How Much Does a Zebra Danios Fish Cost?

Do you want to add zebra danios fish into your aquarium but have no idea about its price? Is it expensive or low-cost? Do You need help to decide what you should have to do? Also, How hard is it to keep in your fish tank along with other community mates?

Comparatively, they are not expensive, and you can buy them from any pet stores for approx 2$ per Fish. They are readily available in all pet stores. They are from Zebra danio from east India. So you can have a group of zebra danios into your aquarium.

What should You check While buying zebra Danios Fish?

Now, you know that the zebra danios fish is not expensive and you can buy it at a low cost. But you have to keep some essential things in your mind while buying it. First, their colours should be beautiful and bright.

 They probably change their colours, such as sometimes their body looks pink tint, and sometimes they become a bluish royal.

Second, check its activity and swimming movements. It shows active moves adding a spark into the fish tank. Third, make sure that zebra danio is not injured, ill, or has any other problem. If they live along with some sick tank mates, you should visit another store.

Tank Cost of Zebra Danios Fish

For zebra danios fish, The minimum recommended tank size is ten gallons.

It may feel like an expensive tank for you as you have purchased a low-cost fish. But, for the better survival of the Fish, you have to get the right size aquarium and keep your Fish in it.

More than ten gallons are the best tanks, but it is also better to place your Fish in it with ten gallons.

One Zebra Danio fish is all right for two gallons of water. It will provide the Fish with a massive space to shoal and swim freely around the aquarium. However, it is better to arrange a pool or pond for your zebra danios fish as they live more years in vast space.

Tank’s Equipment Cost

Like all other fish tanks, Zebra danios fish also need a tank to consist of all pieces of equipment in it, Such as filtration, water pump, or light, etc.

A very few amounts of money will spend to have elements of pieces of equipment into your tank. You have to save money before completing your hobby. You must have an electric supply near your tank so that all parts of types of equipment can remain turn on.

Take Some Time for Homework Before Buying A Zebra Danios Fish

Do some homework before going to the pet stores or go online. Check its all characteristics before buying the zebra danios fish, such as typical behaviour, maintenance, take care, tank size, feeding habits, and many more things.

Please do some research on it; consider its price to have an idea according to your budget. Then, make a plan with the total cost of your hobby, not just the price of Fish.

It would be best to read some helpful articles such as this article to help you out about buying zebra danios Fish, its maintenance, the cost to keeping the Fish in your tank, water conditions, its typical nature, and many more. Then, we discuss the complete essence of this tropical freshwater Fish.

Where Did They Find It?

Zebra Danios fish are prominently found across flood plains in Eastern India and shallow, slow, or nonexistent flow streams with numerous overhanging vegetation. They are also found in adult rice paddies. Danios will drift across the top and middle of a tank.

Is it the accurate Time to Buy Zebra Danio fish?

However, it is the primary responsibility you have to check and balance while buying a zebra danios fish. Please keep checking the seasonal atmosphere and their physical conditions to ensure the right time to buy it.

After purchasing the danios, you have to maintain their health and positive behaviour to not grab on each other.

If you want your zebra danios to thrive, you must research what time is suitable to take care of the Fish. You have to research a lot as research is the key to be successful with any pet. You have to understand how to take care of your zebra danios and the best possible time to take care of your it. Here we discuss its nature and tank set up to make it easy for you.

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Typical Nature

Zebra Danios are the most popular freshwater species, and they are peaceful with other communities. However, they are always seen to chase one another all over the tank and nip. But they will never harm each other.

They are active and swim vigorously across the tank all the time. This nature of the Zebra danios fish become the tank’s environment active too. They are omnivorous and keep thriving on tank food. They are not picky at all and eat aggressively at the top of the tank. Zebra danios Fish are always the first to attack the food and make other community tank mates aggressive.

They selectively breed and genetically modify themselves to switch their appearance. Zebra danios are a very hardy and perfect choice for a beginner.

They can add spark to any fish aquarium with their dynamic nature and swimming moves. They can share their tank with other community mates of similar size and temperature. Zebra danios are schooling Fish and love to swim in groups.

They live happily along with different two-three types of game species. They swim all around the tank and create beautiful, eye-catching movements for you. They can generate a beautiful tank environment by their energetic nature.

Zebra Danios Fish Tank Setup

Zebra Danios Fish Tank Setup

Zebra danios fish Tank conditions are easy to reproduce in your aquarium. Firstly, They should use a good quality, soft sediment like sand for the granules of the tank.

That substrate should always be entirely washed and dried before being placed in the tank. Try to avoid cloudy or foggy water, which can take a few days to settle in a normal condition.

 Once the substrate has been placed, It can gradually include water in the tank to avoid stirring up the substrate. The water temperature can range from Sixty-six to seventy seven°F with a pH of 6.0-8.0.

Now the substrate is placed. It is time to begin aquascaping your aquarium.  Add freshwater plants like Java fern and Amazon Sword Plants to the tank.

Provide your water with high concentrations of diluted oxygen. Zebra danios fish can use these plants as a hiding place. In addition, arranging your aquarium looks excellent, eye-catching, and natural. It also extends habitat complications which have been proven to decrease the aggressive behaviour of the Fish. Add some bogwood pieces according to your tank size, and it represents underwater tree roots which give the visuals of river and stream verges of their natural habitats. Large pebbles with round shapes can also set up in the aquarium to represent the rocky bottomed rivers.


You should also buy a perfect filtration system. This kind will vary depending on the size of the tank and the quantity of Fish in the tank. You can settle the fish tank to have an artificial light source, getting roughly 12 hours of light per day.

Can You Keep Zebra Danios Together?

It would be best if you do not keep  and aggression between each other. They are a social species that are associated with a shoal. That is why They should be kept in groups containing less than five individuals.


Zebra Danio fish is most probably the accurate aquarium fish for a beginner. It is always kept moving, including action and colour to the tank. They are hardy and straightforward with regards to both food and the quality of water.

Zebra Danio Fish Care

Zebra Danio fish usually are undemanding and easy to care for. Giving that husbandry needs are being maintained to an upper standard, You should take precautions to avoid diseases and infection outbreaks.

Mycobacteriosis is a viral disease to which Zebra Danio is permitting too. It is caused by various types of non-motile bacteria present in water.

You can assess this disease diagnosis by noticing Fish’s health signals. Such as; ulceration, inflammation of the skin, anorexia, lethargy, and even fin loss. All diseases and outbreaks are happened because of poor water quality, fish stress, and other kinds of failures that you make in animal husbandry.

Create mycobacteriosis with antimicrobial treatments that are generally ineffective. The priority should be to eliminate the Fish from your tank as soon as possible and complete water changes to improve water quality.


Due to a low cost, A Zebra Danio fish would make an excellent addition to the fish tank of both beginners and experienced fish keepers.

 Their variable colours and hyper-social activeness permit you to make your tank stand out whilst also including character.

However, putting these Fish in your aquarium is to put a smile on everyone’s face, thanks to their boisterous darting behaviour.

Moreover, these hardy Fish can bear low-quality waters. It is crucial when having any species that you maintain the highest level of farming to maintain the aquarium healthy and free of diseases. I hope this article will be helpful and valuable for you for getting the Zebra danios fish into your fish aquarium.