How Much Does it Cost to Move a Staircase?

If you are thinking about switching up the layout of your house, you are in the right place; if you are considering moving the staircase, then you will find everything you need to know about them.

Add extra light flow to your room, and extending the space can be achieved by moving the staircase. If you are floating any ideas about making the staircase better, moving it will offer you various options to carry out the project. The cost of moving stairs will fall to multiple factors, and here we will go through them all.

Moving a staircase will not be cheap; you can expect to pay between $2000 to $4,000 for the entire process. On average, the price tag here stays under $3000. An additional charge will be part of the overall bill, but all of it comes down to the owner’s choice. The account will get fatten if you want to laminate the stars or add a carpet.

How Much For a New Staircase?

If you think moving the staircase is expensive, you need to look for alternatives to get the same result without spending too much money. The best option here is to install a new staircase, where the cost will be between $250 to $4000, but on average, the price stays under $2000.

Moving a staircase is not as complicated as other parts of the house, such as plumbing, where every piece of equipment is attached to the sensitive parts of the house. But the staircase will need a lot of manual labor and experience.

The labor work will be tremendous, and the staircase’s size and quality will dictate the asking price for any company taking on the project. If the material is sensitive there, the company will have to be extra careful in their moving process, which will require more demanding work from the labor.

Breakdown of the cost to Move a Staircase

If you choose something other than softwood, the price here will be high. Not all companies will ask for the same price for the job. Here is a little breakdown of each cost aspect attached to moving or installing a new staircase.

  • Removing the staircase cost will be around $300 to $400.
  • Installing A new staircase will quickly go beyond the threshold of $2000. It all comes down to the craftsmanship you want on your staircase and the material of your choice.
  • Lastly, the cost will fall on the labor force. If you install a new one, the price will be around $400. But when it comes to moving the staircase, the cost will fall on the sensitivity of the material and the size of the entire object.

What kind of material choice for a staircase?

Adding an extension for installing a new staircase, you need to know about the material options you have; each material will elevate the appearance of the stairs and, at the same time, will make your wallet lighter. Here you can choose anything affordable to expensive; it all comes down to your choice.

  • Softwood– First, we have softwood, which is affordable and easy to work with. If you want the least expensive option for your staircase extension or installation, softwood is your best deal in the market. The less complex labor works make the whole deal a better choice for people who don’t want to spend too much on the project.
  • Hardwood – Now we move on to hardwood, a more expensive variant in the market. Compared to softwood, hardwood will generally be more costly and require you to maintain the object more.
  • Metal – if you want a shiny staircase that matches your spiral staircase project, then metal is the best choice, but it can get quite noisy.
  • Glass – the modern take on stairs that makes up for a fantastic aesthetic, but they are generally expensive.

Here are the material options you have for staircase installation or extension. Again the choice of your material will add up to the overall cost. If you want to move the staircase and add some new elements to the original staircase, the price will go up to $4000 or even more.

But if you do want to add a fresh take on the stairs by removing the old one, then the price will be limited, but the material price will raise the overall bill here.

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How long will it take to move the staircase?

The project will require at least 3 to 4 days to complete, but if the design is too complex and the material is too fragile, then the project could easily take months to finish. Architect supervision on the project is a must if the staircase is complex. This will increase the project’s time, but the process flow will remain stable.

If the staircase follows a simple design without any intricate details, the prince will easily take up two to 3 days. The company might ask for a few tune-ups, but the ball will be in the hands of the owner to carry out the process or not. Here you also have the choice to add up some more improvements to the current structure. Any changes to the staircase will show up on the bill.


Get in touch with a reputable company that provides quality work on their project, so everything here will flow smoothly without any issues. Check online to get good details on the company and its track record in these kinds of projects; if they meet your standard, then you can think about hiring them to move the staircase.