 lb was sold at an incredible price of $5.057/lb.


SKIPJACK TUNA cost per kg

The cost for this type of tuna fish is not so expensive, is the right compromise between quality and not high cost, the skipjack tuna fish has an average cost globally between 2-4$ per KG.

The low cost and the good taste make the skipjack tuna fish one of the most bought worldwide.

 In the Japanese market, this typology of tuna fish is named katsuo, and it is widely used for the preparation of katsuobushi.

The cost of the skipjack tuna is low for many reasons. The first one is that the maximum dimension and weight that can reach are 1 meter and 35 kg, and the second is due to the quantity of fat present in the fish, which are not the same as the bluefin tuna fish.

Yellowfin tuna fish cost

Yellowfin tuna cost

The Yellowfin tuna is another unique type of tuna; it can be considered as the competitor of the bluefin tuna.

The main difference is the lighter taste that it has. But anyway, it can be still considered a great quality of fish; yellowfin tuna is usually served on sashimi and steaks.

The average cost for yellowfin tuna fish is 12-15$/KG.

Bigeye tuna fish cost

Bigeye tuna cost per kg

Another incredible quality of fish is the bigeye tuna, usually this type of tuna is caught using huge nets called a purse seine.

The bigeye tuna has a huge demand due to the request to prepare sushi and sashimi.

In the market, the average price is 11$ per KG.


The tuna is one of the tastiest fish species that are present globally. There is a different way this fish can be served in the restaurant, and the price can be variable due to the effort on the preparation.

The main 6 way in which the tuna is cook are:

  • Sushi
  • Tuna salad
  • Tuna steak
  • Tekkadon 
  • Katsuobushi
  • Mojama

Sushi tuna cost

tuna sushi cost avarage

Everybody is aware that in recent years the demand for sushi has largely increased. So the production as increase and the request of fish as increase largely.

Of course, the tuna is one of the most used fish during the preparation of sushi, and the cost that you are going to pay for the sushi prepared with tuna depend on the quality and species of tuna that the restaurant is serving you.

The most expensive sushi is the one prepared with the Bluefin tuna, considering the rarity of this species of tuna. If you want to try the sushi prepared with Bluefin fish tuna, you will spend around $96 per piece.

Tuna salad cost

You want stay light, but at the same time have good lunch, usually the choose to make a good salad is the best option, and what better than a salad with tuna, to give you more energy.

All around the world, you will find tuna salad fish in almost all the restaurant, and in the following part of the article, I resume the average cost of tuna salad per country.

  • Argentina 140 ARS
  • Australia 12.2 AUD
  • Brazil 28.9 BRL
  • Canada 10.6 CAD
  • Colombia 29500 COP
  • Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain 7.9 EUR
  • United Kingdom 5.9 GBP
  • Hong Kong 57 HKD
  • India 221.3 INR 
  • United States 10.7 USD

Tuna steak cost

The tuna steak is a very tasty type of cooking tuna fish, it is very fast to prepare, and if well done, you will enjoy it.

The average cost for tuna steak is 20$. If you want to try the top quality of tuna, the bluefin tuna fish will spend more than $100 per piece.

Tekkadon cost

The tekkadon is a rice bowl with tuna on top, is one of the best ways that a tuna can be cooked; in general, you will find this type of dish in a Japanese restaurant, and depending on the quality of the tuna fish that you require or that the restaurant has available the price can be much higher.

The average cost in a medium quality restaurant is about $15, while for the top quality tuna, you will pay around 35-50$

Katsoubishi tuna cost

The katsoubichsi is a traditional type of preparation of tuna fish; in fact, it is prepared by smoking and then fermented, usually the skipjack tuna.

Because of the type of tuna required to make this product, the price is not so high; the average price present on the market for buying a package of katsoubish is 14$.

Mojama tuna cost

This type of tuna preparation is originated in the Spanish; the mojama or dried tuna has a long history; in fact, it was preserved drying by the fisherman on the southwest coast of Spain, packed in sea salt and then hang In the sun to dry.

The average cost for a mojama is 15$.


The tuna fish cost is subject to many variables; as we saw during the article, the first and the most important is the species of tuna fish, which then influence the price of which is sold in the restaurant. I hope that you now have a more clear idea about the cost of tuna.