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How Much Does a Pig Cost? (By Types)

How Much Does a Pig Cost?

The cost of raising a pig can be huge, and you will have to put plenty of effort into your work. It all depends on your location and the time of the year. Their shelter needs can break the bank, and the cost of feed and supplies should be considered before planning to purchase the animal.

Environmental changes can also add plenty of consequences to the pigs’ lives, as you will have to take additional steps or caution to protect the lives of pigs so they will stay healthy in rough environments. 

Here we will discuss everything you should know about the cost details of pigs and the environment you need to create for them to keep safe. We will point out all the cost factors of the lifestyle pigs will need to survive.

The Cost To Purchase A Pig

The cost of pig will cost anywhere from $80 to $100. Here you can spend around as little as $50 to $1000 or more for a pig. Factors come into play, changing the price tag from the lower end of $50 to the high end of $2000. Only some of the people who want to buy a pig settle with a finished pig; some look forward to getting piglets to raise themselves for the meat or let them work as breeding stock.

The investment aspect of pig breeding made plenty of people enter the market. Pigs make money, so it is better to see them as an investment for the farm than a purchase of goods. Here you need to look at the entire concept carefully to dissect each one of the options you will have with the pig upkeep.

Pig Types and Prices

Different types of pigs will have their pricing listed on them. Some pigs are the least expensive, while others will give you more value for money. But they are quite an investment and require heavy maintenance from the owner.

These little things can make all the difference in the purchase, as you will have to make sure you can handle all the pressure that comes with taking care of the pig.

Feeder pig

These are the least expensive in the market, and the decision falls into the hands of the pig’s owner. The owner can raise the pig to fit the role of a meat product or a breed type. There is plenty of work involved with taking care of the feeder pig, and you will need to get two or more to get a productive value out of your purchase. A feeder pig’s cost will be around $50 to $200 per head.

Full-size market hod (Under 300 pounds)

A great addition to meat products, they will have less fat than a pig that weighs over 300 pounds. They can be hard to raise, and you need to hire someone to look after the pig. Currently, the price per 250 or 230 pounders sits at $250. If the auction takes place in a private area, the cost will be more than just $250.

A 300-pound hog

Build for fat and flavor, perfect for meat without dealing with your upkeep. Here you will also have to pay someone to look after the pig. The cost of it here can jack up to $384. Any private market can have the pig show up at $400 or more.

Cull Sows

Perfect for whole hog sausage, as these carry a lot of meat per pig. One of the difficulties with this type of pig is its availability. It can be challenging to find, and they will have limited cuts. The market value has cull sows sitting at $300. Private sales could jack up the price to a higher number.

Whole hogs

Considered perfect for small farmers, but they will need a lot of space in the freezer. The cost here will come to $500 for a 2000-pound pig.

The price of piglets will be less than a grown pig. A breeding pig will always have a higher price value to their flesh. Some of them can quickly go from $500 to $2000.

Most adult pigs see a higher price range; if you want to raise the piglets by yourself, you will have to face a meager cost at the initial stage, which will be perfect if you have never done this.

Is There any Affordable Option?

Piglets are a less expensive variant compared to adult ones. But there are plenty of costs attached to the piglet that you should know before you plan to get them. Grown pigs made for breeding will cost a lot of money upfront, which is not an idea shared by small farms just stepping their foot in the market. Piglets are perfect for anyone who wants to start slow and get a feel of the market before making a considerable investment.

The purchase breeder will also have everything to do with how much money you end up paying for the pig. If they are reputable with the variety of pigs and the authenticity of how they have raised the pig, then you can settle with the higher amount after seeing some documentation to prove all their claims.

You can also hit online to look up their service and the products they have provided to different people. To get the gist of their products and the problems they suffered.

What’s the highest amount you can spend on buying a pig?

The breeding stock pigs are the highest expensive pigs you can buy in the market. The pigs here can easily cost from $500 to $2000, which is different from the average pig products on the market, where the cost is somewhere near $50 to $100. Breeding pigs also have specifics; people tend to choose adult breeding stock rather than spend their money on piglets.

Younger breeding stock is cheaper, but you are taking a gamble here as you will have no idea what the pig will look like in the future. It might live up to your standard, so you risk getting a young pig and rolling the dice.

Getting the adult pigs is perfect, and not investing in feeders. Nothing is guaranteed in the world of pigs, but the chances are higher that you will end up with a good pig size if you invest your finances in adult stock.

How much to buy a pig shelter

The price can cost around $1000 to $1500 based on the material you choose to build the shelter. Again you can use the DIY approach to do it yourself, saving plenty of money by hiring professionals.

If you have prior experience or a piece of basic engineering knowledge, you can pull off most of the steps that come with shelter building. One thing that people tend to forget when they are thinking about building a shelter for pigs is that they are powerful. Pigs are not lightweight creatures; the last thing you want to do here is get low-quality material products to build the borders.

Another material you should concentrate on is the fence; the lousy quality of the Mariela will factor in the price. If you have a large area, the cost will evidently go up as the fencing size increases daily. It is one of the essential aspects of keeping pigs, as they are known to get out. You will spend a few thousand dollars building a good fence around them.

Monthly cost for the upkeep a Pig

The price here will fall between $150 to feed two pigs. Again the price here will increase if you buy a pig for breeding purposes or use it as a meat product. The bigger the size of the pig, the more they will demand food and everything else. The overall main cost will round up to $150.