How Much Does A Rabbit Cost?

Getting a rabbit will be easy, as plenty of variety is available to make your shopping a bit diverse. The cost of a pet rabbit falls when you buy the rabbit form and what kind of rabbit it is. But there are undoubtedly many things you need to know before making a purchase. The ongoing cost can be tiresome if you are prepared for the long-term requirement of rabbit upkeep.

The Cost To Purchase a Rabbit (Explained)

The location and breed of the rabbit will influence the price point here, and when you are looking for a traditional breed, it will cost less than the price tag of a premium breed. If you get a rabbit from a pet store, the animal’s cost will be between $20 to $40. 

The price will dwindle to $5 to $20 from a rescue or fair. If the breed is popular and low in supply, you can expect to face a more than average pricing for the animal. Breeders will also do their fair share of work to prepare the animal for the market. If they have given their utmost care to the rabbits to ensure they are medically ready to be a pet, they will put a higher price on the animal.

Even in pet stores, the price will always stay under the $50 tag; dealing with rare rabbit breeds will increase the price to more than $100 per rabbit. The bloodlines that belong to the champion will impact a lot to the price point. It is the same as getting a purebred dog or cat. They are in their category and will see a price point that reflects that value.

Should you get rabbits from an adoption center?

Some animal shelters sell rabbits, which are incredibly cheap from other locations. People looking to save money on their purchases are still determining whether they can keep a rabbit in their house. You can get one from the adoption center before investing significantly in the animal. Rabbits left for adoption are generally normal; most of the time, they were given away by their former owners.

The rabbits here are usually older, and some of them will have preexisting conditions; for people who don’t want to deal with breeders than adoption shelters provide a great alternative to save some cost and get the rabbit quickly.

The cost of rabbits here will settle down between $50 to $100. The only disadvantage of picking the animal from the adoption center is the availability of rare breeds. You will need help if you want to get a purebred rabbit from an adoption center.

Should you get rabbits from a breeder?

Breeders will have their pricing system for their animals. The cost of any animal you buy from a breeder will differ from other breeders in your city. The effort they put in the initial stage of animal development will translate into its cost. If the breeder is reputable in the market, they will charge more than the average price for the animal. A reputable vet ensures the animal is healthy and has received all the vaccines to be around people without spreading any disease.

They also value the animal’s health, so any long-term diseases don’t appear in the animal. These little things raise the value of the animal, and it is worth it for the people who want the best. It is best to get the rabbit from a breeder, as they will ensure the animal is ready for the family environment. The cost here will shuffle between $50 to $100. But the cost will take a significant impact on the animal’s rarity, breed, and the care that went into the animal.

Some breeders might charge a lot for the animal, but it depends on the kind of rabbit you will get in return. If you need more clarification about the quality of the breeding service, then hit up online and look for reviews. They will give you a proper insight into what kind of service you can expect from a breeder. Compare the prices between different breeders and their services.

  • An American rabbit from a breeder will cost around $20 to $50. It will stay in the average price category.
  • A dutch rabbit will also share the same price number; most of it will stay under the $50 range.
  • Flemish Giant Rabbit is a premium rabbit breed, so expect the price to rise from $50 to $100.
  • And lastly, Harlequin rabbits will share the price tag of $50 to $100.

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What is the long-running cost of taking care of a rabbit?

You will spend a decent amount each year on food and supplies. The health and grooming of any pet animal will play a major role in your day-to-day activity. Getting one rabbit will need more grooming; the coat length will determine the factor. The cost of supplies can rise to $300 as it covers hatch, bowels, hay feeder, playpen, nail clippers, and litter box.

A weekly visit to health care will take care of any problem with the rabbit. If they are showing any symptoms, it is better to take them to the vet to fix them as soon as possible. Over time, neglecting these minor problems in rabbits can be a mess. Make sure to take them to a proper vet with a reputable record in their profession. But if you take care of the rabbit regularly, they will stay pretty healthy.

You also have to take the rabbit for a checkup every year, it is essential to ensure the pet’s feet and teeth stay safe without dealing with any health problems. Most of the problem comes from feet; if they are in proper shape, they will not get injured easily. One of the significant expenses comes from the treatment of parasites; the cost here can range from $50 to $200, more than the price of a rabbit.

You will also have to save some money for emergencies later on. So you will not have to face the cost when the lightning strikes. The price of any emerging animal can cost thousands of dollars at a time. The vet will also pay a higher price tag than their regular rate when dealing with emergencies.


The total cost of caring for the rabbit can cost between $300 to $800 a year. Insurance, treatment, and regular checkup can raise the cost to $600 in the long run. The entire budget for caring for a rabbit comes after you buy the animal. The initial price tag will be cheaper, but the long-running cost will be huge later. Make sure to set up a perfect budget for the animal’s upkeep.