How Much Does It Cost To Move A Houseboat?

Transporting fees are expensive, and if you are planning to move something big from one location to another place, you will have to dig a bit deeper into your pocket to pay the fees. To transport the houseboat across the country will cost above $10,000 to $30,000

Many significant factors will play a massive role in setting up the overall cost. This article will help you answer all the questions regarding the cost of moving a houseboat from one place to another.

The Cost of Moving a Houseboat

The cost of shipping your Houseboat from a location to a different one will come down to the size and the travel distance. A single number increase in the scope can quickly raise the cost by $1000 on the overall cost. Moving a 9′ houseboat will cost around $2,250; if the boat’s size gets bigger, it could easily reach $3000 or more. In short, if you want to move your boat, you should know the size of the ship and the destination location distance.

Does distance add more At the overall cost of moving a houseboat?

Distance travel is another major factor that plays a massive role in setting up costs. If the shipping company deals in a long haul, the price can go from $600 to $1000. Anything that can be covered up in a shorter distance than the price will be around the $150 to $350 figure. Location of pick up and delivery of the boat will significantly influence the price.

Reputable movers or truckers for moving the houseboat?

The price will not be the same for all the reputable movers. Hiring a trucker or a skilled mover will cost a lot of money. A standard boat trailer will not be able to move the houseboat at any distance.

If the houseboat is more significant than 30 feet, you need to think about moving to a giant houseboat. Hiring a licensed mover or truck driver is the only way to deal with this issue. You will have to go through plenty of decisions, even among picking up truck drivers to do the moving part.

Picking up affordable ones might not provide 100% safety to your houseboat. If the safety of the delivery is your concern, then prepare to fork in some extra money to hire an experienced trucker or a mover to handle the transportation cost.

Check the mover’s website to learn more about them and theri service record. Checking the review website will give you all the impression about the service company.

Are Houseboats Long-Lasting?


Everything goes on at some point in their life. Any equipment will have an expiration date attached to them, but proper care and maintenance from the owner will reflect on the longevity of the machine.

If maintained adequately for a single year, a houseboat can go for 50 to 60 years without any rebuilding to breathe new life into the boat. If you look at the used market, you will find a variety of used houseboats from the 60s and 70’s still running in proper condition.

It has everything to do with the care and attention of the owner and nothing else. With proper servicing of the houseboat, you can increase the lifespan of this boat by many years.

Do houseboats make up a good investment?

If you plan to sell it years later, the houseboats might not make a good investment. It can last longer, but the value will decrease year after year. You will see the wear and tear on the boat happening over time, and the water will slowly devalue the asset. And in general, the application of a standard home will not come close to how people see houseboats.

The life that comes with a houseboat is entirely different from a traditional boat. The maintenance cost and resale value are two significant elements that push many people away from picking up the houseboat.

But if you are planning to live in a houseboat, it would make for a great value product. As many people have stated, with good service, you can increase the lifespan of the houseboat without any significant overhaul.

Adding some minor customization will elevate the appearance of the houseboat. The boat’s value will not increase over the years, so if you have any major plan of selling the houseboat a decade later, you will have to set your expectations very low.

Is it Cheap to own a houseboat?

Compared to the price tag that comes with traditional home maintenance, maintaining a houseboat, on the other hand, will be cheaper.

The average cost of living on a houseboat will be around $6000. The average cost of living in a houseboat on an annual basis is much more affordable than living in a traditional house. Many seniors choose to retire on houseboats since it provides a more inexpensive option than the traditional house.

The maintenance cost of a houseboat is much less; proper maintenance is the key to ensuring the houseboat stays in the appropriate condition. But you will have to pay your fees for living in a houseboat, which is not a problem with an ordinary house. You will have to deal with rental payments and less space in the houseboat. These are some of the issues that will not be present in an ordinary traditional house.


Some problems come with living in a houseboat compared to an ordinary house, but at the same time, you will enjoy plenty of perks that are missing from everyday household living. Moving the houseboat will come down to the size of the house and the choice of delivery. The distance that will get covered during the delivery will affect the cost. Choose the delivery service that fits your requirement without adding too much to the cost. Some websites will help you compare the prices to get the best number that leans more toward your budget than going over it.