How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5?

If you are looking to learn about the price tag of shipping a ps5, you are in the right place. This article will give you all the information regarding shipping and various other fees that you should know before you think about shipping a ps5.

The popularity of PS5 is off the roof anywhere in the world. People want to own a PS5, but the console shortage has made plenty of people look for other ways to obtain this machine. 

Any product with enormous popularity tends to have shortage issues; PS5 falls into this circle, as fewer consoles are available for people to purchase, some websites offer the console for a more inflated price. The article here covers all the aspects of PS5 shipping and its minor details to help you know the system better.

How much does it cost to ship a PS5?

You can expect the price for shipping a ps5 to be $80 to $90. If you count the insured value of the machine, then the price of shipping using USPS can cost over $99.00. But if you are looking to learn about the average price for the shipping of PS5, it will be around $80

How much does a ps5 weigh?

A standard ps5 should weigh around 14.7 pounds for 6.7 kilograms. Adding more to the weight will increase the price of the shipping charge. But you can choose between the shipping company that will give you more options and a more affordable side to the cost of shipping.

Which shipping methods should you use for PS5?

The sheer number of options available will make shipping more affordable for some people. The price here changes from one territory to another.

Reading up about the shipping company and how much they will charge to deliver to your destination. Central counties offer more affordable shipping services to consumers. Some primary shipping services are USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Make sure to research this topic and how the prices are set in your region. If they are developing a low rider, you can expect to pay little for the shipping process.

Which shipping method will cost the most?

FedEx international economy will charge $212 for PS5 shipping, and the shipping here will usually take between 4 to 6 days. The next one on the list will be UPS worldwide expedited; they will charge around $210 for shipping within 2 to 5 days.

Does Sony deliver the PS5 everywhere?

Sony does deliver the PS5 anywhere within the United States. You can expect to receive your PS5 within 1 to 2 days. If you pick standard shipping to overexpress shipping, the price can take three days before dispatch, and longer distances will consume more days from your shipping order. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you can add 1 to 2 days more to the delivery time.

Which shipping company should you choose for PS5 shipping?

You will have to pay more if you decide to go with UPS, as they have increased the rate by a much higher percentage. With FedEx, you can pay slightly less than with UPS. they are much more affordable than the UPS sure post.

Is there any other cost?

The base shipping rate is not enough to count as an overall cost for the shipment of PS5, and you have to calculate other aspects of the shipping to get the complete picture. Some shipping companies will have additional charges such as delivery area surcharge or declared value charge, leading to an additional fee to cover the cost. These are some of the details that get hidden from the surface.

But all of them do play a significant role in deciding the overall cost of the whole deal. Depending on your shipping company, you might face various charges and service fees on your shipping dealings. Some prices for shipping a ps5 might be necessary for the sender, but other expenses can be avoided with a different shipping company.

Your local tax rate will affect the pricing of PS5 shipping as well. You might pay $40 to $50 more for the taxes alone. If your local tax rate is more forgiving, you might get the shipping done with less hassle and fee. If the speed is high, be prepared to face some uncomfortable costs on the shipping order.

How long does it take to finish shipping a ps5?

If you are going with standard shipping, you can expect the delivery to reach its completion status by 3 to 4 days. Most of the orders done online are delivered within 3 to 4 business days from Monday to Friday.

Shipping companies also play their role in setting the delivery date, and some might charge more money to get the job done at a much faster rate. The product’s sensitive side can also lead to more safety demand if you want the product to get delivered to you without any terrible exterior damage. 

Then some shipping companies provide additional safety accessories to keep the product’s safety strong during the delivery process. Since we are dealing with a video game console, keeping the device safe during its travel from one place to another is better.

Any rough handling or damage can ruin the exterior design of the console, and if the damage is heavy, you can expect the drive to perform poorly compared to what you saw in its marketing videos.


Now you know how much it costs to ship a ps5 since it is one of the most demanding consoles. You will have to go through plenty of stuff to find the right place tag on the console. They are very low on shortage, so prepared to pay some additional fees if you want to get one at the right time.

Shipping the ps5 is a whole new story since many shipping companies have their price set up for the sensitive product in their tenure. Adding more security will also add more value to the shipping order. If the designation address is too far away, you can expect the shipping to be very late.