How Much Does An Electric Violin Cost?

There are plenty of questions that you need to ask yourself before picking an instrument such as electric violin.

The market is filled with well-named brands with quality violins around every corner. The general questions will be about the cost, features, and brand.

If you are planning to get an electric violin but do not know where to start, this article will help you guide you in the instrument world. So, you will know what to look for in an electric violin.

How Much Does An Electric Violin Cost?

On average an eclectic violin will cost you around $900 to $3000. It all depends on what exactly you want from the violin. The instrument was primarily built to bring great music and built to last for a longer time.

They are fitted with high-quality tech that will do its best to create the music that you dream of.

The price can go beyond $3000 if you want to make a heavy investment in the instrument. The difference between a cheap violin and an expensive one is all about the quality.

Eclectic violin tends to cost less compared to their acoustic coins. The money that gets spent on the kits to make the acoustic violin sound good can be done in eclectic with some essential pick-up systems such as preamps or equalizers.

The newcomer to the violin world will have a much easier time creating great music with a few hundred dollars.

Why are Electric Violins expensive?

One of the aspects of the electric violin market that differentiate a lot from the acoustic market is in the term of variety.

The price standpoint in the world of the electric violin is very consistent. Some acoustic violin models can come at $100 but when you look to the other side, eclectic will start from $300 to $500 for a decent experience.

You will have to set up another budget for an amplifier and multi-effects processor. This can jack up the price to an even higher amount, which is something that you do not have to deal with in the world of acoustic guitars.

Pricing is important in any musical instrument, you can take a look at: Saxophone Cost, Flute Cost, Alphorn Cost.

Pricing is one of the major factors that decide whether the instrument will be able to make the sound that you desire.

Other perks include the ease of access, comfortability which will make the instrument last longer in the hands of its owner.

If the instrument has everything that the owners require, then it will be able to produce sound without too much work.

The price category packs in plenty of information that can make the newcomer’s journey in the world of music much more enjoyable.

A proper guide to purchasing Electric Violin

This section will cover electric violin from the cheapest to the most expensive in the market.

Each one of them will be different in appearance and features than the other one. Electric violin tends to be better on the cheaper models compared to acoustic ones.

So if you are brand new to this world, you can expect the affordable range to make a great surround with features to make the work much easier.

Should you stay under $600?

If you are new to this field, then consider spending less than $600 or just a bit beyond. This category is very suitable for newcomers. spending $600 is a big amount, the instrument that you are going to get will be a handcrafted acoustic instrument that will create a pleasant sound.

There are plenty of good entry-level student models that will kick in $300 to $400. They will sound surprisingly good for their cost.

The models under the affordable category have plenty of great violin listings that will help you create the music that you want without any limitation or restriction.

It is much easier to handle an Electric violin compared to an acoustic one. You are not going to face any trouble controlling the flow of music through the eclectic violin.

But you need to stay above the 200$ limit, going any low will hurt the music creation. Staying above $300 to $500 is recommended if you want a decent music instrument that is far away from sounding cheap.

What to expect from a $1000 electric violin?

This price range will bring you great-looking eclectic violin sets. Here you can expect to see high-quality wood with painted finishes.

Other noticeable features will be preamps, frets, LED lights, and MIDI output will be present in the instrument.

This price bracket is considered the best value for money eclectic violin in the market. For many, this price bracket makes a lot of sense as it offers the best quality instrument with great detail in appearance.

What to expect from a $1500 electric violin?

Crossing the $1500 will open up violin models that can be used for professional recording and touring purposes.

One thing that you can expect here is the playing quality and quality of the signal that gets delivered. Some of the violins in this price bracket are handcrafted.

You can expect to see design components and advanced features that encapsulate the complexity in appearance.

What to expect from a $2000 electric violin?

Here you will be able to see the most famous sought-after eclectic violin model in the market today. Flagship models with high-end quality are available in that price range.

All of them are handcrafted with various perks that can make your music creation process far simpler.

The price will also come in a heavy package. Iconic brands such as ZETA and legendary designers such as Mark wood Ned Steinberger will give you the best-looking electric violin that packs a punch in its sound.

What to expect from a $3000 electric violin?

An expensive taste in music demands the instrument to meet the same level of requirement. It can get very hard for the cheap violins to make the sound that can be deemed as otherworldly.

The high-end eclectic violin will start from $2000 and go from there. Anything above $3000 is for professional equipment.

The custom-made eclectic violin will be perfect for professionals who are looking for a new sound.

How to set up your budget?

Every company here will follow different routes in creating these electrical violins. Not all of them share the same design and sound.

Each one of them will bring a variety of toes that are suitable for different people.

But the most important aspect of buying an instrument is setting up the budget. For a good violin, you will need to go above the small budget range.

Getting the low end may give you an electric violin but it wouldn’t have everything that you want in that machine.

The sound that comes after the connection is an important part of any eclectic violin.

Low-end ones will usually generate white noise and after a while, paints will start to crack and soon the color will fade from the surface.

In a year or shorter than that you will be left with equipment that used to look like an eclectic violin. It is much better to save up money and buy a better violin than to waste all of your money away on something very disappointing.

In the hands of professionals, the cheap violin will fade in mere 30 minutes of playing. The poor quality job on the violin will soon start to show up after the intense sessions. So it is always better to prepare to experience the best.

Should you buy a used electric violin ?

The best alternative to getting a cheaper version of the electric violin is to switch to something from craigslist or eBay.

Used electric violin at least will have a well-recognized brand name attached to it. The maintenance from the owner will show up on the violin.

If everything looks nice and no sign of damage or crack on the surface. Then the violin has been handled well by the owner. Here you will spend $100 or more to get yourself a used electric violin that will have the sound factor.

It all comes down to the sound and a good-looking used one will have that covered. Since cheaper violin will start degrading in every major aspect from the day of purchase. No matter how much care the violin receives, in 5 or 6 months you will see the quality of the instrument that you bought.


Buying an electric violin is no easy task in any way. Whether you are a professional or an amateur you are going to have a difficult time.

Since there are a lot of brands with many offers and discounts. But you need to keep your eye on the quality rather than on the price. They never buy an instrument based on its appearance, always switch to the sound that it makes and the quality of the material it offers. So it’ll last longer with or without showing any sign of damage. Try out some violins from the local music store before you decide on purchasing one.