How Much Does Marlin Fish Cost?

It is not usually to search how much a marlin fish costs because it is not often consumed as a dish in the restaurant as the tuna fish or at the family table.

The main root is that marlin contains unhealthy levels of mercury and other toxins that may be harmful to humans.

The cost of marlin fish is not present because this fish species is treated with excitation, the fishing competitions fix the only price that we can give to that marlin, and it is around $31,500 per pound.

The marlin fish is considered one of the fastest fish in the world, the marlin fish can swim at a speed of 50 miles per hour, and this is incredible, right?

But let’s see more in-depth what is make the cost of the marlin fish so high.

Marlin fish cost by type

marlin fish types

There are four main types of marlin fish, and they are:

  1. Blue
  2. Black
  3. White 
  4. Striped

Blue marlin cost

This types of blue marlin tend to swim deeper than other typology of Marlin; they can reach the weight of 300lb, so considering the price given before for the cost of this type of marlin.

Black marlin cost

The normal habit of the black marlin is on the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans; the black marlin is usually bigger than the blue marlin. Some of this species were caught in Australia, Panama, and Mozambique, at an incredible weight of 1600lb; the black marlin as the Blue marlin is not present on the market, and the only price available can give, is the one related to the fishing cost with a boat charter.

In a place like Costa Rica, Canada, the usual price is to be at least $1,500/ daily, but of course, without any guarantee of fishing on.

White Marlin cost

The habit for the white marlin is in the tropical, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean sea. The maximum weighting is 220lb, but they are very fast. Also, in this case, the only price that we found on the internet is the one related to fishing catching competition or fishing catch excursion that are around $1500/daily

Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin is found in the pacific and Indian oceans; they like more cold water than the Black or Blue marlin. If you saw some video related to the marlin jumping, 80% of the case is the striped marlin.

This type of Marlin likes to jump in the air more than others species of marlin.

This type of fish, as the other one is not present on the market, and only price that you can pay for, is the one related to try the experience to catch this marlin fish.

It can be more expensive than the other one, considering that it is rarer to catch it.

The approximately cost that you are going to pay for a catch fishing excursion is around $1500/daily plus more fees to pay to the owner of the boat, in case you catch a striped marlin, considering the difficulty to catch it and the effort that the owner and you of the boat need to do.

Marlin fishing cost By country

If you are traveling and you like the experience of catching a marlin fish, we will see what the average cost to try to catch some of these enormous fish in the following part of the article are.

Marlin Fishing cost in Honolulu

If you are in Honolulu, you are already lucky; there are many things to discover in this beautiful place, but if you like fishing, you cannot miss the opportunity to catch some marlin fish.

The cost of fishing marlin in Honolulu depends on the size of the boat and how long you would like to stay. The cost for fishing marlin in Hawaii is around $500 to $900 for 6-9 hours.

Marlin fishing cost in Mexico

If you are from March through July, you have to charter a boat out of Cozumel to catch some big marlin.

In general, you will have the possibility to catch some of the most athletic and competitive species of marlin present on the planet.

The cost on the Mexico coast, and to be more precise out of Cozumel, are average lower than in Honolulu; the average cost is $500 for a 6-hour trip, and in some of the boat, you will have additional services as cooking.

Marling fishing cost in Australia

If your actual position is in the opposite part of the world and you like go fishing, Australia is the perfect place to catch some giant marlin fish, in the place like Sydney, and Port Stephens will have a high chance to catch some of the blue or black marlins.

The average cost for fishing with a charter boat in Australia is relatively high, but considering the high chance to catch a beautiful blue marlin is worth the cost.

The minimum price for a trip of 6 hours is 900$, and then for 10 hours, you will also pay 1300$, while the maximum cost is 2.500$ for a full day and overnight stay, onboard the boat cooking service.

Marlin fishing cost in Miami

I am pretty sure that if you are on vacation in Miami, you are thinking of relaxing and enjoy your time on the beautiful beach, but if you are a fisherman. You want to try some new experiences to go and charter a boat in Miami for a fishing marlin.

The cost for fishing marlin in Miami with a charter boat are:

Minimum 4-hour trip $700, while for 6 hours trip you will pay $900, the maximum cost is $1200 for 10 hours fishing.

Marlin fishing cost in Panama

If you are passionate about fishing, I know that you are aware of the record made in 1949 when the fisherman Louis Schmidt cached the biggest Black Marling with an incredible weight of 1006lb.

So, if you are in Panama for a trip or are planning to do it, you should evaluate the possibility of making a boat charter to try catching this fish.

The average cost for a trip of 8 hours is 650$, while if you like to have all the boats for you privately, you have to pay some extra money and cost you $800.

If you are finding a cheaper option, you can go for a smaller boat charter where the minimum price is $400 for a 4-hour trip, and the maximum cost can reach $500 for 7 hours of a trip.

Marlin fishing in New Zealand

Marling fishing in New Zealand can become the perfect combo for your journey; the most catch types of fish in that zone are the Striped marlin fish, which can be considered one of the most difficult to catch.

The average cost for all the New Zealand country is low; you can consider that you can have some good experience of catching some marlin with only $180 for 4 hours. While if you like the adventure or are a fisherman, I am sure that you would like to stay more; in that case, some boat charter offers you a trip of 3 days with the cost of $7000.

Marlin fish in Cape Verde

Cape VERDE Is located far away from the coast of Africa;, due to the large distance from the coast, in Cape Verde, you have more opportunities to catch a Blue marlin.

Considering the high possibility of catching a marlin, the price is high due to the limited number of charter boats available, around 15.

The average price is 750$ for a 4-hour trip, while for a full day of the trip, you can spend more than $1300.