How Much Does It Cost to Dry Clean Blanket?

Blankets almost have no choice but to enter the dry cleaner expecially if the blanket is made of wool. A dry cleaner is the best solution to clean the blanket. The size, item, material, and dry cleaning service will impact heavily on the price. Washing the blanket might not be good if you are dealing with a premium blanket material. A single washing will take away all the aesthetics of the item.

This article will provide you with relative information about blanket dry cleaning cost details and other factors that will help you make a better decision on choosing the service.

Cost to Dry Clean Blanket (In-Depth)

A blanket’s average cost will be around $5 to $15. If the blanket is made of premium material such as Silk or Wool, the overall service cost will be $25 or more. $25 seems to be the maximum cost. In general, the cost of dry cleaning is influenced by various factors. When dealing with a blanket, you need to know about the material of the blanket and the instructions it comes with.

Many newly purchased blankets will still have a label on their side letting the user know about the handling of the item and the proper cleaning procedure. Most high-end blankets go through proper dry cleaning as it is the perfect way to clean the blanket without lowering its overall quality.

The price remains under the $15 price tag, if not more, compared to other dry cleaning items. But when dealing with a blanket, the price will go up, as the size also affects the overall cost of cleaning it. The labor for taking care of the blanket and ensuring it keeps its intricate design without causing too much damage to the overall aesthetic is large. High labor work will influence the overall cost.

Blankets, curtains, and other heavy items will have a higher price tag in the cleaning aspect of it. If the curtains have a higher price tag, then the cost of cleaning will get affected by the facet. 

Why Dry Clean The Blanket?

Size and material will affect the blanket’s dry cleaning cost. The size of the blanket can range from twin double to king size. The size will also affect the time it takes to dry clean them. Typically you will have to wait one or two days for the blanket dry cleaning job.

If the shop is located in a busy area, you will have to wait a long time for the dry cleaning process to reach the finished stage. If the shop is located in an affluent area, the dry cleaning cost will also go up. Cheaper blankets might not need a dry cleaning treatment, as they will add almost nothing of value to the blanket material. Sometimes the cost of dry cleaning is higher than the cheaper blanket.

It is better to get another cheap blanket then re-cleaning the old cheap blanket all over again. Cheap blankets are not made to keep the quality in mind; washing them might be a better treatment. As it will cost less, you don’t want it to take two days for the entire process to get done. 

Will There Be Any additional Expenses to Dry Clean Blanket?

Yes, expenses for dry cleaning can easily reach the $25 mark, as they are tough to deal with in a comforter. When you think about normal clots in your wardrobe, they are small in size and can get efficiently dealt with by anyone. That is why the entire process of dry cleaning your everyday clothes takes around one hour or less. But blankets don’t follow in the same footsteps as ordinary clothes in your house.

See for example the cost to dry clean pants

They are larger and take longer to wash and dry. This will affect the overall price tag of the dry cleaning procedure. Other aspects, such as material sensitivity, will raise the price if you add more items, such as pillowcases, bed linen, and shams, which can raise the cost of the dry cleaning services.

Shipping charges might not seem a lot, but if you live far away from city life, the cost of dry cleaning will also go up, as they will have to get the blanket from your house to the destination and bring it back to your house. The entire procedure will not be free; if you live in a remote area, try contacting the dry cleaner service and ask them about the shipping cost.

Save Money When Dry Clean Blanket? Is It Possible?

The cost of the dry cleaning process all comes down to your options; here in this section, we will look at the ways you can cut the cost of the entire process.

Nowadays, you will find plenty of dry cleaners having a website of their own on the internet. If the prices are not present online, you can contact the services via a call to ask them about the charges. If you are a brand new consumer of the services, the company might give you promos or discounts to lower the overall service cost.

Discount rates depend on the shop you choose for dry cleaning, and they will also provide vouchers and coupons to your email address. Using the codes will reduce the overall cost of dry cleaning. If you have friends with coupons or discount vouchers, you can ask them to lower the cost. Dry cleaning is not a monthly habit; most people do it annually. So if they do not need the discounts, they can give them away.


Always read the tag of a blanket before you think about sending it to a dry cleaner; you will save plenty of money doing it. As we discussed earlier in the article, if the cost of a blanket is cheaper than the dry cleaning cost, then it is better to look for a new one than to rejuvenate the old one, which will not work, as they are not designed to keep the quality. Mass-produced blankets will need a small amount of care.

Take advantage of discounts and coupons to reduce the overall price; the store might throw a discount if you have too many blankets.