How Much Does Swordfish Cost?

When you think about an excellent fish to buy, one of the tastiest salt fish available is for sure the swordfish.

For many of you may be the first experience buying a swordfish and may ask how much a swordfish cost.

This is what we are going to see in the next part of the article.

The cost of the swordfish is not the same in every location. Anyway, an estimation of the cost may be a price of $14 to $40 per KG. During the summer season, the price of swordfish will increase in every place due to the freshness of the fish.

The cost of swordfish is not as expensive as the marlin fish or tuna fish; this is because of the typology of taste.

Anyway, many people are huge fans of swordfish and can be prepared to spend huge amounts of money to purchase the best swordfish present in the market.

Is swordfish expensive?

The swordfish is not an expensive fish compared to other types of fish used for dinner; the maximum amount of money you can spend will be around 50$-60$ if you want to prepare a good dinner for 4-6 people.

Is swordfish healthy to eat?

Sometimes, people may confuse marlin fish with swordfish and think that eating swordfish is unhealthy, but this is not the case.

You can quietly proceed on buying your swordfish because it has many good sources of selenium that is a micronutrient offering excellent benefits for cancer-fighting and heart health.

Swordfish overview

The swordfish is a very popular fish, famous in many countries, they are large fish and is there are many locations where it is common to catch swordfish by practising sport fishing.

They usually live in tropical temperatures, more specific in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

The size of a swordfish is variable; they usually reach 3m with a weight of 650kg.

Expensive swordfish 

There are many types of methodology on how a swordfish is a catch; the most common ones are with nets or by hauling.

Anyway, there is a particular way that only in a specific location is used to do. We are speaking about fishing with a harpoon by using wooden boats called feluccas.

The location on which you can find that type of boat is on the strait of Messina and the coast of Calabria.

The caught of a swordfish employing feluccas boats will bring a high-cost value that it usually sells by an increase of 20% from the standard price.

What’s the biggest swordfish ever caught?

As we saw before, there are many types of ways to catch a swordfish. However, according to the International Gamefish Association in the U.S.A, the biggest swordfish was caught for an impressive weight of 722 pounds during a fishing competition.

Tips to know before purchasing a swordfish

swordfish meat cost

If you want to buy the best quality of swordfish present on the market, there are some tips that you must recognize.

The swordfish meat can vary from different colouration from a pale to a rose-red colour. The best quality of the meat is when the swordfish has a colouration that is rose-red.

If you have that colouration in front of you, you can go ahead and purchase it because that type of meat will undoubtedly have a fantastic taste.

After choosing the best quality of meat, your next step is to cook it. There are many ways to cook a swordfish. It can be grilled, broiled or sautéed. So it will not be a problem on how to cook swordfish because there are many ways out of there.


The cost for a swordfish is not so expensive, but there are many variations in price that must be considered, such as the colour of the meat and the location where you buy it. However, the cost will give you a good return on investment because the taste of meat is a fantastic thing.