How Much Does It Cost to Dry Clean Curtains?

Curtains are one of the household items that need to be looked after. They will get dirty pretty fast if you live in a polluted area. And some people habitually clean their face or other small appliances with the curtains.

Curtains are one of the items that play a regular role in keeping the house looking good and adequately providing privacy; the regular use of the curtain makes them vulnerable to all sorts of dirt and pollutants. A glance after months, curtains will take a different appeal than what they looked like the day you bought them home.

If you plan to wash your curtain, you need to think twice. As many curtains have different labels, these labels provide essential information about the curtain’s material and how they should be washed. If the label on the curtain has a Dry Clean only logo, then you can’t go the traditional route of washing.

This article will cover the cost aspect of dry cleaning curtains and why you should do it instead of washing them with regular detergent.

What is The Cost of Dry Cleaning Curtains?

The average cost of dry cleaning the curtains will be $5 per square meter. If the curtains are lined, then the price will go up.

Line curtain 

When you have lined curtains, be prepared to pay more than the average price of reluctance. The cost will be set to $6 per square meter. If the lining on the curtain is heavier or underlined, then the price will even break the $6 range. That’s not all; if the lined curtains are blackout, the cost will be upwards of $15.

Unlined Curtain

Here the price will stay between $4 to $6. The average price will stay under $6, and the lowest amount will come at $3 to $4.

Net curtains

Price here will stay at $4 to $5 per square meter, the lowest will be at $3, and the highest will go up to $6.

Shower Curtain

The price will be at $11 per kg, the highest will be $13 to $14, and the lowest set to $9 to $10.

The prices here will not be consistent with your local store; again, the location and the shop will heavily conformance the cost of the dry cleaning services. And other services can add up to the overall cost. If you want the curtain to have some extra turning or cleaning off, the companies will put an additional price on top of the base cost of dry cleaning.

Always check the label to get the correct information about the curtain and how they should be handled. If the curtain is cheap, it will not need any dry cleaning; you can traditionally wash them without worrying too much about the damage.

What affects the cost of dry curtain cleaning?

Before you know the price of dry curtain cleaning, you first need to know the materials. Not all materials will look or feel the same, and their sensitivity can increase the prices of the dry cleaning process as there are more intricate details that need to be watched by the laborers before they continue the dry cleaning process.

Curtains are made of Velvet, Velour, Silk, Wool, Brocade, Chenille, and Tapestry; these materials can raise the prices of dry cleaning or lower them.

Curtain is one of the items that have multiple factors influencing the prices of the item. Whether the curtain is lined or unlined, the fabric they are made of, their weight, the curtain’s height, and the quality of the dry cleaner.

These are the factors that will influence the price. Not all dry cleaners will have a system of pricing for the curtain cost. They will have various cost details set up for the dry cleaning services. If you walk into a high-end dry cleaning shop, the cost will be a bit more, if not significantly more, than the average store.

How often should you dry clean the curtains?

Regular maintenance might offer some good service, and you don’t have to break your bank by dry cleaning most of the items in your house. Don’t worry. You don’t have to dry clean your curtain every month. Two to three years will be perfect for any dry cleaning job for most of the wardrobe in your house.

But certain circumstances will change the schedule of dry cleaning for curtains. 

  • If any family members in your household have specific allergies, then you need to set the schedule to 3 to 6 months instead of 2 to 3 years.
  • If you live in a polluted area, the dust will quickly attach to the curtain; here, you need to set the time to 6 to 12 months.
  • If you live in the seaside area, you also need to change your dry cleaning schedule.
  • If your house has fireplaces and wood burners, then the ashes of the wood will quickly attach to the curtains.

These are some of the reasons that can influence the dry cleaning schedule. Compared to other clothes in the house, curtains are constantly exposed to the environment. They will get dirty pretty quickly if you have a white curtain. So there are reasons why you should dry and clean them. 

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The cost of dry cleaning will always lead to its size. If the material is expensive, the company will charge more as they must be extra careful around the item. But if you are dealing with a cheaper curtain, dry cleaning them is the luxury you don’t need, either does the curtain.