How Much Does a Bobcat Skid Cost? 

Skid steer loaders or Bobcats loaders are one of the most popular heavy machinery that offers much value for projects. The customizable functionality of bobcats makes them more unique in the market. Both cats can get the job done faster without putting the entire project to a halt.

The Cost Of a a Bobcat Skid

Location and vendors will push the price to a high range or keep it minimal. The cost listed below will serve as a general overview of the skid loader cost. It will not be constant in all states or cities, and the prices will vary to the number mentioned below.

The smallest bobcat steer loader can cost $12000, while a high-end skid loader will push the number to $60,000. The pricing of bobcat has everything to do with the capacity it offers. A bobcat that has a capacity of 1,500 will cost around $15,000 to $20,000. 

Raise the capacity to 2000, and you will see the cost rising from $20,000 to $30,000. A 3000+ capacity bobcat steer loader will be in the range of $40,000 to $60,000. The market and the demand for bobcats are high throughout the year.

Factors such as engine type, rated operating capacity, and features will influence the cost details of the machines in the future. A brand new skid steer will start around $25,000, and the price will go up to $60,000 or more.

Bobcat Skid Cost By Models

This section will cover the details of bobcat skid steer 10+ models and their price in the market.


Known as the most miniature bobcat in the market, they are perfect for small-scale projects where you will need work done in tight quarters. The base price for this model stays at $37,000.


Compared to the previous model, it adds 25% handling capacity and horsepower. S510 functions the same as the older model, s450 but with more weight carrying capacity. This model starts at $40,000.


S590 is more suited for heavy-duty tasks than the previous model; s59 comes with massive power and handling. It can handle loads up to 2000 pounds and offer 68 horsepower. Most tasks around the farm can be done quickly by S590. The price here starts at $45,000 for a brand new bobcat machine.


S590 AND S92 function similarly but with some differences.S62 boasts a new inline engine, improved direct drive version, and cooling system. It comes with 68 horsepower and starts at $44,000.


Compared to the previous mode, s64 packs in premium engines and components. You will experience increased handling ability with this model. S64 can handle loads up to 2,300 pounds. The price here starts at around $49,000.


S66 comes with 74 horsepower and can handle a payload of 2,4000 pounds. The asking price of a new s66 starts at $52,500.


S70, compared to all the other models, is the most streamlined machine available in the market. It can handle a capacity up to 760 pounds and has 23.5 horsepower. A newer s70 starts at $24,000.


This model is perfect for construction sites, landscaping, farm maintenance, and fieldwork. With the capability of 74 horsepower and a maximum load of 3,100 pounds. S740 starts at $56,000.


Bobcat’s R-serious loader offers a 74 horsepower engine and can handle a payload up to 2,900 pounds. The asking price for an S76 stays at $53,500.


The 92 horsepower engine with an operating capacity of over 3,300 pounds suffices to say this machine can handle any requirements of construction and landscaping environment. This heavy-duty machine starts at $63,000.


By far the most powerful machine from Bobcats. S850 is known as a beast amongst skid steers. With a 100 horsepower engine, ideal for long working horses under extreme site conditions, it is also known for requiring little maintenance. The newer S850 starts at $73,000. Accessories and packages will praise the asking price of this machine in the market.

Bobcat Skid Attachments cost

Several attachments can make your bobcat function better on the field. This section will cover almost all the attachments available for bobcat skid steer.

Brush Chipper

Perfect for land cleaning and landscaping, brush chippers can cost around $7000.

Concrete Bucket

Size and features will affect the price of concrete buckets for bobcat skid steer. The price here will stay under $2000.

Concrete Crusher

It allows the bobcat to crush large concrete slabs and chunks into little pieces to make them easier to dump. The cost here is around $4000.

Digging Backhoe

Depending on the model, size, and features, they can cost around $2000 to $7000.

Dumping box

One must have attachments perfect for handling large volumes of loose material. The models will influence the price of the dumping box; the attachments start at $5000. The model will heavily change the asking price for these attachments.

Earth Auger

This tool allows the machine to dig deeper holes faster, making it perfect for landscaping, fencing, pouring concrete, and other features. Earth Auger starts at $2,500, depending on composition and size.


The cost of a planner can go from $10,000 to $25,000. They are beneficial for level roads, trails, and other surfaces. Planer is one of the expensive attachments for the bobcat.

Soil conditioner

Costs around $4000 to $10,000, Soil conditioner is a helpful tool that allows you to prepare the soil for planting. Different models will have their asking price and provide a tilt to the left or the right features.

Skeleton Grapple

A perfect accessory for cleaning out logs, brush, leaves, hay bales, and other large materials. The cost of a skeleton grapple will round up from $1,500 to $3,500. This attachment is also an ideal tool for picking up large materials.

Forestry Mulcher

It is one of the most expensive tools for bobcats. This accessory allows the bobcat to cereal our large brush and small trees. Forestry Mulcher can cost as much as $35,000.

Grader Rake

It starts at $4000, a perfect tool to add for soil grading and clearing up.

Heavy Duty Brush Mower

Heavy Duty Brush Mowers will act like a brush chipper, but these mowers will quickly cut through the bush up to 6″ diameter. The cost of these mowers will start at $5000.

High Capacity Grapple Bucket

A piece of perfect equipment for farming and any large piece of material that needs to be relocated. The cost of these buckets starts at around $3000.

Other accessories can be added to make the bobcat more diverse in handling different work ranges. The cost of ads will be expensive, as some push bobcats to extreme limits.

The essential additions will sit somewhere between $2000 to $5000. Only a few attachments go above the $20,000 price tag. Setting up a budget and analyzing the project needs will help you create a better budget for the machine purchase.

If the machine seems to be too much for the business investment, you can always look for renting the machine or get a used machine to do the job without spending an outrageous amount upfront.

Should You Buy a Used Bobcat Skid Steer?

It sounds good, fresh from the factory machine with no operator hours on, but you will have to spend a hefty upfront cost. Newer machines have their line of perks, as they can provide years of reliable operation with minor maintenance. Newer machines can get expensive if your business has limited capital for such investment. One of the best ways to save money on heavy machines is to get a used one instead of purchasing a new one.

You can save up to 40% off on the cost of the new machine if you decide to go with a used one. The operating hours are the only things you need to look out for when purchasing a used skid steer. If a machine has over 5000 operator hours, then the price should be lower than a machine that has 1000 hours of use on it. Fewer hours will equate to a more functioning machine that can handle the trouble in the future.

If you need more machines, getting a used one can get you two bobcat skid steer machines for the price of a brand new bobcat. There are sure signs that you can avoid getting ripped off. If the deal seems too good to be true, it is better to stay away from it. Always seek our reputable dealers with experience in the market to get better deals.

Should you rent a skid steer?

If purchasing a new or used one is out of the equation, you can consider renting it. Especially if you are looking for one-time work, it is much better if you rent a bobcat skid steer than putting a heavy investment in it.

Bobcats’ prices for renting can go from $50 to $100 for an hourly rate, $150 to $550 for daily usage, $500 to $1,300 per week, and $1000 to $4000 for monthly usage. Here you save plenty of money since you will not have to deal with any additional maintenance aspects of bobcat expenses. You will get the machine right on time and work without any tunings.

If the project lasts for weeks, you will perfect the rent package for that period. Delivery charges may vary, and you will have to add operation costs if you don’t want to be behind the wheel. Compared to other oceans, renting is very useful for short-term projects that require less work. 

Not all projects will go smoothly in their running time, and here you can set up a strategy on the future probabilities of project direction. If things go wrong and your project experiences some delay in its process. Then you will have to pay a bit more for the rental charge to keep the bobcat for the project.


Bobcat is an essential piece of heavy machinery that can do a diverse amount of work faster without any problem. The cost of the bobcat skid steer depends on various factors mentioned above. If the budget is limited, the option of using a bobcat skid steer or renting might prove to be a better investment for the business.