How Much Does it Cost to Relocate a Tree?

When you are planning to relocate the tree, one thing for sure is that it will be expensive. The cost of moving a tree will never start in the affordable range. Most of the price factor lies in the size of the tree and the delivery destination. 

A professional grade tree transparent rate commences at $400, but many common factors will raise the price slightly. Long distance delivery of a significant rate can rise to six futures. Moving the tree is very expensive compared to the cost of tree removal. The size, age, and location will quickly raise the price to a five-digit number.

What is the average cost of moving a tree?

The average cost you will encounter when moving a tree will be around $800, and the lowest is $200. But if the size is enormous and the location is far away from an ideal city point, the cost will easily take up to $50,000 or more.

Here we will look at the cost factor of small, large, and mega types of trees worldwide. Other factors, such as the moving company, will also influence the price. But the enormous impact on the overall bill comes from the tree size and age.

What is the cost of moving a small tree?

Even the price for moving a small tree that is 5 to 10 feet in size can take around $300 to $500 to get the whole process done. Small trees are much easier to deal with, while some may have sensitive zones to them, so the delivery must follow a complicated procedure to keep the tree alive without any damage to any of its core vulnerable areas. But overall, the price will be from $300 to $500.

Less moving parts are involved in the small tree, so the charge will also be in that range. Prepared to buy the price as mentioned above. The company you hire for the process may add additional charges, but the average cost will be between that number.

What is the cost of moving a large tree?

Here the size of the tree rises from the minor tree variations. Having many moving parts jacks up the price of the tree to even a higher number.

When you think about moving a big tree, they will have a variety of other ingredients that didn’t exist in the small tree. Factors such as root balls and sprawling branches will exceed the tree’s overall size, making it bigger than expected. Here the cost will easily reach upwards of $1,500 to $5000 if you plan a long-distance delivery.

What is the cost of moving a vast tree?

Large trees will have calipers over 10 inches, but the calipers will seem like nothing when you put them against giant trees or mega trees. The calipers here can range up to 24 inches. Moving these trees could cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.

Companies will have to use unconventional techniques and equipment to move them around. Everything will have to be built here to fit the tree’s size.

You will see many custom-made frames to support the delicate root balls of the tree of transport. When you add weight and the destination distance to the delivery project, you can tell how it can go from $50k to $100k.

What factors affect the movement of the tree?

Here will go through all the factors that play a significant role in moving the tree.

  • Distance of move – large trees will need fancy equipment at all times to carry them from one location to another. The project supervisor will have to visualize all the requirements beforehand to make the journey safe from the tree and the machine. If you add 50 to 100 miles to the journey, the risk also rises with each mile. So the cost of moving the tree over long distances can rake up to $1500 or more.
  • Equipment – When You’re looking at trees, some of them can’t be plucked from the ground. A hydraulic tree spade will be needed to get the job done. Bringing fancy equipment to dig out the tree from its hole will raise the overall bill to $500 to $1000. Anything that follows the at will add to the overall charge. In the end, the price will easily reach over $10,000.
  • Environment – If the tree is located around far too many obstructions, then there will be a lot of work done to remove the tree safely without harming the environment around them. Keeping the obstruction might seem like a solution, but they will get in the way of the removal process. Access to the site also matters here, as all the equipment will need to reach the original site so they can easily remove the tree.

These are some of the major factors that dictate the overall price tag of moving a tree. The company you hire will have its asking price and an additional fee for the service. If the service has a long distance, they will consider adding more to the bill to justify their cost. Please look into the company and its track record to get a good overview of its service quality record.

Once you have gone through all that, you can look into giving them the project of moving the tree without worrying about messing things up. You should never go for the affordable option, and you want the best service, so they will handle the delivery properly without making a rush for it.


Moving a tree is difficult; the more extensive the tree, the higher the responsibility will land on the moving company. So they will always charge more for their services. If you’ree skeptical about the moving company, you need to do some research online and look through various forums or legitimate reviews. So you will get an idea of what kind of services they are used to providing.