How Much Does a Banjo Cost?

Banjo can be an interesting instrument to get your music hooks on. But it can be difficult to know how much they are going to cost in the current market.

The first banjo needs to be the right type with decent quality to make the player gain interest in the instrument.

Compatibility is one of the important reasons that people should have on anything, a musical instrument needs comfortability so the player will keep coming back to the instrument.

How Much Does a Banjo Cost?

The beginner-level banjos will come at around $299. While a branded banjo can be found at $400 to $500. Many teachers recommended spending over $300 to get a good piece of instrument. You can easily find a banjo for as low as $50 to $3000.

If you are starting out, then you will need to start from the bottom. Here you can easily find the instrument for $150 to $300.

This category fits the newcomers. If you are just testing the water, then you will need to start small. Teachers and many professionals will recommend that you spend over $300, but if your mind is not on that banjo, then you will be wasting your money instead of getting anything in return.

Banjo’s pricing details are not as complicated as one might assume about this line of instruments. It handles and moves the same way as other instruments.

How to purchase The best Banjo for you

The higher the amount you spend on the instrument, the better the quality and experience you will get from the banjo. That doesn’t mean you will have to start up big.

There are options available that make the journey much easier for newcomers and professionals alike. Both will have their line of banjo that can satisfy their music hunger.

There is tons of information about the banjo that you need to know for making the purchase. All of them will serve a critical role in helping you find the one that elevates your standard by a lot.

Not all of them will be made from the same material with the same people. Different people and companies will bring different experiences in making these instruments. You need to be aware of all the things that make a band work so you will pick the company that will provide you with these instruments.

List of Banjo Prices

This section will cover the pricing details of banjo in the current market. This will give you an idea of what you can expect from the banjo.

It is also important to know whether you are ready with having banjo as your instrument. Make sure to try out some rental banjo or ask if your friend has one to spare. It is always better to know an instrument before going all out on it.

How much should you spend on a beginner banjo?

The majority of the time people always switch to different instruments halfway through their first musical equipment.

Not paying enough attention to the instrument leads to the discard of the instrument. If you spend over $300 from the get-go and regret the decision later on as you have trouble understanding the banjo, then you will be at loss here.

Spending between $150 to $300 is still going to be a lot, but if you don’t find any hook from the instrument you can sell it off.

How much does a mid-range banjo cost?

If you are on board with the equipment, then you will need to hit the mid-range banjo, here you have to go beyond the $300 range, spending anywhere between $300 to $450 is a great category for mid-range banjo.

They will be great for a practice session and for the newcomers who want to learn banjo without having second thoughts. This will be the ideal category for the people who want to start learning banjo without any sort of hesitation.

How much Does a quality banjo cost?

Now going a bit up in the price category will land you in the quality zone. Here you are going to see banjo listen in the $700 to $900 category.

Brands such as Deering Goodtime Banjo will show up in this range. You can expect to get superb sound, higher material quality, and lasting quality.

Most of the musicians who tour around the countries prefer to stay under the range.

The banjo in this category is very good and it will help you create the sound that you want to make with the instrument.

How much Does a custom-made banjo cost?

Going beyond the $1000 category will lend you to the world of custom-made banjos. Here the prices will be around $2000 to $3000.

Custom build banjos will cost a lot of money, and some of them will go upwards of $3000. The quality on the other hand will be one of a kind, as the material quality will also take a huge hike.

The User will be allowed to input their own design into the violin. This will be a perfect fit for professionals who want to create a unique sound from their instrument. A custom-made banjo will be a perfect choice for them.

Going over $3000 is something that no newcomer should ever do on any instrument purchase. That is only recommended to serious musicians who dedicate most of their time learning music and making their skills better.

Something a newcomer can do with unaffordable banjo, but going over $3000 requires much more effort in creating a unique sound. Only professional musicians will be aware of the tunes and the patterns that they need to get on to create the music they create for a living.

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What should you look for in a banjo?

People can get easily fooled by the appearance of the banjo without checking in with every other quality of the instrument. The appearance is not everything, if it doesn’t play well then you’re left with an instrument that looks like a premium instrument but makes the sound of a used cheap banjo.

Normally the banjo that falls under the $100 category will have the appearance of a $2000 instrument, but they will not play well. If you are inexperienced and buying it for the first time, then you will be confused.

That is why it is recommended for you to get to experience the instrument prior to purchase. So at least you will have an idea of how a banjo is supposed to play.

Playability is required for you to experience the instrument better. A good tone will not show up in a good-looking instrument.

Most of the banjo that is made in the US will give you the feeling of playing a real banjo compared to anything outside the region.

Banjo is one of the instruments that are better bought from the US. the quality in tone, parts, the material will need to work together to make the banjo experience better.

Getting a $300 banjo from overseas who do not have any experience in creating good banjo but they only have the affordable price tag of covered. 

Buying any musical instrument for the price is the single biggest mistake that you can make to hurt your music hobby. The instrument needs to be made by proper technicians who are aware of the instrument and how it should play.

Does brand matter On The Banjo Cost?

Yes, it does matter a lot to a person who knows their banjos. To many people, it is important to find out the manufacturing location and the company behind the banjo.

Any banjo under the range of $500 is made by a brand that specializes in other instruments. Their single focus is not on creating one type of instrument instead on creating many.

This is where the quality of the banjo suffers. You will need to focus on the brand that dedicated its resources to create only one type of instrument.

It is important to stay clear of brands that you have never heard of. Most of them are made in the same factories and shared with different named companies.

Handcrafted should be the only choice that you should look at in banjo production. If the company you are buying from is rafting banjo made by professionals. Then this is the company you should lock on your list.

In a way, the brand does matter a lot in instrument making. Picking up the wrong brand who are specialized in different instruments. It Will only result in lower band experience. As you will not get to hear the authentic sound of the instrument.


Banjo is one other piece of equipment that you should focus on only one brand. Since there are a lot of well-named brands that have been making banjos, only a handful of them are only focusing on certain banjo and nothing else. These brands will have better quality banjo for your price. So it’s better to focus on the brand that specializes in creating one type of instrument instead of covering plenty. So you will have a quality instrument that will be made from all the right material.