How Much Does it Cost To Dry Clean a Coat?

Washing a coat with a regular old washing machine might sound like a good idea, but when it comes to keeping the quality of the coat, you need to look for a perfect alternative. Here drying clearing offers a viable option as you will get to keep the quality of the coat and adequately clean it.

Dry cleaning comes with moderate cost compared to the washing machine route. If you value your coat and want to keep the quality of the coat for a long time, then you need to choose dry cleaning to retain the beauty of the coat.

The cost of the dry cleaning a coat will vary by company and location. This article will guide you through all the information you need to know to find an excellent dry cleaning service for your coat and other related dry cleaning questions.

Cost To Dry Clean a Coat

Since we know how dry cleaning is more valuable than machine washing, the cost also reflects the quality of service they provide.

The average cost you will encounter here will be between $12 to $15 per garment. If the size is standard and the load is average, you will pay under $15 per dry cleaning.

Not all the agreement types will have the same price tag, and different garments will have a rate that will be completely different from the others.

For example, a part of a shirt or pants, the cost of dry cleaning here will be below $10. Conversely, the large garment will have a price tag of $20 to $40. If the item is remarkable, the cost will increase from $50 to $60. It all depends on the quality of the cloth that you want to get dry cleaned. 

The price here will not be consistent; if you live in an affluent area, the price of dry cleaning will go up to $16 to $18 per garment. But if you live in a decent economic zone, the price of dry cleaning will be down to $11 to $13 since the store will have to pay fewer rent fees and taxes.

The ideal price for the services will be much lower than the stores with higher tax rates and a booming economy. If you happen to live in an area where the demand for space is enormous and the rent is high.

Average Cost of Dry Cleaning a Coat

Some services will charge additional charges as they offer other services adding to the primary dry cleaning job. Services such as stain removal and leather care will be charged more. You can ask them about their exceptional services and the rates, so you will not get surprised when you see the bill.

Not many dry cleaning services will provide all the services you look for, but some will. It’s Better to ask them about it before seeing an expensive bill at the end.

The average cost of the shirt, pants, skirts, suits, sweaters, dresses, and coats all follow the same price range for dry cleaning. Most of the cost will remain under $20.

The only expectation of the price will be the high-quality, unique dress, such as a wedding dress will cost $150 to $200 for a proper dry cleaning job. As it will have labor-intensive work on every part of the dress.

Usually, people with decent clothes without any premium factor tend to shove them into the washing machine rather than make them go through a dry cleaning procedure for a proper clean-up.

There are also other cleaning kits that you can use on your own if you don’t want to wash the cloth in the machine or take it up to a dry cleaner. A DIY approach can be taken to ensure clothes are cleaned without causing any damage to their outer layer of them.

We also cover:

Would Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Look Better?

To keep the coat sharp, you must stick to dry cleaning rather than relying on machine washing. While machine washing will make things cleaner, it will have the same appeal as before it went to the machine. Machine washing is perfect for your everyday clothes, but when dealing with a premium level of clothes, you must pay special attention to them.

Dry cleaning will clean up all the dirt and other stuff from the coat and make things shaper. It will also be the same color as you bought the coat.

Typically when the coat enters a machine washing, over time, it will lose its color and quality, which is something that you wouldn’t mind for everyday clothes that cost $5 to $10, but when you are dealing with a piece of cloth that goes beyond the $50 or $100 threshold. 

You will have to pay special attention to them to keep the quality intact with the suit. A label on premium clothes will let you know how to take care of them to boost their longevity properly.

How long will it take?

Dry cleaning the entire process will take a few hours to days. It all depends on the quality of service you’re dealing with. If the company deals with more customers regularly, you can expect the dry cleaning time to extend beyond the weeks. If you plan to add more items to your clean-up list, then dry cleaning can take months.

But most dry cleaning companies have a system for dealing with the regular supply of consumer items. Not all dry cleaning items follow the same procedure, and some items will require a gentle approach rather than rough handling. The money will also be higher, as the labor cost and handling cost will increase around clothes made of sensitive materials.

Where can you find an excellent dry cleaning service?

Look up online or follow your local dry cleaning stores to get an idea of the cost of dry cleaning in your area and how much extra you have to pay between stores. It is better to pick reputable stores instead of hitting anyone with a cheap price listing. If the suit holds value in your heart, you must find a shop that respects the cloth.

Please go through the online reviews to know everything about the store before you let them handle your precious clothes.


The cost of dry cleaning a coat will remain under $20; going over that amount might not be as fruitful as you imagine. High-quality stores will have price settings that fit their service. If the coat is made of delicate materials, then washing it with detergent might not be a good idea. Dry cleaning allows the cloth to keep its quality for a long time.