How Much Does It Cost To Wrap a Boat?

Boat wraps are vinyl sheets applied to the boat’s already painted surface.

This wraps stick on gently and can change the overall look of the boat.

It is much more affordable and best than a painting the boat. The Vinyl boat wrap is an affordable, long-lasting option and protects the boat’s paint to fade or peel off.

Wrapping a boat can be a great way to change the entire look off the boat and only takes a day or two days for the complete process.

Wrapping a boat can also be very cheap compared to the cost required to repaint.

It is an inexpensive way to make the boat look stunning or enhance its resale value.

You can choose to wrap your entire boat or partial boat, which will give a new appearance and protect the boat from fading and sun damage.

Cost To Wrap a Boat

Wrapping the boat is an excellent way to protect its exterior and give it a modernized look.

Boat wrapping is not as expensive as repainting a boat.

On average, the cost is about $1,400 for a 14-foot boat, and the cost will increase when the boat size increases. However, other than boat size, the cost also depends on wrap size, level of details in the warp and boat type.

6 Factors Affecting The Boat Wrapping Cost

1) Boat size

Boat size is the most obvious factor contributing to actual boat wrapping cost.

The larger size boat will take more cost for wrapping.

2) Boat Type

Boat type is also a significant factor in pricing.

The cost will differ for the bass boat, speed boat and cabin cruiser.

Boat type is a critical factor in pricing because of the complexity of the wrapping process and the amount of wrap it needs for complete wrapping.

For example; an 18-foot Catamaran Cost about $2,400 for wrapping, while an 18-foot centre console fishing boat cost around $1,800 for comprehensive wrapping.

On the other side, wrapping a 24-foot speedboat will cost about $3,000 and above.

The cost varies because of the type of boat and the complexity of the work.  

3) Wrap details

The cost of wrapping a boat also depends on the wrapping details, which means if you decide to wrap your half boat, then the cost will also be half of the full wrap cost.

The exact cost for partial wrapping can vary from installer to installer, but it is just a common sense calculation.

Partial wrapping is a type of wrapping that cover just some parts of the boat instead of the entire hull.

Most people decide to wrap contours of the hull, which will not cost as much as wrapping the full boat.

But again, the cost of partial wrapping will vary from installer to installer.

4) Wrap designs

The boat is usually wrapped in a single colour, which is a simple task and can be done at a minimal cost. But some boat owners prefer to spice things by adding their favourite logos, designs, graphics, etc., which need the installer’s extra effort.

Some companies also choose special graphics to promote their business values.

However, wrapping the boat in a single colour is cheaper than one with additional graphics, logos, or other designs.

5) Wrap quality

Wrapping a boat means giving a new look to the boat for the coming seven years.

Also, wrapping a boat is a long term investment, so always choose a quality wrap and best installer for your boat.

6) Transporting the boat

Do not forget to calculate the boat’s cost from water to installer for wrapping.

The cost will also be different depending on the installer. An experienced person will always cost high but will make your boat look worth it.

So always consider investing your money in a professional installer to give you the best possible services.

Benefits of wrapping a boat

Wrapping a boat is much more affordable and best than painting a boat. It offers many unique benefits like protection, customizability, affordability and many more. Some of its advantages include;

Affordability and durability

Boat wrapping is much more affordable than boat painting.

It also gives a new appearance to your boat and does not fade easier.  

If you choose a professional installer for your boat wrapping, it will not peel off, lift or rip.

Usually, the Vinyl wrapping can last for about 6 to 7 years, even against the impact of sun and water.

Environment friendly

Vinyl wrapping is environmentally friendly and ensures a safe and effective alternative to traditional painting, which are toxic to marine life.

Opportunities to customize

Wrapping the boats also allows you to choose funky colours for your boat to personalize according to your taste and choice. When you are tired of these funky colours, then it is not hard to change them.

How to preserve boat wraps?

Mostly, the boat wraps are rated for 6 to 7 years, but this number is not fixed.

Sun exposure is mostly considered the main enemy of boat wraps.

It does not matter about the quality of the wrap, and the sun exposure will definitely damage the wrap.

Keeping the boat out of the reach of constant sun rays can make the wrapping age longer.

However, water and abrasions also play a major role in damaging the wrap as well.

To preserve the boat wrap, you must avoid hard and sharp edges around the wrap and also be careful about the harsh chemicals that can strip the adhesive right off.

Some other steps to preserve the boat’s wrap are following;

Cleaning the wrap

Cleaning the wrap regularly and properly will make your boat wrap look the best. Without proper cleaning, the boat wrap will fall apart over time.

Keep away abrasives

Using hard and stiff brushes during cleaning can result in the wrap’s edges lifting up and tearing.

So always avoid using abrasive during the cleaning of the boat to give it a longer and shiner life.

Store the wrapped boat under cover

Sun exposures and rainwater can cause severe damage to the boat’s wrap.

So always consider storing the wrapped boat under the cover.

Adopting ways to preserve the boat wrap will ensure you get the most out of your investment.