How Much Does A Rooster Cost?

The Rooster is primarily used for egg fertilization and cockfighting. They are known to keep invaders at bay and to protect their flock. Roosters effortlessly guard the community and fertilize the eggs. With stately presence and colorful feathers, Roosters mark their footsteps in the observer’s heart. 

There could be many reasons to keep a Rooster, but the main reason is to fertilize with hens. 

Without the help of a Rooster, a hen can lay eggs. But the Rooster helps in fertilizing the eggs and provides future chickens to you. 

How Much Does A Rooster Cost? As with hens, Roosters are not that pricey. Depending upon the breeder you buy from and the type of Rooster, the cost may vary. The pureblood type Roosters are more costly. The cost may vary between $10 to $1,500 as per your desire and depending upon the type of Rooster. 

Different Rooster cost

Usually, most people invest $20 to $100 for a Rooster. But, according to Burke’s BackYard, a high-quality Rooster was sold at $800. In addition, a breeder named RedFoxFowl sold a set of two or three Roosters at $500 to $600

$5 to $30 is the average cost of a Rooster. A young Rooster or newly hatched one may cost up to $3 to $5 approximately. 

Fighting Rooster cost

Besides fertilization, Roosters are also used for exhibition and fighting purposes. 

The exhibition Rooster costs up to $800. But the cost of a fighter Rooster may go up to $50 to $100. 

Pure Lemon Hatch, regular or silver Grey, Dark Red Hatch, Claret, Silkie Rooster, Pure Butcher, and Roundhead are the pure breed varieties of Rooster. These Roosters may cost anywhere from $250 to $300 approximately for pullets, and for pairs, it costs up to $500 to $600

Rare breed Rooster cost

In general, people want to spend $20 to $100 on buying a Rooster, not more. This is the average cost, but the rare breeds are a little more expensive. For example, a gamefowl costs $1500 and more. On the other hand, a rare breed mature Rooster may be purchased at the cost of $150 to $500.

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Maintenance And Raising Rooster cost

While keeping a Rooster, you can save money and cut down the cost in several ways, which is a good thing. 


The mean rising cost of a Rooster is feed cost. You can give your Rooster a chicken feed which is bought from the local chicken feed store. 

It costs you around $0.50 to $1 approximately. Every week, a Rooster can eat up to 1.5 to 2 pounds of feed. For your Rooster’s good growth and weight, you have to provide treats and supplements with nutritional value. 

The supplement cost is also included in the feed cost. $10 to $15 is the average monthly feed cost of a Rooster. If the owner has sufficient area to roam around for the Roosters, the feed cost may be reduced. In this case, the owner does not worry about their feeding because the free-range Roosters will hunt their food.

Coop Rooster cost

The size of the flock may influence the Rooster coop cost. From recycled material, the owner can make an enclosure if he has some Roosters and hens. 

It can help to cut the extra cost. A large-sized fancy coop for a larger flock may cost about $2000 and more. The Rooster coop cost depends on the nest boxes, waterer, feeder, perches, lights, bulbs, and bedding. If you try hard, you can find a regular-sized coop at a reasonable price of $500. Buying a coop is a one-time cost. So if you need it, then buy without worrying.

Miscellaneous cost

The miscellaneous cost includes the extra costs related to the Rooster. The cost of repairing the coop, wood chips for bedding, water bottles are the additional costs.

These expenses may go up to $15 per month or more. Compared to hens, roosters are not so expensive to raise. Because of eggs, most people go for hens. At the time of cockfighting, egg fertilization, and exhibitions, Roosters are in demand.


For some extra return on investment, bedding is the other one-time cost of maintaining Roosters. It is a good technique for composting. Including straw, wood shaving, shredded paper, hemp, sands, pine needles, grass clippings, dirt, wood chips, and dried leaves are incredible bedding materials, which can be used in making beds by the Rooster owners. 

As per the easy availability and good composability quality, straw, wood shavings, and hemp loops are the most used material for bedding. These materials can be found in the animal supply store or any hardware store easily.

Straw Rooster cost

For Rooster bedding, straw has been the best choice for centuries. In most farms, it is available easily. It becomes compost easily, and Roosters love to pick through it.

However, straws are hard to find in some areas and a bit expensive compared to other materials. You have to keep it clean and fresh; otherwise, the dirty straw bed can cause some diseases to the Roosters. The regular size straw may cost up to $5 to $10 per bale

Wood shaving cost

Wood shavings are easy to buy in hardware stores. So it has become the most popular bedding material for Roosters. Smaller size wood shavings are a bit dusty. 

So choose the larger size and apply it as bedding. Compared to straw bedding, wood shaving bedding is easier to clean.

In chicken manure, there is found a high level of nitrogen, because of the high acidity nature of the wood. A 3 cubic feet of wood shaving may cost up to $6 to $10 approximately.

Hemp Rooster cost

For Rooster bedding, hemp is introduced as new material. Centuries ago, in the United States, it was common.

However, it is recently coming to the trend for Rooster bedding. For its lack of dust, natural antiseptic nature, and absorbance, it is popular.

Although it is quite expensive, there is less requirement for changing it makes it more long-lasting and economical. An industrial hemp bedding of 44lbs may cost up to $40 approximately.   

Factors that influence the Rooster Cost

Many factors affect the cost of a Rooster. The cost varies because of bloodlines, source, health, and age. 


A standard age of a healthy Rooster is between 7 to 8 years. Hundreds of dollars may be spent for a mature Rooster. 

If you want to buy a chick, the buying cost may go up to $10 to $15. As compared to mature Roosters, the old Roosters are not very expensive. Gender also may affect the cost of a Rooster. 


When you compare cross breed Rooster and pure breed Rooster, you can find that the purebred Rooster costs more.

The pure breed Roosters are more valuable for exhibitions, shows, and fighting competitions because of their shape, color, and aesthetic appearance.

The hybrid or unregistered Rooster may sell at a low price under $100 and less.  


The online available Rooster cost is more expensive than the breeder farms or local dealers. This is according to NBCI.

The cost may go about $10 to $20 with the addition of shipping cost. You can find a huge variety of Roosters if you search at local breeders.

If you don’t want to buy from local breeders, then go for craigslist and hatcheries. There you can find a better deal.

Some tips to know Before Purchase A Rooster

● To ensure that your breed’s live arrival, you have to do a minimum order deal. This deal can provide the secure delivery of your Rooster. 

● If you will purchase a Rooster from a farm, then ask about the Rooster’s health condition and type to the breeder.

● To ensure the safety of the Rooster from other bird diseases, the breeder should make subscriptions to companies. So you have to ask about the subscription to the breeder before buying. 

● Roosters make so much sound. So some cities have some strict regulations. Before buying Roosters, you have to know about your city’s law and then purchase according to it. If you have permission to buy Roosters, then no worries. 


If you want to explore cockfighting or flock, the Rooster may cost more. If you are not particular in this field and ready for some compromisation, then the cost may be deducted, and the Rooster has little use for you.

As per the buying cost and maintenance of a Rooster is inexpensive. They are not very demanding and want less care.

You can get a full growth Rooster at the price of $50 and raise it at a nominal cost. For the cleanness of your Rooster, you have to clean the coop regularly. It should not be smelly. You have to put new bedding over the old one. So the old bedding goes in the process of self-compost. To increase the size of your flock, Roosters help to make an economical way. By introducing Rooster, the number of chickens in your flock increases. Another advantage of having a Rooster in your flock is that they alert the flock while some danger occurs and can fight against the attacker.