How Much Does Shoe Repair Cost?

Throwing anything out the window might be a preferred way to deal with anything just sitting in your house eating dust. But there are ways you can bring life back to a certain object through some minor adjustments. Clothes and shoes are one of the most used items in any household, and a little alteration will be the best way to handle old shoes from dying out or reaching the age of no use.

If you look at the amount of money you spend on shoes, the number will be astounding. The prices you pay for shoes always extend from the old purchase. Newer ones are more financier with expensive tags hanging from them. If you are still fond of the old shoe and want it to return to its original state, shoe repair might be the best way. 

Here you will find out everything you need to know about the cost of shoe repair and what you need to look for in their services.

Where to find a shoe repair shop?

Every city has a shoe repair shop for sustainable shoppers. If you are not sure where to find them, ask around friends or co-workers. Almost everybody uses shoe repair shops to cut down their bill. If you have a social media page, do write down groups to help you.

People will write everything they know about the shoe repair shop and their experience. This will give you an insight on which shop you need to choose for repair and the shops to avoid.

Shoddy work is the last thing you want when you take your premium-grade shoes to a shop. Unfortunately, not all repair shops will function the same or have the same level of experienced workers in the company. You will come across different kinds of people here; look for reviews online to get the list of quality of work.

How Much Does Shoe Repair Cost?

Now that you know where to find a good shoe repair shop, the next thing you should know about is the prices of the repair.

They will not be the same; the cost here largely depends on the amount of labour that needs to go through the process. Minor touches will require less work, and major works will be the opposite. Here are some details on what kind of price tag you will come across when you take your shoe to the repair shop.

How much for a quick cleanup?

If you want to get your shoes shined up looking brand new, you will need to fork in between $7 to $13 for the minor workaround. If you want suede brushing and fresh colour, you can expect the price to be around $15 to $25.

The price will also factor in the material of the shoe; if the shoe is made of delicate material, then working with the shoe will be difficult as the labourers have to take extra precautions working with them.

This will impact the overall price tag on the shoes; even with minor work, you can expect the price tag to be at $30. The cost here will not be the same for all shoes; the amount of work, the type of work, and the material quality control will impact the price factor here.

How much for a full-service cleanup Shoes ?

Minor work takes care of the overall surface appearance of the shoe, but when you choose a full-service cleanup, the package will differ from the quick cleanup. Here you will also get services such as removing stains, deeper cleaning, and everything else from the quick package.

The cost of a full-service cleanup can rise to $50 or more. All the factors influencing the prices of the quick cleanup will also have their effect here.

Suppose the shoe quality is premium and the material is expensive. In that case, the work for a deeper clean will also require high-level attention from the labour, which will consume more time handling the shoes and making repairs. You can expect the price to be more than $60 for a thorough cleanup. 

Additional charges For Shoe Repair

Shoe repair shops provide many more services to mark your shoe all prepped up for outside. This section will dive into all the services and the cost they will come with.


Here you will also have other minor services, such as waterproofing, which will add $10 to $15 more to the overall cost.

Patching up holes

That’s not the end; let’s say your shoe has holes, scuffs, or scratches on it, and then the full-service cleanup will charge extra to fix all of them. The additional price can rise to $25.

Adding New soles

Adding new sols can range from $30 to $50 for half sole; if you are planning to choose the full sole package, the price here will be between $40 to $70.

Fixing heel

Prepared to pay around $60 to $120 for fixing high heels; even the little cap on the bottom has a $5 to $10 price tag.


Stretching the shoe will cost around $15 to $25.

All these services are provided to the consumer, and you should ask them about them before selecting the shop. Most reputable repair shops will inform you upfront about the shoe’s damage and the price it will take to fix all of them. So, in the end, you will be prepared for the bill. It would be best if you always let them examine the shoe before telling them to repair it.

The last thing you want is to get shocked over the bill; since you told them to repair the shoe without any examination report, you will have no idea what kind of work went into the process. A consumer should know about the damages of the product before sending it to any repair shop. If you pick an affordable shoe repair shop, most of these problems will be prevalent, as they will hide many details to add more weight to the bill.

But you should always ask for the damage report on the shoe to know what kind of work will take place. Tell them to list all the services they will use to repair your shoe.


The shoe repair prices will vary from shop to shop, and you will never encounter the same pricing again. So it’s better to pick a good reputable repair shop for the handling. If you have premium quality shoes and don’t want to risk the quality of these shoes, then going for an affordable option might not work out the same for you as you intended.

Always choose a repaired shoe that is transparent about the cost and the damage details of the shoe. So you will be fully aware of what kind of work will get done to the shoe and how it will affect the overall bill.