How Much Does It Cost to Repair Gold Chain

Repairing a broken golden chain or any piece of jewellery leaves you with two options: to have them repaired yourself or with the help of a jewellery expert. 

To repair the broken chain or jewellery alone, you need to have a pair of round nose pliers to remove the broken elements of the chain by opening them up and sliding them out from the chain.

 After this, slide in the new chain and close the formation leaving you with a complete chain once again.

This may take time and a lot of your attention, especially if you have the first time. A professional jewellery maker will take the pressure off. 

How much cost to repair the gold chain? The average cost for repair a gold chain is $30; the cost could change, depending on the type of repair your gold chain need and the type of gold of your chain; anyway, the maximum cost is for a plating chain where you can spend more than $150 if your chain has a big size.


The world of the gold chain is always becoming more popular, and over the years, many types of gold chain have born.

The repairing cost for a gold chain can be variable, depending on the type of chain you own.

Here a list of the most common gold chain types and the average cost to repair them.

#1 Cuban Link Chain repair cost

Cuban Link Chain-cost-repair

The Cuban link chain is one of the most used types of gold chain used today; this huge demand for this type of chain is due to the influence of famous people, where more and more often it is seen worn on them

Due to its configuration, the Cuban link chain has long durability, and if you need to repair it, you will spend an average of 10-15$ more because of the works and effort needed. 

#2 Rope Chain repair cost


The rope chain is the classic type, probably the most used; the rope chain consists of links woven together, forming the twisted rope.

Due to its twisted rope chain are one of the most problematic to repair, and for that reason, if you are going to repair your rope chain, you have to expect that the jeweller will charge more.

The cost is variable, and depending of the jeweller we cannot give a fixed value, but keep in mind that will be higher than others type of chain.

#3 Figaro Chain repair cost

Figaro Chain repair cost

The Figaro chain is a very stylish type of chain; the style of this chain become with 2 or 3 sets of circular links and joined by an oval link. 

If you need to repair your Figaro chain, your jeweller will charge more money due to the interlink that sometimes can be tricky to repair.

You can expect to pay an extra of 10$ due to this type of gold chain.

#4 Mariner Chain repair Cost

Mariner Chain
 repair cost

The mariner chain is always more popular; this gold chain has the propriety to be resistant and eye-catching.

The shape of its links wants to simulate the ship’s anchor.

The mariner chain enters the category that needs more attention per repair; for that reason, expect an increment of at least $20.

#5 Snake Chain repair Cost

Snake Chain
repair cost

The snake chain gold has an incredible style, is composed of links tightly connected made in the best way possible to reproduce the snake’s skin in a diagonal position.

You will recognize the snake chain immediately. Due to this interconnection of the chain, the jeweller usually charges 10$ more than the classic type.

#6 Box Chain repair Cost

The interconnection makes the box chain of the box, which does not require an incredible effort.

In fact, in the major part of the jeweller, you will have your chain fixed in less time and with no extra cost due to the compliance of the chain style.

#7 Byzantine Chain Repair Cost

We reach the point to see the cost of one of the most intricate design; we are speaking about the byzantine chain.

It is fairly used among the man; the chain is linked with an intricate pattern that only expert of chain gold can understand how to repair it.

The cost for repairing a Byzantine chain will be at least 30$ more than the other type due to the effort needed.

#8 Ball Chain repair Cost

Ball Chain repair cost

The Ball chain type is the simplest and the more traditional one.

As you can see by the configuration of the link, made by simple ball linked one each other, the repair cost and effort needed for this type of gold chain are very low.

If you are going to repair your ball chain, you can expect no extra charge due to the chain type.

#9 Wheat Chain Repair Cost

This style of chain is produced using four strands of twisted oval links. They are, on average, stronger than another type of chain.

The cost to repair your wheat gold chain can be around 10-15$ more than the other one.

#10 Diamond Cut Chain repair Cost

Diamond Cut Chain cost repair

The name given by this type of chain want gives remember of the cut of the diamond that usually we found.

The diamond-cut chain is one of the most expensive chains of gold that are selling on jewellery.

If you own a diamond-cut chain, and you need to repair it, you can expect an extra cost of $30-40$ more than the classic chain.


1. Solder chain

Every jewellery piece comes in tiny chain elements tied together to create a bracelet or necklace.

 If you have missing pieces and wish to add on chains to your necklace or bracelet, chain soldering is required to provide you with the expected result. 

On average, this process will cost you $15.00 but can also be higher depending on the gold karat and the design you are looking for.

For example, if your chain design is made of a ball chain, the jeweller will very sell the chain and cost less.

Opposite discussion for the snake chain type where the chains are joined in a more complex way.

If the solder area is more than one, you can expect an extra fee to pay, in general around 10$ more.

2. Clasp Repair cost

The tightening clasp is the most important component of your gold chain. The function of the clasp is to make the piece of jewellery more comfortable throughout wearing and possible to wear it.

If your clasp is broken, the jewellers should do the first thing to check the type of clasp that he needs to repair.

There are different types of clasp for the gold chain, the cost required to repair a gold chain may be different, mainly depending on the types of clasp and carat that you require.

In general, you will find the same price to repair your clasp, and it will cost you around 30-40$.

3. Jump Ring Repair Cost

The jump ring can be classified as the most common repairing that a jeweller makes.

The main reason for jump ring broken is the friction and force that this piece is subjected to.

Starting from $18.00 and above, you can have a jump ring installed into your jewellery piece. 

As much as they are small in size, they play a very important function as the clasp depends on these jump rings to be attached on to.

Over time and excessive use, these jump rings can bend and break. 

Replacing them should cost you anywhere from $18.00 to $35.00, depending on the material of the jump rind and how many you purchase.

4. Shortening 

It is common for everybody to change body shape during the year or simply changing the way of wearing the gold chain.

If you need to adjust the size of your chain, then the only solution is to make a shortening operation.

To shorten a chain, you have to specify the jeweller the desirable size, and the jeweller will cut the chain upon your request and then solders everything.

The cost for shortening your gold chain is in general between $30-35 for a rope chain and box chain, while if your chain style is a snake type, you should expect an increase of the price of $10-15.


Completely modify the design of your chain and add rivets to your golden chain and pay an average rate of $30.00. 

This rate usually includes adding rivets or replacing them with old rivets that are broken. 

Decorative rivets are extremely helpful in increasing the appeal of your jewellery.


If your gold chain is not in the best conditions, your next step should replace some part of the chain.

For example, this happens if you have some old gold chain that you don’t wear so frequently.

If you need to replace a part of the chain, the jeweller will find an existing chain of the same dimensions and style, and he will take care to reassemble the necklace.

The gold chain replacement cost will widely depend upon the type of chain and the quantity of chain and is necessary to replace.


The type of gold of your chain is another important characteristic that may increase or decrease the final cost of repairing your gold chain.

In the following part, we take a look at the most common type of gold used for chain and the relative cost in case you need to repair it.


The 10 karat of gold is an entry-level luxury chain, in facts, the quantity of gold present is 41.6%.

The karat content in this type affects the type of solder that the jeweller needs to use in the repair process, on the case of 10k gold, the jeweller needless caution of a 18k gold, so in general, the cost of repairing a 10k gold chain should be less than a 18k.


If you are wearing a 14k, you have to be aware that the quantity of gold present on your chain is 58.3%.

The cost of repairing a 14k can be more expensive than a 10k gold chain gold. 


The 18k gold is the most used one and has more value; in fact, the gold present is 75%.

And this quantity of gold present on the chain make the 18k gold chain one of the most expensive if you need to repair 


If you have a plated-Gold chain and need to repair it, be aware that the cost can be much higher than the other type.

The main reason is that the jeweller, once repaired the chain needs to re-pain the piece because the plating area will be removed on most of the case.


The cost for repairing a gold chain is variable, depending on many factors: as the type of chain, the karats present, if you need to repair a gold chain, our advice is to be aware and read this article carefully, in the way to be prepared of the future cost that you will encounter.